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Here Are the Differences between SUVs and MPVs that You Must Know

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9 January 2023
Here Are the Differences between SUVs and MPVs that You Must Know

Types of cars in Indonesia are very diverse. One of the most popular types of cars is SUVs and MPVs. At first glance, the two may appear to be the same. But apparently, there are some differences between SUVs and MPV that you should know about.

In particular, if you are planning to buy a new car with a large cabin capacity supported by modern features. So, without waiting for a long time, let's discuss the differences between the two in this one review.


1. What is an SUV Car?

SUV or short for Sports Utility Vehicle is a type of sports car that has a large size with a handsome and masculine body. This one car is specifically designed to be able to go through various fields. Starting from the bumpy roads, steep, until the flood.

This can happen thanks to the excellent suspension support or vibration dampers so that passengers will still feel comfortable even through potholes. In short, an SUV is a sporty car that is strong and tough.

2. What is an MPV Car?

MPV car or Multi-Purpose Vehicle is a large type of car with a capacity of up to 9 people. This type of car is generally equipped with supporting features such as audio, television, parking monitors, and others that support comfort while driving. No doubt, this car is perfect for family or business transportation.


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3. 10 Differences between SUV and MPV

There are several differences between SUVs and MPVs that BFI friends can easily recognize. what are the differences? Here we describe 10 differences between the two.

Perbedaan Mobil SUV dan MPV

Image Source: Freepik/azebaijan_stockers

3.1. Purpose of Use

The difference between the first SUV and MPV lies, of course, in their use. SUV cars are specifically designed to travel on steep terrain or potholes.

Meanwhile, MPV cars are family cars that are designed for comfort while driving and are able to accommodate more people (passenger cars).

3.2. Car Tires

Car tires are the second difference between SUVs and MPVs. SUVs have car tire contours that are made specifically to be able to pass through various terrains well. Not surprisingly, this car has a larger car tire size with 15-inch alloy wheels. So, if you like driving on quite extreme roads, traveling to rural areas, and other unpaved places, this car will be very suitable for you to choose.

As for MPV cars, the tires used are of standard size or the same as other types of cars in general, so this car is more suitable for use in urban areas with smooth, freeway roads.

3.3. Ground Clearance

The SUV has a higher ground clearance than the MPV, which is 200 mm. Of course, this is in line with the purpose of the car being made, which is to be able to pass through various terrains, so you don't need to feel anxious when going through quite extreme terrain.

Meanwhile, the ground clearance for MPV cars is similar to other types of cars, where the ground clearance is inadequate when used in off-road areas.

3.4. Passenger Capacity

The fourth difference between SUVs and MPV lies in passenger capacity. The SUV has seats with a capacity of 7 people and is made as comfortable as possible while traveling with better suspension support.

Meanwhile, MPV-type cars can accommodate 7 to 9 people, bigger than SUVs because MPV cars are meant for family cars.

3.5. Features Offered

Apart from being able to accommodate many people, SUV cars are equipped with qualified features that make your trip feel safer and more comfortable, one of which is a keyless system in the form of engine start-stop, parking monitor, 4 airbags, as well as other advanced and modern features that are comparable to the price of a car. expensive one.

Not much different from SUV cars, MPV cars are also supported by safety and comfort features that make it easy for users. Even so, the features of an MPV car will not be as sophisticated as that of an SUV.

3.6. Power or Engine Capacity

The sixth difference between SUVs and MPV is in the engine power of each car. SUV cars are designed to pass through all terrain. Starting from bumpy roads, potholes, and others that tend to be semi-offroad with an engine capacity of over 1500 cc. While the MPV engine is less than 1,500 cc.

3.7. Car Design

Even though they both have large bodies, SUV cars have a more sturdy and tough design. Meanwhile, MPV cars are designed to be more elegant and flexible to modify.

3.8. Drive System

The next SUVs and MPV differences lie in the driving system. SUV cars use a 4WD (four-wheel) drive system. The existence of this driving machine allows this car to drive easily in muddy fields, potholes, and another terrain that is difficult for ordinary cars to pass.


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3.9. Fuel

SUVs tend to be more wasteful than MPVs or other types of cars. This is due to the four-car tires and the advanced features that are draining more fuel. Meanwhile, MPV-type cars are much more economical because they are initiated with the support of a fuel management system like LCGC cars.

3.10. Price

Finally, of course, the price of the car. The price of an SUV car is priced higher than an MPV. Generally, marketed prices range from 230 million to billions, while MPV cars are sold for 170 million.

Of the ten differences, the most important difference between SUVs and MPV lies in the functions and features offered. SUVs are more suitable for driving on off-road terrain because they have better suspension or vibration dampers with a dashing appearance. Meanwhile, MPV cars are more suitable for family or business cars, especially with a complete set of features that support comfort when traveling.

Both SUV and MPV cars both have their own advantages. The drawback that this SUV has is its large body, making it less possible to maneuver on narrow streets. The use of fuel also tends to be wasteful.

This is a review regarding the differences between SUVs and MPV, I hope this information can help you understand the differences and advantages between the two cars. If you buy a used or second-hand car, don't forget to return the name of the car, Sobat! By renaming the car, it will be easier for you to take care of all administrative needs, including paying taxes.

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