BFI RUN 2023 Brings Runners to the Finish Lines of the Berlin and Istanbul Marathon Races

2023-11-07 00:00:00 732

The BFI RUN 2023 event had been held successfully on June 25 and resulted in twelve qualified participating runners who then mustered their entire potential energy to respond to the Overseas Marathon Challenge, namely Berlin Marathon 2023 and Istanbul Marathon 2023.

Two participants named Serevina Valerina and Meydeleine Sulistyo competed at the Berlin Marathon, one of the World Marathon Majors (WMM), on September 24. Whereas on November 5, ten other runners participated the Istanbul Marathon, namely Stevano Neilhatar, Arief Triandi Arza, Harry Ongko, Restu Metriardi, Billy Tan, Ismali Ali Fauzi, Ratno Wardoyo, Sastero Wijaya Gunawan, Tatang Fatoni, and Dedi Setiadi.

As it turned out, Tatang Fatoni and Arief Triandi Arza were two first-timers who took part in Half Marathon (HM) category of BFI RUN 2023 and they succeeded at their Virgin Marathon (VM) experience in Istanbul straightaway. VM is a term for a runner who participates marathon race for the first time. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for them, which was in line with the theme of BFI RUN 2023, ‘Power Up to the Next Level’.

It was an honor to be able to bring BFI Runners crossing the finish lines in international marathon races. See you again with other surprises at the next BFI RUN. Congrats, Champs!

BFI RUN 2023 goes to Berlin

The smiling duo finishers

Celebrating the moments of pride

It is the only marathon race in the world that extends over two continents, Asia and Europe