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Hybrid Cars: Environmentally Friendly Cars With Two Drive Systems

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13 December 2022
Hybrid Cars: Environmentally Friendly Cars With Two Drive Systems

Technological innovation in the automotive world never dies. Various new breakthroughs are increasingly emerging one by one as the times progress. One of them is the emergence of hybrid cars. This car is believed to be an alternative breakthrough for saving fuel and reducing vehicle gas emissions.

What do we need to know about this sophisticated car? Let's discuss more through the following information.


1. What is a Hybrid Car?

A hybrid car is a car that uses two propulsion systems in the form of an engine and an electric motor. A good combination of the two can make fuel use more efficient and efficient, so this car is environmentally friendly.

There are two types of hybrid cars currently in circulation. The first is the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). HEV is a type of car that uses two fuel sources as its propulsion, namely fuel and an electric motor.

Electric motors are used when the car is traveling at low speed. Meanwhile, fuel is used when the driver wants to increase the speed of the car (acceleration) and when the car runs out of electric batteries.

The second type is the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). This technology is similar to a hybrid car, the difference is that the battery capacity tends to be larger. This allows the car to cover distances of up to 80 kilometers without the need to activate conventional engines (engines that use fuel).

On the other hand, cars with this type of PHEV require their owners to charge the battery manually by plugging it in at a charging station or at home using a special converter.


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2. Differences between Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars

The most striking difference between an electric car and a hybrid car lies in the driving components. Hybrid cars still use fuel (BBM) as one of the driving forces, while electric cars already fully use electricity.

Even though it looks simpler and more environmentally friendly, you need to prepare careful planning if you want to switch to this car. This is because not all regions have adequate charging stations and the charging process tends to take a long time. Of course, this requires new adjustments for you.


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3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Talking about advantages and disadvantages, of course, everything must have these two things. No exception with hybrid cars. So, what are the advantages of this car, and what are the possible drawbacks?

3.1 Advantages of Hybrid Cars

There are at least 5 advantages possessed by this one smart car. His details are as follows.

3.1.1. Eco-Friendly

Hybrid cars are an excellent vehicle alternative. This type of car is capable of saving twice as much fuel as compared to conventional cars. The efficiency that occurs comes from the electric battery that automatically turns on when the car is enabled.

In addition, when the electric battery runs out, the machine will automatically charge the empty electricity when the car is running on fuel. The existence of dual systems that support each other is of course very good for long-term car use and its effect on the environment.

3.1.2. Minimal Vibration and Sound on the Machine

Unlike conventional cars in general, the sound of the engine and vibration in a hybrid car is barely felt at all. This can happen because the existing propulsion system is taken over by the electric battery, thus allowing the driver and passengers to be more comfortable while driving.

3.1.3. Save Fuel Oil

Equipped with hybrid technology, this car is able to save more fuel. Electric battery components in cars can be automatically charged when the car is moving using a conventional engine. With these two drivers, the fuel used can be more efficient.

3.1.4. Lighter Car Weight

Overall, hybrid cars have lightweight. This can be a plus in itself because a lightweight car can go faster without using a lot of fuel.

3.1.5. Using CVT Transmission

The CVT transmission is a modern technology that allows the use of less fuel but is able to produce a more stable acceleration or car speed.

4. Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

As for the drawbacks, there are at least two things that are the highlight of this car;

4.1. They're Expensive

Hybrid cars tend to be priced at a higher price than conventional cars. This makes sense considering that this latest technology has not been used massively.

4.2. More Complex Treatment

In addition to the higher price, this car also requires more complex maintenance, especially for the electrical components in the car. Not all cities provide complete service for this type of car. Therefore, maybe you need a lot of money to maintain this car.


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5. Hybrid Car Brands in Indonesia

This one car is arguably not a type of car that has just entered the Indonesian market. Several well-known manufacturers have pioneered the entry of this car, such as Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan. For more details, let's discuss some of the cars from this famous brand, as reported by

5.1. Toyota All New Corolla Altis Hybrid

mobil hybrid

Image Source: Toyota Astra Motor

This Toyota car is arguably the newest hybrid car. This car officially entered the Indonesian market in February 2022. It was released in two versions, namely the engine and hybrid, the price for the hybrid type is sold at IDR 545 million.

5.2. Nissan Kicks e-Powermobil hybrid

Image Source:

Starting to appear on the Indonesian market on September 2, 2020, this compact SUV is predicted to be a hybrid car that has a driving sensation like a fully electric car. This is because the conventional engine in it is only used as a generator or a generator driving a 1.57 kWh lithium-ion battery. The price per unit of this car is priced at IDR 432.8 million.

5.3. Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid

mobil hybrid

Image Source: Kompa Otomotif

Apart from the Toyota All New Corolla Altis Hybrid, the other newest hybrid car that has entered the Indonesian market is the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid. This car has two sources of power in the form of a conventional engine and ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) combined with a lithium-ion type battery. For the price itself, this car is fairly cheap. Starting from IDR 270 million to IDR 290 million.

5.4. Toyota C-HR Hybrid

mobil hybrid

Image Source: Toyota Astra Motor

These cars are powered by parallel hybrid technology which allows conventional engine components and electric batteries to run simultaneously, thus creating fuel efficiency. Through Toyota's official website, this car is marketed at Rp. 583 million.

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