A Talk About Opportunities for Passion-Based Home Business

2020-09-25 00:00:00 5891

South Tangerang, September 25, 2020 – A passion-based home business that is persevered seriously can generate profit and benefits for the neighborhood. One of the keys to running this kind of business is the creativity to keep the home business developing. BFI Finance has taken up such daily life topics in the online discussion program Ruang Temu (Meeting Room). In this episode, Ruang Temu presents a source person from the land of home business practitioners, Dianna Marsilia. She is the owner of Indonesia Creative House, which sells various kinds of traditional snacks and foods with packaging that offers a delight to the eyes.

With her passion for home decorating and alike, Dianna adjusts herself and pours her aesthetic soul into decorating snacks and foods. Her capital is also spent accordingly with her skills and thorough calculation. Besides being profitable, ideally, a business should also bring benefits to others. Dianna doesn’t cook the snacks and foods all by herself. Instead, she invites micro-enterprises in her neighboring areas to become her suppliers. Whereas Dianna and her team are the ones responsible to manage all matters related to packaging, marketing, and order delivery to customers.

It seems fun, isn’t it? Just go ahead and watch the entire video titled “Apa Benar Usaha Rumahan Modalnya Besar?” (“Is It True that Home Business Requires a Large Amount of Capital?”) on BFI Finance Official YouTube channel. Hopefully, you'll find the video inspiring!