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House/shop Certificate Collateral

Need cash for business capital, children's education, and other needs? BFI Finance is ready to help with cash loans guaranteed by a house or shop certificate. Get low interest rates, easy, fast, safe and reliable processes. Calculate the simulation and apply now!

Benefits of Applying for a Loan with a House / Shop / Office Certificate at BFI Finance

BFI Finance has been officially established since 1982 and always strives to provide the best service

Licensed and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

Receive take over from another leasing company

Financing from Rp300 million to Rp3 billion

Interest from 0.9% to 2% flat per month*

Long loan tenor 12 to 84 months*

Annual interest rates from 18% to 24%*

Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik and Malang

*Based on the condition of the collateralized assets & completeness of documents, see the submission requirements

Easy Financing Process

Apply the easy way, follow the steps below

  • fill form

    1. Online Form

    Fill out the form and complete your personal data so that the loan submission can be processed

  • konfirmasi

    2. Confirmation

    After the data is completely filled in, you will be contacted by our Call Center

  • survey

    3. Survey

    BFI Finance will conduct a survey for the next process

  • funding

    4. Loan disbursement

    Loan funds will be disbursed to a registered account

Apply for a Home / Shop / Office Certificate Guarantee Loan

Complete and use the appropriate data to increase the chances of the loan being approved.

Your data security is our top priority.

Special Promo This Month

Apply for a Home / Shop / Office Certificate Guarantee Loan

Apply for a Home / Shop / Office Certificate Guarantee Loan

Home Price Estimation

Rp 500.000.000

Loan Amount

Rp 300.000.000

Minimum loan of 300 million to guarantee a house certificate

Choose Tenor

Estimated Monthly Installments

Rp 0 *

* The nominal is an estimate, submit it to see the installment according to the guaranteed house

Make sure you meet the minimum requirements below before applying for a loan

Location of collateralized assets in Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik and Malang

SHM/SHGB certificate in own name, spouse and biological family

Minimum loan of 300 million to guarantee a house certificate

Houses occupied or inhabited and permanent buildings

The width of the road in front of the house/shop is more than 3 meters or one car can pass

House Ownership Certificate / Rights to Build Collateral Financing Information

Self Profile

  • Indonesian Citizen
  • Age 21 - 65 years old or already married
  • Have own income
  • Based in Indonesia    

Profil Rumah / Ruko

  • Permanent building
  • House that is eligible to be financed has to be located in a cluster, compound and habitation
  • Shop House that is eligible to be financed must have minimum 2 floors with the ground floor as business place, generally has an open air front design and in commercial area
  • Guarantees that can be funded are only SHM/SHGB certificates in their own names, spouse, biological parents (both must be alive), in-laws (both must be alive)
  • Located in Jabodetabek, Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Gresik & Malang

Mohon persiapkan dokumen persyaratan awal yang kami butuhkan, seperti:

 KTP pemohon & pasangan (jika sudah menikah)

 Kartu Keluarga

 PBB 2 Tahun Terakhir

√ Rekening Tabungan


 Sertikat & IMB Rumah / Ruko

Berikut ini adalah skema cicilan kompetitif untuk pengajuan dengan jaminan Sertifikat Rumah:

Flat Interest Rate per Month

Starting from 0.9%

Interest Rate per Year

Starting from 18% (depends on the condition of the assets & documents)

Minimum Loan

100 Millions


12 to 84 Months


Jabodetabek, Sidoarjo, Surabaya



Customer Success Stories

“Pada tahun 2014, saya mempercayakan jaminan kendaraan-kendaraan kepada BFI Finance untuk mengembangkan armada dan menambah modal.”

Deddy Setiawan

Pengusaha Jasa Transportasi

"Peran BFI buat saya, sangatlah membantu kebutuhan diwaktu saya butuh modal dan usaha saya bisa berkembang juga atas bantuan dari BFI Finance"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Funds that can be borrowed start from IDR 300 million to IDR 3 billion

The collateral that can be funded is only an SHM/SHGB certificate in the name of oneself, partner, biological parents (both must be alive), in-laws (both must be alive)

The areas covered for loan products guaranteed by house / shophouse / shophouse certificates are the Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik and Malang areas

Profil Diri

  • Warga Negara Indonesia
  • Berusia 21-65 tahun dan status perkawinan belum menikah, menikah dan cerai
  • Status tempat tinggal rumah sendiri, pasangan, keluarga, kontrak tahunan
  • Profesi pekerjaan :
    • Karyawan (minimal tetap 2 tahun)
    • Wiraswasta (minimal berjalan 2 tahun)
  • Tidak bisa diterima apabila Jenis usaha/profesi melanggar hukum

Profil Rumah / Ruko

  • Rumah ditempati atau dihuni dan bangunan permanen
  • Rumah yang dapat dibiayai harus berlokasi di cluster, komplek atau pemukiman
  • Rumah tidak berada dalam gang atau bisa dilewati 1 mobil
  • Rumah tidak dekat dengan fasilitas umum, sutet, kuburan
  • Rumah tidak dalam proses jual
  • Jaminan yang dapat di biayai hanya sertifikat SHM/SHGB atas nama sendiri, pasangan, orang tua kandung (keduanya wajib masih hidup), mertua (keduanya wajib masih hidup)
  • Lokasi di Jabodetabek, Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Gresik dan Malang

Yes, BFI accept take over from other leasing companies that have been registered with the OJK

Safe because BFI Finance is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority

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