Corporate System


Any reporting party through BFI Finance Whistleblowing System has their rights protected in accordance with Law No. 31/2014 on Amendments to Law No. 13/2006 on Protection of Witnesses and Victims.

Under BFI Finance’s Whistleblowing System, every individual within the company may file a complaint and/or report of fraud and/or violation of the company’s code of conduct or good corporate governance principles, by sending their reports through one of the following channels:


Electronic mail (e-mail) to:;



Short Message Service (SMS/WhatsApp) to:



Post Mail

Post Mail to:
Kantor Pusat
PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk

BFI Tower Sunburst CBD Lot 1.2
Jalan Kapt. Soebijanto Djojohadikusumo 
BSD City, T
angerang South
Banten 15322

Attn. Departemen Audit Internal


The rights of each party who has submitted a complaint or reported a violation through BFI Finance’s Whistleblowing System are protected in accordance with Law No. 13/2006 on Witness Protection. The company is also morally responsible for the protection of the witnesses or whistleblowers.

All reports of violations submitted through BFI Finance’s Whistleblowing System will be guaranteed for their confidentiality and security by the company. In addition, the whistleblower’s right to obtain information on the follow-up of their report is guaranteed.

BFI Finance Whistleblowing System

BFI Finance’s Whistleblowing System receives reports or complaints to be examined immediately by Internal Audit Department and Risk Management Department as the complaint management agent.

If a report is valid based on the examination pursuant to the determined procedures, the company shall impose sanctions against the perpetrators in accordance with the decision letter applicable in the company.


Principle and Policy

BFI Finance’s procedure for the procurement of goods and services renders the procurement processes fast and transparent, in accordance with the principles of GCG and without any conflict of interest. The company upholds the principles of honesty and independence of all parties, whether they are involved directly or indirectly in the procurement of goods and services, as well as their performance, character, and work ethics.

The policy governing BFI Finance’s procurement of goods and services as well as supplier relations encompasses:

  1. Implementation of Internal Memos and Operational Procedures for the procurement of goods and services.
  2. Procurement of goods and services is based on the procurement value and level of authority, particularly at the branch offices, to accelerate the procurement process. Procurement of goods and services above a certain amount shall be conducted centrally at the head office. 
  3. Major suppliers of goods and services are required to submit complete legal documents to ensure that the rights and obligations of both the company’s and suppliers’ comply with the existing documents.
  4. The company’s code of conduct and regulations prohibit employees to accept gifts of any kind from suppliers.
  5. The company shall conduct periodic evaluations on all suppliers to ensure that they are able to support the company’s activities.

Procurement System

The company’s procurement processes consist of the following stages:

  1. Planning: formulating the procurement plan;
  2. Preparation: Terms of Reference (ToR), pre-qualification requirements, procurement documents, strategy in the selection of goods and services providers;
  3. Selection of goods and services: announcing or inviting certified vendors that have passed pre-qualification, evaluating and negotiating bids, selecting the project winners, contracting; and
  4. Utilization and management of the company’s assets.

The system run transparently and competitively, by including prospective goods and services suppliers whose ability and performance satisfy the competence requirements of the company. In addition to procurement, BFI Finance also employs other methods, such as auction, direct appointment, and direct purchase, performed both
conventionally and online.

The above policy and system ensure that the quantity and quality of goods and services procured by the company are in accordance with the requirements, and the goods and services are obtained at the most competitive prices, with timely delivery and excellent after-sales service.

Procurement of goods, both at the head ofce and branches, can be monitored real-time through an integrated system that allows monitoring; by the users themselves, the branches, and the head office; starting from the purchase up to asset maintenance stage.


All complaints received by the company are immediately followed-up by the Customer Care Unit, in cooperation with other relevant units. This is to ensure a quick, accurate, thorough, and satisfying resolution to each complaint. Therefore, clear communication and integration between the Customer Care Unit and branch offices are necessary.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

BFI Finance has set the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that stipulates the required time period to respond to each received complaint. Stipulations in the SLA are pursuant to the company’s internal policies and relevant prevailing regulations in Indonesia.

  1. SLA for customer complaint is the entire time (in working days) needed by BFI Finance to resolve customer complaint from the moment a consumer files a complaint until the customer receives solution.
  2. The standard for implementing SLA at BFI Finance is a maximum of 5 working days for verbal complaints, and a maximum of 10 working days for written complaints.

BFI Finance has set the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that stipulates the required time period to respond to each received complaint. Stipulations in the SLA are pursuant to the company’s internal policies and relevant prevailing regulations in Indonesia. Each complaint was followed-up completely within maximum 10 working days.