23 Most Promising Business Opportunities in 2023

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4 January 2023
23 Most Promising Business Opportunities in 2023

The new year is a good start to seeking business opportunities. Apart from being profitable and can be an additional income, by opening a business you will also learn many things. Starting from how to manage finances, establish good communication with many people, to become a leader in many things.

Starting your own business is certainly not easy. Often we are faced with situations where we are confused in looking for business opportunities. So, for those of you who are in this position, the BFI Finance Team has a list of 23 businesses that you can try! Come on, see more below.


23 Promising Business Opportunities in 2023

1. Franchise Business

For those of you who want to have your own business but are afraid to start from scratch, you can choose a franchise business as an alternative!

A franchise business is a business system where you buy ownership rights in the form of trademarks, licenses, and others from the franchisor (franchise owner). This business can be anything, from food and beverage franchises to service businesses, financial services, retail businesses, and many more.

Advantages of Opening a Franchise Business:

  • Full Support from Franchise Owners

You will be given training on how to do business management and good marketing so that you can generate commensurate profits.

  • Higher Chances of Success

A franchise business has a better success rate than starting a business from scratch. This can happen because the existing business has proven successful with the sales and marketing system used.

  • Business Capital Tends to be Low

There are various franchises out there that you can choose according to the budget you have. So, you don't need to worry that the costs that will come out will be large or inflated.

2. FnB business

Food is a basic human need. Therefore, opening a business in the FnB (Food and Beverage) sector can be a very profitable business opportunity. The key is, you need to be sensitive to the latest trends and opportunities that are in front of your eyes. For example by doing research related to the business you choose.

Some examples of businesses in the f&b sector that you can try:

3. Affiliate Marketing

Want to start a business without capital? Affiliate business is the answer! You can earn income through the commissions you get from each product that is successfully sold. You can get these products from merchants or companies that open this program.

The method is quite easy, you only need to market certain products without having to buy them first or stock up on goods. For example, by spreading product links on the buying and selling platform. Easy and fun right?

Some sites that open affiliate vacancies:

  • Tokopedia


  • Shopee


  • Lazada


  • Tiktok


  • BliBli


4. Online Store Business

Online shop business is a business opportunity that is currently popular. In this sophisticated era, you can easily sell anything. One way is none other than by opening an online store.

10 Small Capital Online Business Ideas:

  • Entrusted Services (Jastip)

  • Pre-order (PO)

  • Dropshipper

  • Affiliate (Marketing Affiliate)

  • Online Tutor

  • Thrift Shop

  • Website Developer

  • Translator


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5. Clothes Laundry Business

The laundry business is still a promising business today. Especially if the location of the laundry business is in an environment that contains office workers and students. Busy office workers and students make them not have time to wash their own clothes. This of course could be a business opportunity for you!

6. Shoe Laundry Business

Apart from the clothes laundry business, the shoe laundry business is also attracting a lot of attention from business activists because it has a fairly wide market share, especially in busy urban areas.

Tips for starting a shoe laundry business for beginners:

  • Master the Technique of Caring for Shoes Well
  • Create a Competitive Business Plan
  • Prepare the Necessary Business Equipment and Supplies
  • Promote Your Brand Offline and Online
  • Prioritize Good and Friendly Service

7. Barbershop business

For most people, appearance is an important aspect of life. Therefore, opening a barbershop business can bring in very good income! Moreover, if you have hair-shaving skills and already have the equipment needed. Of course, the capital used to open this business will be cheaper.

8. Children's Toys Business

The demand for children's toys every year will always be there. This is of course influenced by the trends and popularity of certain toys. You can get a lot of benefits by engaging in this business opportunity. Make sure you sell toys at affordable prices according to the target market and that are able to attract customers.

9. Pet shop business

For those of you who are animal lovers and interested in turning your hobby into a livelihood, a pet shop business can be the right choice!

Animals are one of man's best friends. Owning a pet can provide many benefits for the owner. Among other things, namely feeling calm and loved, reducing stress, teaching a sense of responsibility, and what is no less important is teaching us compassion for fellow living things, empathy, and tolerance. Not surprisingly, every year the growth rate of people who keep animals always increases.

10. Skincare Business

Along with the development of the era, skin care is not only a necessity for women, both men and women are now aware of the importance of taking care of themselves, especially skin health.

Starting a skincare business is one of the current business opportunities that you can try. This business is very promising because skincare trends in Indonesia are never empty.

Tips for starting a skincare business for beginners:

  • Determine the Business Model (drop shipper, entrusted services, or want to make your own)
  • Understand the Latest Trends and Do Market Research
  • Define Target Market/Target Consumers
  • Choose a Trusted Supplier
  • Make sure the product is safe and has a distribution permit
  • Incessant Promotion and Dissemination of Educational Information
  • Sell on the Marketplace
  • Use Ads Features on Social Media
  • Provide the Best Service

11. Car Rental Business

The car rental business can be a business opportunity in the field of transportation with abundant profits! The reason is, cars are able to reach faraway places, transport more people, and avoid the hot sun and hot air. In other words, this business is a business that will never lack demand, especially on holidays when many people choose to go home or travel with their families.

12. Tourism Tour Business

Do you live in an area close to tourist attractions? If so, the tour business can bring in a hefty profit!

