Must Try, Here are 10 Online Business Ideas for Small Capital!

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22 August 2022
Must Try, Here are 10 Online Business Ideas for Small Capital!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to work from home or from anywhere with flexible, relaxed time, with working hours as you wish?

If so, it's time for you to make that dream come true through this one-of-a-kind, BFI Finance-style online business!

Getting started is quite easy. You only need to provide supporting tools such as a mobile phone, computer, or laptop, and an adequate internet connection. No need to spend a lot of capital to rent a shop or shop.

In addition, you also have the potential to get greater profits from offline business because of the support of the internet that can help you to reach a wider market.

What small capital online business ideas can you try? Let's see the explanation below!


10 Small Capital Online Business Ideas

Sobat BFI, here are 10 online business ideas that you can try and make a lot of profit in 2022!

1. Delivery Service (Jastip)

For those of you who like shopping, this small capital online business idea will be very fun to try. The reason is, through jastip you can keep shopping without worrying about a dry wallet.

Some of the delivery service business ideas that you can try include:

  • Cosmetic Products

  • Souvenirs Typical of Certain Regions / Cities

  • Food

  • Kids Toys

  • Gadgets

2. Pre-order (PO)

Starting a business with a pre-order system is very promising. The reason is, that you don't need to bother preparing stock items, you only need to process them when an order comes in.

This of course can minimize losses and other risks. You also don't need to rent a place like a shophouse to put the things you want to sell. With just a gadget and the internet, you can start this business.

Some pre-order business ideas that you can try:

  • Pre-Order T-shirt Screen Printing

  • Imported Food Pre-Order

  • Pre-Order Electronic or Home Appliances

  • Healthy Catering Pre-Order

  • Pre-Order Korean Stuff (Album, Lightstick, and more)

3. Drop shipper 

Similar to the just system, the difference is that in a drop shipper you act as both a buyer and a seller. The way it works is that you buy an item according to the customer's order and then it is sent to the buyer's address.

For this small-cap online business, what you need is a reliable supplier with product prices that are quite skewed so that not only satisfy customers, but you can also benefit from every transaction.

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4. Affiliate (Marketing Affiliate)


Affiliate marketing is one of the small capital online businesses that have hit recently. The reason is, to get into this business you don't have to bother spending a lot of capital, you can even start without any capital at all.

In this business what is most needed is a large number of followers and creativity in creating content.

Some websites that open affiliate vacancies:


  • Tokopedia

Situs Web:

  • Shopee

Situs Web:

  • Lazada

Situs Web:

  • Tiktok

Situs Web:

  • BliBli

Situs Web:

5. Online Class / Online Tutor

Have expertise in a particular field? Don't keep it to yourself! You can develop your skills and earn a lot of money by opening online classes!

This business has been loved by many people, especially since the global pandemic hit. In addition to the ease of internet access, taking online classes can be done anywhere and the price is relatively cheaper because there is no need to pay the cost of renting a place for classes.

If you are interested in pursuing this business, there are two ways you can go. The first way is to prepare a curriculum and a number of theories that can later be accessed unlimitedly. This material can be in the form of videos or ebooks.

The second way is that you can teach directly through a zoom meeting or google meet 1:1 (One-On-One) with your students. The equipment you need includes supporting devices such as laptops, microphones, internet connections, and webcam cameras.

Study hours can be adjusted according to the hours you specify or the agreement between students and teachers.

In addition, you can also join certain communities that align with the online classes you offer.

6. Thrift Shop

The thrift shop business is still a prima donna and a wetland for profit until now. To get started, it's quite easy, namely setting up selling accounts on social media, trusted/trusted suppliers, taking photos of interesting products, and selling on the marketplace.

Some thrift business ideas that you can try:

  • Thrift Shop Clothes

  • Thrift Shope Shoes

  • Thrift Shop Antiques / Vintage Stuffs

7. Website Development Services

The IT field is one field that can be done anywhere with just a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection.

If you are someone who is smart and has expertise in HTML, CMS, and other programming languages, you can open a website creation service independently or together with your relatives.

The method is quite easy. You can follow the steps below.

  • Create a website that contains your portfolio and the services you offer

  • Promote your business on social media or through the community

  • Offer directly to companies that need it

8. Translator

Have more foreign language skills? You can make translators one of the profitable small capital online businesses!

Things you need to prepare to include a portfolio of translated results that you can put on the website, and promote your translation services on social media and to your closest friends.

9. Hampers / Gift Making Services by Request

Hampers are one of the most popular items in the community. This is because with hampers we can send gifts anywhere without the hassle of coming to the store and wrapping them.

Various hampers business ideas that you can try:

1. Hampers for graduation gifts

2. Hampers for birthday gifts

3. Hampers for wedding gifts

For its contents, you can vary a variety of unique and interesting items. Be it food or goods. It depends on the price you set or the request from the customer (by request).

10. Frozen Food

Frozen food is very popular lately. Not only are they durable and pocket-friendly prices, but frozen food also has a very diverse selection. Starting from fried snacks, and meat, to vegetables.

To start this business you can take two ways. First, you can become an authorized drop shipper or reseller. If you choose to be a drop shipper, you don't need to provide a place to put frozen food, you just process the existing order and send it to the buyer's address.

For the second method, you need to prepare a little capital to buy a refrigerator as a frozen food storage container. Even though it seems quite complicated, with this second method you can also sell it offline to those who live near where you live.

How to Get Capital to Open an Online Business

After you have read in its entirety regarding 10 Small Capital Online Business Ideas, until here you may be wondering how to get business capital to open this business.

If you are interested in pursuing one of the existing business ideas, you don't need to worry because BFI Finance can help you to get capital safely and quickly.

You can directly access the following web pages.

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Submission Information Home Certificate Guarantee Loan

Not only that, during August-September 2022, BFI Finance has a #PastiMerdeka promo where debtors have the opportunity to get cashback of up to IDR 77 Million! Complete information can be accessed at the following link!

Sobat BFI, thus information about 10 Small Capital Online Business Ideas. Hopefully, it can be an inspiration for all readers who want to have additional income. See you again in the next article!

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