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Cost and Easy Way to Change the Identity of the Car's Owner

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4 August 2022
Cost and Easy Way to Change the Identity of the Car's Owner

Having a private vehicle is certainly a dream for most people. One of them is four-wheeled vehicles, cars.

Buying a car doesn't have to be new, there are many used cars with excellent quality that are still very worthy of use. You only need to provide a little additional funds for the cost of changing the name of the car so that the car can be fully owned by you.

Behind the name of the car means changing the data on the ownership of the car legally. With this new data change, the car documents can be guaranteed to be one hundred percent the property of the new owner. Various affairs related to this car will also be easier to take care of. For example, annual tax payments.

You may have heard that taking care of the process of changing the name of a car is quite a headache and therefore the services of brokers are widely used as an alternative choice.

In fact, the process of changing the name of the car and its mutation is quite easy to do and also saves a lot of costs. The most important requirement you need to take the time and prepare the required documents.

Then, what are the procedures you need to do to change the name of the car? The BFI Finance team has summarized it in detail in the following article!


Car Name Transfer Fee

There are a number of administrative fees that must be paid to change the name of the car. The cost of changing the name of this car varies from region to region, depending on the policies of each region.

Even so, the amount of the transfer fee for the car has been regulated in Government Regulation no. 60 of 2016 regarding Types and Tariffs of Non-Tax State Revenues Applicable at the Indonesian National Police.

In order to make it easier for you to determine the cost of changing the name of a car, you can use the number of car costs that apply in Jakarta as a reference.

The details include:

Vehicle Transfer Fee (BBN-KB)

For the Jakarta area, this BBNKB is charged to new owners of used cars with a fee that needs to be paid at 1% of the purchase price of the car or of the total PKB (vehicle tax).

Mandatory Contribution of Road Traffic Accident Funds (SWDKLLJ)

In addition to paying for BBN-KB, you also need to pay SWDKLLJ of Rp. 143,000 for the category of non-public transportation vehicles.

Registration fee

Next, you are required to pay the registration fee in accordance with the applicable policies at the nearest Samsat. Generally, this registration fee ranges from IDR 75,000 to IDR 100,000.

STNK Issuance Fee, BPKB, TNKB, Physical Check

The last is paying off the payment of STNK, BPKB, and TNKB fees with the following nominal.

  • BPKB Issuance Fee: IDR 375,000

  • STNK Issuance Fee: IDR 200,000

  • TNKB Issuance Fee: IDR 100,000

  • Car Physical Check Fee: IDR 25,000

Check Car Name Transfer Fees Online

For those of you who don't have the time to find out how much it costs to get a car title transfer, now you can find out directly online! Especially if you live in West Java.

Here are the steps:

1. Visit the BAPENDA website.

2. Click Samsat and select motor vehicle tax.

3. Enter the vehicle number or police number.

4. Enter the color of your vehicle number plate or TNKB (Motorized Vehicle Number Sign). Black, red, or yellow.

5. Don't forget to fill in the captcha listed then click search.

6. After that, detailed information about your vehicle complete with total tax costs or car transfer fees will be clearly visible.

Documents that need to be prepared for the transfer fee of a car

To make it easier for you during the car transfer process and so you don't have to go back and forth to Samsat, make sure you have prepared the following documents.

1. Photocopy of ID card of the new car owner.

2. Original BPKB and its photocopy.

3. Original STNK and its photocopy.

4. Proof of purchase of a used car (receipt) and a photocopy of it which has been stamped with the signatures of both parties (seller and buyer).

5. Documents of the results of physical vehicle checks carried out at Samsat.

How to Change Car Name

To carry out the process of changing the name of a car, you are required to follow 2 policies, namely to process the name transfer at the Samsat where the car is registered and the next at the Samsat where you are domiciled. This needs to be done so that the issuance of STNK and BPKB is in accordance with the name of the new owner.

There are two stages that you must take to change the name of the car. In general, you can see in the description below.

Biaya Balik Nama Mobil

Image Source: Unsplash/Erik Mclean

The first stage

In the first stage, the thing you need to do is visit the Samsat where the car is registered. The rarity is as follows.

1. Visit Samsat where the car is registered.

2. Come to the physical check counter. While at the physical counter you are required to pay a fee to check the vehicle. Including checking the engine number and frame.

3. Continue to the registration counter for name transfer. Fill in the form provided in accordance with the information listed on the car registration and pay the registration fee.

4. Attach the required documents that you have prepared to the officer along with the registration form for the transfer to Samsat according to your ID card.

5. After that the officer will provide a complete document archive of the car.

6. If all the steps have been completed, the next step you can visit Samsat according to your ID card.

Second Stage

This stage is a continuation of the first stage. At this stage you are required to come to Samsat according to your KTP/Domicile. the steps are as follows.

1. Visit the Samsat according to your ID card.

2. Do a physical check at the physical check counter.

3. Completely fill out the documents given at counter 1.

4. Submit the required documents to the Samsat officer.

5. Go to the BPKB mutation counter.

6. Fill in the form provided, attach a photocopy of your ID card, and pay off the car mutation payment.

7. If you have finished, then you can visit the BKPB Online counter to submit the completed form, show proof of car purchase, and pay off the BPKB Online fee.

8. Pay the STNK fee to the payment counter at Samsat.

9. Return to the BPKB Online counter and submit a photocopy of the STNK and payment of the STNK tax.

10. Next, go to the number plate counter to get a new number plate.

11. If all stages have been met, you will receive a BPKB and STNK according to the identity of the new car owner.

BFI friends, that's information regarding the cost of changing the name of the car. Keep in mind, that the cost of changing the name of a car in each region is different depending on the type of vehicle, the Selling Value of Motorized Vehicles (NJKB), and where you live.

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