Corporate History


BFI Finance Brief History

PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) was established in 1982 as PT Manufacturers Hanover Leasing Indonesia, a joint venture between Manufacturers Hanover Leasing Corporation from the United States and local partners. It is one of long-established multifinance companies in Indonesia as well as the first multifinance company to be listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange (currently known as Indonesia Stock Exchange or IDX). BFI Finance was listed in May 1990 with ticker code BFIN. After undertaking debt restructuring due to the Asian financial crisis started in 1998, BFI Finance officially changed its name to PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk in 2001.

Currently, 48.15% of BFI Finance's shares are owned by Trinugraha Capital & Co SCA consortium (which among others consists of Bravo Capital Holding owned by Jerry Ng, Northstar Group, Garibaldi Thohir, and other passive investors). The remaining shares are owned by local and international institutional shareholders as well as public shareholders. 



To become a trusted partner in financial solutions that contributes to the enhancement of people’s standard of living.


To provide reliable and effective financial solutions to our customers.

To deliver superior return-on-investment and sustain our reputation as a trusted public company.

To provide an ecosystem that nurtures future leaders of the organization.

To build long-term collaboration with business partners, based on mutual trust and benefit.

To contribute positively to society.

BFI Finance Types of Financing

BFI Finance’s business mainly comprises three types of financing

  1. First, working capital, investment, and multipurpose financing for productive necessities such as working capital, investment, and business development, as well as for consumptive necessities like wedding, property renovation, etc.
  2. Second, sales and leaseback financing that is provided for buying both new and used equipment to support business productivity, ranging from industrial heavy equipment such as excavator, bulldozer, crane, forklift, various kinds of truck, printing machine, industrial machine, to medical devices.
  3. Third, multipurpose financing without collateral for education, vacation trip, and business development for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

In 2017, BFI Finance formed Sharia Unit in order to cater people’s needs on sharia-compliant financing.


BFI Finance upholds a set of core values that are enforced as the Corporate Culture and summarized into the acronym GREAT. In line with the company’s vision and mission, BFI Finance has defined these values and the key characters to be implemented by all GREAT People of BFI Finance employees consistently.

Grow and Improve Continuously
All employees shall continue to improve themselves as a contribution to the company.
We are continuously active in searching for knowledge in order to consistently step up our performance.
We focus on our continuous efforts to improve work processes.
We grow into better persons and take on active roles in bringing the company onward and upward
Respect and Care
All employees shall cultivate mutual respect and care to maintain a positive work environment.
We show mutual respect to both internal and external customers.We show mutual respect to both internal and external customers.
Positive Solutions
We give positive solutions to answer the needs of internal and external customers.
We take on active roles in improving quality of life in society.
Excellent Service
All employees shall give the best service to ensure internal and external customers’ satisfaction.
Positive Attitude
We are always friendly and polite in providing our services.
We provide fast, precise, responsive, and accurate responses.
We ensure internal and external customers’ satisfaction which complies with the company’s service standards.
Absolute Integrity
All employees shall always keep their integrity in every action to maintain professional reputation of themselves and the company’s.
Our actions are based upon honesty.
We ensure our words to match our actions.
We act in accordance with the company’s regulations as well as the norms and ethics upheld by society.
Trust and Team Spirit
All employees shall have a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust to achieve mutual goals.
We always communicate well and trust each other in conducting our work.
We establish excellent cooperation with all parties.
We maintain the spirit of cooperation and support each other.

The core values underlying the corporate culture have been reviewed comprehensively to keep them up to date with the company’s dynamic business development. The Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors have approved the core values and corporate culture to be the key guidelines for all employees in achieving the company’s objectives of its business activities.