Company Secretary

BFI Finance’s Corporate Secretary was established pursuant to the BOD Decree No. Corp/CH/L/VII/07-0115 dated 9 July 2007 with reference to POJK 3The Corporate Secretary is appointed and dismissed by the decision of the BOD.

An Indonesian citizen born in 1970 (48 years old), appointed pursuant to the BOD Decree No. BOD-BOC/VI/2014-0011 dated 24 June 2014. He is also a BOD member, serving as the Finance Director.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary pursuant to POJK 35 are as follows:

  1. Follow the development of the capital market, particularly regarding applicable laws and regulations in the capital market and inform them to the BOC, BOD, and other stakeholders of the Company;
  2. Provide input to the BOD and the BOC of the Company to ensure their compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the capital market;
  3. Assist the BOD and the BOC in the implementation of GCG, which includes:
    1. Information disclosure to the public, including ensuring the information availability on the website;
    2. Timely report submission to OJK, IDX, and other regulatory institutions;
    3. GMS and the documentation thereof, including preparation (reporting of GMS plan, announcement, distribution of summons, and GMS resolutions submission), GMS material preparation (including the Company’s Annual Report), and GMS execution;
    4. Arrangement and documentation of the BOD and the BOC meetings; and
    5. Organization of the Company’s induction program for new members of the BOD and the BOC as well as other Committees under the BOC;
  4. Act as a liaison officer between the Company and its shareholders, OJK, and other stakeholders.