Anti-corruption System

BFI Finance obliges all members of the BOC, the BOD, and all employees to uphold fair business competition, sportsmanship and professionalism, as well as the principles of GCG.

The company is committed to creating a healthy business climate, avoiding any actions, behaviors, or activities that could lead to conflicts of interest, corruption, collusion, and nepotism, and always putting the interest of the company above personal interest, family interest, or group interest.

In conducting its business activities grounded upon the above commitment, BFI Finance adheres to Law No. 20/2001 concerning the Amendment to Law No. 31/1999 on Corruption Eradication.

BFI Finance regularly submits reports on nonperforming financing customers to the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK).

The company’s anticorruption policy also governs the transparency of goods and services procurement system, and the giving and accepting of gifts

Giving and Accepting Gifts

Giving of gifts is defined to cover all forms of rewards given by the Company or other parties representing the Company to certain parties, with the intention of influencing those parties to benefit the Company beyond reasonable limits.

Meanwhile, accepting of gifts is defined to cover as all forms of rewards received by the Company or other parties representing the Company from relevant parties, with the intention of influencing the decisions of the Company’s management to act favorably to the giver of the gift.

The Company has a regulation that governs the giving of gifts, bribes and similar rewards, gifts to other parties as a token of gratitude, gifts in celebration of religious holidays, souvenirs, and mementos in the form of goods or services.

Taking into account the prevailing business ethics, any employee receiving a gift of any price and any  form shall submit a report to their direct supervisor. Accepting gifts from other parties for the purpose of promoting their Company, a token of gratitude, religious celebrations, souvenirs, or mementos, is  allowed and considered appropriate in daily social relations, provided that:

  1. The gifts include the giver’s company’s logo/name as part of the promotional activity of the giver’s company; 
  2. The giving is not intended for personal benefits/interests and is not material in nature;
  3. The giving does not affect any decision for procurement or goods or services; and
  4. Gifts are not given continuously by the same giver to the Company or any of its representatives.