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Tips for Safe Eid Homecoming During a Pandemic and its Latest Terms

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29 April 2022
Tips for Safe Eid Homecoming During a Pandemic and its Latest Terms

At the moment of Eid 2022, the Indonesian government finally allowed its people to go back to their hometowns. However, with a note to continue to comply with health protocols and other requirements. The policy was carried out after two years the government forbade its people to go home for Eid. Of course, this is a longing medicine for many nomads after a long time of not feeling this special moment which is only held once a year. So what are the requirements that must be met by travelers this time? And what are the tips that need to be considered when going home for Eid 2022 so that the trip feels safe and comfortable? The BFI Finance team presents it, especially for you.


Tips for Safe and Comfortable Eid Homecoming a la BFI Finance

1. Complete the Covid-19 Vaccination

The first Eid homecoming tip and of course a top priority is to complete the Covid-19 vaccination requirements. You are advised to have received a booster vaccination or a 3rd vaccine from the government. This is done to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and create a herd community in Indonesia. If you have completed the booster vaccine, then you no longer need to do an antigen test or RT-PCR before departure. On the other hand, if your vaccinations are incomplete, you are required to do an antigen and/or PCR test a few days before departure. The full requirements are explained at the bottom of this article.

2. Make sure the house is safe and locked

The second Eid homecoming tip is to make sure the house you live in is in a safe condition. Your house will not be occupied for a long time, maybe 1 week. So, make sure all security aspects are met. For example, turn off unnecessary electricity, unplug the LPG gas hose on the stove, and the door is completely locked. In addition, you can install and monitor the condition of the house through CCTV which is placed in a certain room.

3. Inform Neighbors or Relatives

If the condition of the house is safe, you can inform your neighbors or close relatives if you are going home for Eid. This is so that your relatives or neighbors can inform you of any unexpected conditions that may arise while your house is being left behind.

4. Keep Your Body Healthy

Maintaining stamina to stay healthy is an absolute thing that must be prepared when going home for Eid. Traveling back and forth takes a lot of time, especially if you use the land route. Thousands of travelers use various modes of transportation, causing unusual traffic congestion. Therefore, it takes strong stamina for those of you who are driving or just as a passenger. Take the necessary vitamins and get enough rest a few days before departure.

5. Choose the Best Mode of Transportation

There are several choices of transportation modes that you can use to go home for Eid. You can choose to use land, sea, or air routes according to your destination and homecoming needs. If you have a distant homecoming destination, it is recommended to use a plane to be more efficient in terms of time and cost. To avoid ticket spikes, you can book them well in advance of departure. If your homecoming destination allows you to use land transportation modes, you can choose to use trains, buses, or private cars. If you choose to use the train, of course, it will also be more efficient because you don't have to feel stuck on the streets. However, you must race to book tickets in advance so that the tickets are in your hands. Meanwhile, going home for Eid using a private car would not hurt you to try. For some people, going home using a private vehicle feels more fun even though they have to be willing to feel traffic jams for hours on the streets. Because the moment of Eid is the most awaited moment for many people and is only felt once a year.

6. Check All Vehicle Conditions

If you use a private car to go home for Eid, it is mandatory to check the readiness of your vehicle for long trips. Check the condition of the car starting from the battery, brakes, oil, and engine. If necessary, you can service the car 1 month before going home. This is useful so that your Eid homecoming is safe and comfortable.

7. Always Apply Health Protocols

These tips are no less important, especially because the pandemic is still ongoing. You are required to maintain strict health protocols. Use a mask when you are indoors and outdoors. Bring wet tissue and hand sanitizer wherever you go. Wash your hands regularly before you enter certain places and after meeting some people. Lastly, keep your distance and avoid crowds.

8. Bring Enough Items

Bring enough homecoming necessities, not too much. Do not force to carry goods beyond the capacity limit of your personal vehicle. In addition to taking up a lot of space, it endangers you and the vehicles around you. If you use public transportation, bringing enough Eid homecoming goods will also create comfort not only for yourself, but also for other travelers.

9. Bring Enough Supplies During the Trip

Homecomers will spend hours on the streets. To anticipate fatigue and boredom, it's good to prepare enough supplies during the homecoming trip. You can make homemade lunches or buy snacks at the nearest food and beverage stall. Also, make sure to prepare enough water to avoid dehydration.

10. Bring Health Equipment

In addition to bringing sufficient supplies, it is also important to bring the health equipment you need. Bring personal medicines and first aid kits for your first aid if something happens that interferes with your health.

11. Master and Check Travel Routes

This Eid homecoming tip is intended for travelers who use private vehicles. Master and periodically check the route you will be traveling. The roads will certainly experience extraordinary traffic jams. You can try to find alternative roads to avoid traffic jam. In addition, understand the rest area or rest area for your resting place before continuing your journey back. Also pay attention to the location of the nearest gas station, places of worship, and other public facilities.

12. Obey Traffic Signs

During the Eid homecoming trip, obey traffic signs wherever you are, whether on busy or quiet streets. Always use a seat belt, turn on the turn signal when turning, and stop when the traffic light is in a red position are some examples of the application of traffic culture that must be done. By obeying traffic signs, you not only care about yourself but also care about the safety of others.

13. Rest If Tired

Don't force yourself to continue driving if you feel tired. Rest in the nearest rest area or in a place that is not too crowded by traffic. Not forcing to drive if you are tired and sleepy will prevent you from the risk of an accident.

14. Drive Well

The last Eid homecoming tip is to drive well and not recklessly. The density of vehicles on the road increases the risk of an accident. So, always obey traffic signs, rest if you feel tired and sleepy, and respect each other between drivers. Always remember, your family is always waiting for your presence at home, especially in this Eid moment.


Like that, the fourteen Eid homecoming tips that you need to pay attention to. Hopefully, this Eid homecoming will be memorable, BFI friends and always prioritize safety on the trip. Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to the latest Eid homecoming requirements suggested by the government. Here is more.


Newest Terms of Homecoming for Eid 2022

Based on the regulations issued by the government through the Covid-19 Task Force Circular Number 16 of 2022, here are the Eid homecoming regulations that you need to know:

  • Domestic travelers who have fulfilled the booster vaccination or the 3rd dose of vaccine do not need the requirements for a negative RT-PCR test result and a rapid antigen test.
  • Domestic travelers who have received the 2nd dose of vaccination, are required to show a negative result for the rapid antigen test within 1x24 hours, or a negative result from the RT-PCR test within 3x24 hours before the trip.
  • Meanwhile, domestic travelers who have received the 1st dose of vaccination must show a negative test result from RT-PCR within 3x24 hours before departure.
  • If domestic travelers have certain health conditions that prevent them from receiving the vaccine, they are required to show a negative RT-PCR test result within 3x24 hours before departure and attach a doctor's certificate from a government hospital stating that the party concerned cannot receive the vaccine. Covid 19 vaccination.
  • Children who are less than six years old are excluded from the vaccination regulations and are not required to attach negative results from the rapid antigen test or RT-PCR.
  • Use a three-layer cloth mask or a medical mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Change the mask every 4 hours and throw it in the trash after use.
  • Always wash your hands with clean running water regularly or use hand sanitizer, especially after touching other people or objects in public places.
  • Avoid crowds and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people around.
  • It is not allowed to speak one or two directions during the homecoming journey when using public transportation.


Happy Eid homecoming 2022!

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