Business Opportunities to Become a BFI Agent

An opportunity to become a business partner with various benefits and facilities

Facilities Join with BFI

Get a lot of facilities by joining to become a BFI business agent
  • Bonuses up to millions of rupiah

  • Free full training and modules from BFI

  • Free installation of tools and other supporting software

  • Free travel tour*

"Since I joined BFI Finance in 2010, a lot of changes have taken place in my life, I can go abroad or domestically, for me BFI Finance is very TOP in providing welfare for agents. I have no regrets about joining BFI Finance."

Syamsul Bahri

“Saya bergabung sebagai agen BFI Finance cabang Banjarmasin sejak tahun 2013 sampai sekarang. Penghasilan yang didapatkan itu pasti dan transparan, dukungan yang diberikan BFI sangat luar biasa hingga saya menjadi agen terbaik. Saya mendapatkan banyak pengalaman, mulai dari hanya punya sepeda motor hingga bisa membeli mobil berkat penghasilan sebagai agen.”

Meyke Octavia

Business Agent is a business partner of BFI Finance who will later have the opportunity to get a variety of benefits and facilities by referring potential customers to BFI Finance. The following criteria and requirements are sought:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Have a KTP and NPWP
  • Preferably with a wide network
  • Willing to provide time for regular visits and training from BFI
  • Willing to go through a verification process by the BFI team
  • Willing to provide prospective debtor applications to BFI Finance