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Get a lot of facilities by joining to become a BFI business agent

  • Bonuses up to millions of rupiah

  • Free full training and modules from BFI

  • Free installation of tools and other supporting software

  • Free travel tour*

Guide to BFI Self-Registration Agents

The registration process only takes 3 minutes with your ID Card

  • fill form

    1. Online Registration

    Fill in the registration form and complete your personal data

  • konfirmasi

    2. Input Code ARE ID

    In the ARE Information field, please input the ARE ID: marc996 for car products and marc1996 for motorcycle products

  • survey

    3. Successful Registration

    Please input a digital signature. Your account has been successfully registered

Their Experiences With Us

“My advantage when I became a BFI Finance agent was that I could buy a house and vehicle with cash. With guidance and full support from the BFI team, it makes me even more enthusiastic to be more productive.”

profil testimoni

Silvia Chairunnisa

BFI Agents South Jakarta Branch 3

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