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Here are 10 Eid Preparations That You Can Do!

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4 April 2024
Here are 10 Eid Preparations That You Can Do!

Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran tends to be a long-awaited moment after fasting for a whole month. This momentum becomes important and sacred for Muslims around the world. Especially in Indonesia, which makes this moment of victory a time to gather with family.

Of course, Eid preparations are needed to make this moment unforgettable. Here are 10 Eid preparations you can do to make your Eid more meaningful and beautiful.



1. 10 Eid Preparations You Can Do

1.1 Paying Zakat Fitrah

Paying zakat fitrah is a very important Eid preparation in welcoming Eid. Zakat fitrah is an obligation for every Muslim who is able, as a form of social concern for others. Setting aside a portion of your income to pay zakat fitrah is a way to cleanse your wealth from negative qualities and as a form of gratitude for the blessings given by Allah SWT. You can visit the nearest mosque to pay zakat fitrah, where there are usually special officers who are ready to help with the zakat payment process. In addition, with the development of technology, now there are also many institutions or online platforms that provide easy and practical zakat fitrah payment services, so you can make zakat payments quickly and safely without having to leave your home.

1.2 Cooking Eid Special Foods

One of the things that is no less important in Eid preparation is cooking Eid special foods. Special foods such as opor, rendang, ketupat sayur, and various other traditional dishes are an inseparable part of the Eid celebration. In preparation for Eid, you can carefully prepare a variety of these special dishes to be served to guests and beloved family. However, remembering that the demand for food usually increases before Eid, it is important for you to make preparations well in advance so that you do not run out of stock when cooking. You can also use this moment to gather with family while cooking.

1.3 Preparing Eid Cookies

The next thing that becomes a priority in Eid preparation is to prepare Eid cookies. Just like big meals, there are also some special Eid cookies. Like nastar, kastengel, putri salju, and other cookies. You can buy it online. In addition, often your relatives make them and then sell them at a more affordable price. However, if you want your Eid preparations to be even cheaper, you can make Eid cookies yourself.


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1.4 Cleaning the house

The next Eid preparation you can do is to clean the house. The reason is, Eid is a moment to gather with family and close relatives. To make the atmosphere at home more comfortable for the family, you need to clean the house and its surroundings. Starting from cleaning dust, vacuuming, repainting the walls, and other repairs that are needed to make your home comfortable.

1.5 Preparing THR Money

Eid is synonymous with the tradition of giving THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya) to children and parents. In Eid preparation, you also prepare enough small change to be distributed to the guests who come. You can estimate the amount of THR to be distributed based on the number of guests who usually come and the budget you have.

1.6 Visiting Graves

The next Eid preparation that has become a tradition is visiting graves. You can visit relatives who have passed away to pray for them. This moment is a good time to remember and pray for those who have passed away. Visiting graves can also be an opportunity to strengthen family ties and maintain the values of togetherness.

1.7 Sending Hampers to Closest People

The next Eid preparation is sending hampers. Eid hampers are one of the traditions to share happiness with loved ones. You can fill Eid hampers with various kinds of food, drinks, and Eid snacks. This hamper can be a sign of attention and affection for family, friends, and colleagues. By sending hampers, you can also strengthen social ties and show respect and care for those closest to you.


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1.8 Preparing for Homecoming/Silaturahmi

For those who live far from their hometown, homecoming is a long-awaited tradition. Eid preparation for the homecoming journey by booking transportation tickets and accommodation far in advance. Make sure you also bring the items needed during the trip and homecoming. In addition, before going home, take advantage of the time to establish relationships with neighbors, friends, and relatives who live around you. Silaturahmi is an important part of the Eid tradition that strengthens social ties and togetherness in society.


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1.9 Cleaning Prayer Equipment

Prayer equipment such as prayer mats, prayer rugs, and the Quran need to be cleaned so that they are more comfortable to use when praying Eid al-Fitr. You can wash it yourself or take it to the laundry for your Eid preparation.

1.10 Staying Healthy

Eid is synonymous with various kinds of delicious foods that are high in calories. Make sure you stay healthy by not overeating and exercising regularly. You can do light exercise like walking or jogging to maintain your fitness.


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