Preparation for starting a tour business:

  • Create a Clear Business Concept
  • Determine Interesting Travel Destinations
  • Prepare the Transportation Fleet
  • Find the Right Business Partner
  • Create a Website and Social Media Tour Business

13. Wedding Organizer

The wedding organizer business has lucrative business prospects. Many people who want to get married tend to choose wedding organizer services because they don't have to bother taking care of various things themselves. Apart from being a wedding organizer, you also have the potential to earn additional income by opening a related business. For example, renting wedding equipment, providing catering, or providing wedding decorations.

14. Healthy Catering

You can try starting a home catering business because it has the advantages of relatively small capital and big profits, raw materials that are easy to find, can be done from home, and the tools needed are relatively cheap and you already have.

Apart from these advantages, opening a home catering, especially healthy food catering, can increase the potential for greater profits during a pandemic like today, where people are competing to maintain a healthy diet and not be susceptible to viruses.

15. MUA (Makeup Artist)

This business opportunity has pretty good growth. Because appearance is always in the spotlight in various important events. Many people want to look beautiful and attractive, so they need the services of an MUA to help them apply make-up and makeup.

By starting this business, you can make a lot of profit. Especially if you have good skills and an equally good reputation among customers.

16. Dropshipper

Apart from affiliate business, you also don't need to spend capital for this one business! The way the drop shipper business works is quite practical. You only need to buy an item according to the customer's order and then send it to the buyer's address.

Make sure you choose a trusted supplier with a fairly sloping product price so that you not only satisfy customers, but can also benefit from every transaction.

17. Online Course

Have expertise in an area? Opening an online course business can be a promising wet field for you! By taking advantage of online platforms, you can teach those who are hundreds of kilometers from your home.

If you actively master a foreign language, for example, you can change this opportunity by becoming a foreign language teacher on the Italki or Duolingo platforms. In addition to increasing income, being an online teacher will certainly increase friendships across regions. Excited!

18. IT Service (Web, SEO, Digital Marketing)

IT Service is a field that can be done anywhere with only a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. If you are someone who is smart and has expertise in programming languages, SEO, digital marketing, and so on, opening a business in the service sector is worth a try!

19. Food Stalls / Grocery Stores

The staple food is a basic need for everyone. This of course makes the following commodities have a very wide market share, so you don't have to worry about the existing goods not selling well.

Advantages of Establishing a Grocery Stall Business:

  • Stock items are easy to get
  • It's not difficult to sell goods, groceries are always needed by the community (business stalls are never empty)
  • Flexible, business location can be anywhere including your own home
  • Not a seasonal type of venture and thus can last longer
  • It can be developed even bigger or become a wholesale business

20. Business Hampers

Hampers are one of the items that are in great demand by the public. Hampers are often used for gifts, gifts for certain events, and so on. Hampers are more practical and can be sent anywhere. Not surprisingly, the market share is wide and comes from all walks of life.

Various Hampers Business Ideas You Can Try:

1. Hampers for graduation gifts

2. Hampers for birthday gifts

3. Hampers for wedding gifts

For the contents, you can vary a variety of unique items or according to customer requests.

21. Thrift Shop


The thrift shop business or business selling second-hand clothes and accessories is a business opportunity that you shouldn't miss. The benefits that can be obtained from the thrift shop business are promising, you know if you follow it seriously and consistently.

To get started, it's quite easy, namely setting up selling accounts on social media, trusted suppliers, attractive product photos, and selling on the marketplace.


Some thrift business ideas that you can try:

  • Thrift Shop Baju

  • Thrift Shop Sepatu

  • Thrift Shop Barang-Barang Antik / Vintage Stuffs

22. Photocopy Business

Photocopying business is a type of business that is timeless. Photocopies of documents and printing services are still needed even in the digital era like now. In a month at least you can get around 3-4 million net profit from this one business.

23. Frozen Food Business

Frozen food or frozen food is much-loved by the public. Besides being durable and affordable, frozen food has a wide variety of choices. Starting from ready-to-fry snacks, and meat, to vegetables.

Tips for Opening a Frozen Food Business:

  • Prepare Sufficient Capital. This capital is used to buy trade materials, refrigerators, and other equipment needed, up to renting a place if you want to sell it in a kiosk or shop.
  • Trade Business License
  • Actively Conducting Offline and Online Promotions
  • Compile Financial Reports As Best As Possible

How to Find Business Opportunities in the Style of BFI Finance

Having the ability and understanding to seek business opportunities is important for entrepreneurs to have. Especially in the midst of this pandemic, where people are starting to have the desire to start their own businesses so they can get additional income.

For those of you who want to start a business for the first time, but haven't found the right business opportunity, consider the following tips!

Peluang Bisnis

Image Source:Pexels/Ketut Subiyatno

1. Recognizing Self Potential

The first thing you have to do to find a business opportunity is to recognize what is your own potential. Know what area you are passionate about or good at.

2. Observe Neighborhood Needs

The second step that you can take is to observe the needs of the surrounding community. You don't need to go far, you can see your surroundings first. Because the easiest way to find out what sells is the product or service needed by the community.

3. Surveys Regarding Selected Business Ideas

After having the skills and observing the needs around you, maybe you already have a big picture of what type of business you will run. In order to get a more detailed picture, you can first conduct a survey regarding the business idea that you will choose.

Those are various beginner business tips on how to find opportunities for your first business. Whatever business you are going to do later, don't forget to prepare the capital.

Easy Ways to Get Business Capital

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