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10 Interesting Eid Hampers Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right One

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10 April 2023
10 Interesting Eid Hampers Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right One

It doesn't feel like the holy month of Ramadan will end soon. Before welcoming Victory Day or Eid al-Fitr, most of us will definitely look for references to Eid hamper ideas that are suitable for giving to those closest to us.

Hampers itself is a parcel or parcel which contains objects, food, drinks, or other types of products. Hampers are intended as gifts for the closest people on Eid al-Fitr to maintain friendly relations as well as a sign of gratitude for the coming Eid moment.

For those of you who are looking for unique, inexpensive, and memorable Eid hamper ideas, you can use the following 10 recommended ideas as references. Listen carefully, okay!


10 Eid Hampers Ideas

Tired of the same Eid hamper ideas? Here are 10 anti-mainstream hamper ideas that you can try to make Eid moments more memorable.

1. Equipment for Worship

The first Eid hampers idea is religious equipment. There are various items of worship that you can make as Eid hampers, such as the holy Koran, a set of prayer tools, and many more.

Apart from being useful, worship equipment is relatively affordable and you can easily find it anywhere. To add a personal impression, you can insert a greeting card in the existing hampers.

2. Pastries

Pastries are one of the most chosen Eid hamper ideas. This is because the shelf life of dry cakes tends to be longer than wet cakes, making it possible to make Eid hampers that can be sent out of town.

Various pastries that you can choose from include nastar cakes, snow white, kastengel, and other types of Eid pastries which are generally served at guest tables during Eid.

3. Groceries

Next is Eid hampers in the form of groceries. Groceries are one of the most sought-after primary needs to meet daily needs. In order to make the groceries that will be delivered look neater and more attractive, you can decorate them according to your creativity.

Several types of groceries that you can choose from include rice, oil, noodles, coffee, sugar, and many more.

4. Gold Bars

This Eid hamper idea is perhaps not only unique but also something memorable and of high value. You can make gold bars as one of the hampers gift options. The type of gold that you can choose is in the form of cards with gold sizes starting from 0.1 grams.

Make sure the gold you choose comes from a trusted institution, making it easier for the gold to be resold.

5. Frozen Food

Ahead of the Eid holiday, someone is often sent Eid hampers in the form of food which has a relatively short shelf life. To avoid wasting due to short shelf life, you can provide Eid hampers in the form of frozen food.

Thus, relatives or family to whom you send gifts are no longer worried about finishing all the food at one time. Frozen food is now widely sold both offline and online. You can choose well-known frozen food brands to serve as Eid gifts.

6. Body Care

Apart from basic necessities, body equipment or body care is one of the primary needs that many people need. For example bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, body cream, and so forth.

You can make body care a choice of interesting and unique Eid hamper ideas. Currently, there are many well-known manufacturers who often provide Eid hampers ready to be sent to the closest people. So, you don't need to worry about packing it in such a way.

7. Dessert Box

Who doesn't know the dessert box? This sweet cake served in this jar is currently the favorite of many people. Apart from its delicious taste, the dessert box has a very attractive appearance. Without a doubt, this cake is worth considering as a choice of Eid hampers ideas.

8. Aromatherapy Candles

The next contemporary gift is aromatherapy candles. This fragrance is suitable for you to choose from because it can give a calming feel. The reason is, when the holiday moment arrives, many people tend to need moments of relaxation while spending time with loved ones.

Choosing aromatherapy candles as Eid hampers can certainly be a special and useful gift for those who receive them.

9. Cutlery

Cutlery is often chosen as an Eid hamper idea because it has a high use value. Cutlery can be used daily, as well as a complement to kitchen needs.

You can choose equipment that is food-grade and safe to use many times. In addition, in order to preserve the existing environment, you can also choose environmentally friendly food equipment.

10. Shopping Vouchers

The last Eid hamper idea is a shopping voucher. You can make this one object an alternative choice to give to the closest person. Shopping vouchers are perfect for you to choose from because they tend to be flexible and allow recipients to choose the product they want.

Shopping vouchers have varied values and can be adjusted according to the budget you have. By giving shopping vouchers, you can provide a more memorable shopping experience because the gifts given tend to be more personal.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hampers

After you know what Eid hamper ideas you can choose, then let's look at the tips for choosing the right hamper below.

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Image Source: Freepik/@ikarahma

1. Adjust to the Budget You Have

First of all, determine in advance the amount of the budget that you will spend on Eid hampers. Choose hampers that suit your budget so as not to burden your current financial condition.

2. Choose Hampers According to the Taste of the Recipient

Consider choosing hampers according to the taste of the recipient. For those closest to us, generally, we are quite familiar with their tastes and what they like. You can make this point as a reference for choosing the right hampers.

3. Choose Helpful Hampers

Most importantly, make sure to choose hampers that are capable of bringing benefits to the recipient. For example food hampers for relatives who like culinary.

4. Consider Choosing Hampers with Attractive Packaging

Apart from the three points previously mentioned, you can also consider choosing hampers with attractive and aesthetic packaging. Hampers with attractive packaging can make the recipient feel happy and impressed.

5. Buy Hampers from Trusted Stores

Lastly and most importantly, buy hampers from trusted sellers or shops. Especially if you plan to ship it out of town and buy it online. Make sure the shop you choose has a good reputation and has experience in handling purchases of hampers sent outside the area.

BFI friends, those are 10 Eid hamper ideas that you can make your choice along with tips for choosing the right hampers. Apart from being meaningful and being able to maintain friendly relations, hampers make Eid moments more special and meaningful.

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