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BFI Finance for financing and procurement of heavy equipment and machine

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Established since 1982.

Procurement of old and new heavy equipment and machine.

Financing with heavy equipment and machine as collateral.

"I have partnered with BFI Finance for two years because of recommendations from other heavy equipment customers, especially the quality of BFI Finance's services and the speed of its financing process. BFI Finance has greatly supported my business through competitive programs and easing consumers."

Alfan Akbar

Director of CV Multikalimaji

Steps of the Financing Process

Get many benefits through capital financing from BFI Finance

Submission of online form filling

Confirmation by the Call Center


Disbursement of funds

Information on Financing and Procurement of Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machines

BFI Finance receives guarantees and financing for heavy equipment and industrial machinery

Tipe barang modal yang dapat dibiayai oleh BFI Finance adalah sebagai berikut:

Jenis Mesin

Mesin Industri


  • Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • F&B
  • Textile & Garment
  • Laundry
  • Tourism
  • Transportasi
  • Pertambangan
  • Perkebunan
  • Perhutanan
  • Peternakan & Perikanan
  • Perdagangan & Distribusi
  • Konstruksi
  • Jasa
  • Pertanian & Perkebunan

Jenis Alat Berat

  • Excavator
  • Bulldozer
  • Crane
  • Heavy Truck
  • Forklift

Izin Praktik

  • Truk Tangki
  • Kargo
  • Trailer
  • Low-Bed
  • Flat-Deck

Individual Profile            

  1. Indonesian citizen.
  2. Aged 21-65, or married.
  3. Domiciled in Indonesia.            

Company Profile            

  1. Legal form of company is either one of these: PT/CV/UD/FA.
  2. Has been operating for minimum 2 years.

The complete documents required for filing financing and procurement of heavy equipment & industrial machinery are as follows:

  • Current account for the last 3 months.    
  • Financial report for minimum the last two years.  
  • Recapitulation of sales/PO.
  • Work Order (SPK).

Legal Documents

  • Deed of establishment and amendment, including decree from Ministry of Law and Human Rights.  
  • Business permit (SIUP). 
  • Company registration certificate (TDP)
  • Company's tax identification number (NPWP).
  • Business domicile certificate (SKDU).
  • Citizenship identity number of company management. 

Berikut ini adalah skema angsuran untuk pembiayaan Alat Berat :


Bunga Flat per Bulan

Mulai dari 8.3%

Suku Bunga per Tahun

Mulai dari 18% (sesuai kondisi aset & kelengkapan dokumen)

Minimum Pinjaman

100 Juta


12 - 36 bulan

Proses Kerja

Min. 7 hari kerja (sesuai dengan term & condition)


Berikut ini adalah skema cicilan kompetitif untuk pengajuan pembiayaan Mesin Industri


Bunga Flat per Bulan

Mulai dari 0.70%

Suku Bunga per Tahun

Mulai dari 8.3% (sesuai kondisi aset & kelengkapan dokumen)

Mininum  Pinjaman

100 Juta


12 - 36 bulan

Proses Kerja

14 hari

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