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Get to Know 11 Types of Motorbikes in Indonesia, Which is Your Choice?

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24 November 2022
Get to Know 11 Types of Motorbikes in Indonesia, Which is Your Choice?

There are many types of motorbikes circulating in the Indonesian market. It's no longer a secret that motorbikes are one of the vehicles with the most users.

Apart from its effectiveness that you can drive anywhere and are compatible, motorbike prices are generally more affordable when compared to cars.

So, what types of motorbikes are there in Indonesia? Come on, let's find out through this information!


Types of Motorcycles in Indonesia

Reporting from several sources, here are 11 types of motorbikes that are most often found in Indonesia.

1. Scooter

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Kompas Otomotif

The first type of motorbike is a motor scooter. This type of motorbike generally has a small body and is one of the most widely used motorbikes in Asia.

Equipped with an automatic transmission, making this motorbike is comfortable to ride and more practical. Several well-known brands that released this motorbike in Indonesia include Honda, Yamaha, and Vespa.

As for the price itself, it is very varied, but generally, this type of motorbike tends to be economical when we talk about fuel.

2. Sport Bike

Jenis Motor

Image Source: MotoDeal

Sportbike is a type of motorbike commonly used for racing. This motorbike is designed in such a way that the rider can easily move the motorbike and feel safe.

For example, the seat on this motorbike is intentionally dipped and equipped with a fairing to protect the rider's body. In addition, the footstep is made higher so that it has good aerodynamics, making it easier for the rider to tilt the motorbike when turning.

For the speed level, this motorbike is deliberately designed to go fast with engine variants consisting of two types, namely 1000 cc for superbike types and 600 cc for supersport.


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3. Naked Bike

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Oto

Another type of motorsport is the naked bike. This type of motorbike has strong engine performance and is generally widely used for everyday mobility.

Even though this motorbike is included in the sports category, this motorbike does not have pairing on the body parts and the engine frame tends to be open.

Even so, this motorbike is in great demand because the price is more affordable when compared to sports bikes. This motor is also capable of moving quite agile and resistant in all fields.

4. Sport Touring

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Motofichas

The next type of motorsport that is no less good is sports touring. This type of motorbike is characterized by a large body and wide seats.

Specially designed for long-distance riding, sports touring is also equipped with suspension, pairing, and other motorcycle accessories such as an additional box on the back of the motorbike which makes driving comfortable and fatigue-free.

5. Dirt Bike

Jenis Motor

Image Source: insight-egypt

Do you like off-road sports? Surely you are familiar with this type of motorbike. A dirt bike or what has another name trail bike is a motorbike designed for off-road activities.

The distinctive feature of this motorbike is that its slim body tends to be small in size and uses a detachable single-cylinder type engine. Dirt bikes consist of three types, namely enduro, motocross, and trail.

6. Dual Bike

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Oto

Similar to a dirt bike, this type of dual-bike motorbike can be used for off-road activities. The difference is, this motorbike can be comfortably driven on asphalt (on-road) and the resulting engine power tends to be low.

Although it can be used off-road and on-road, this motorbike is generally used for everyday mobility.

7. Cruiser

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Webike Indonesia

The Cruiser is another type of motorcycle built for long-distance riding. Having a handsome appearance, and a wide, and heavy body weight, this motorbike is capable of producing great power and is very comfortable to ride.

Because of its large body, this motorbike will be more suitable for riding on asphalt roads with wide shoulders.


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8. Motocross

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Motor1

Motocross or also known as enduro is a type of clutch dirt bike that is usually used to drive on rocky and muddy roads.

This motorbike is also equipped with good engine resistance and is able to cover hundreds of kilometers. No doubt, this motorbike is often used for extreme racing competitions or in the desert.

9. Scrambler

Jenis Motor

Image Source: otoasia

Scrambler is one of the oldest types of motorbikes that have been around since the 1920s. Even though there have been many changes in terms of engine capacity and others, the classic metro style on this motorbike is still maintained.

This motorbike also has a function that is almost similar to a dual bike where riders can use it off-road and on-road. Normally, this motorbike is used by young people to drive on asphalt roads.

10. ATV

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Donmogot

The tenth type of motorbike is an ATV motorbike. With the characteristic of a large body and is equipped with 4 motorbike tires, this motorbike is intended for riding on rocky tracks or muddy roads.

For example, it is used to carry goods to remote areas or locations that cannot be reached easily by other vehicles. In addition, this motorbike is now more widely used in tourist spots that offer the sensation of adventure in the open.

11. Motor Adventure

Jenis Motor

Image Source: Chatnews

Love adventure and long journeys? As the name implies, adventure motorbikes can be adventurous companions on all kinds of roads.

This type of motorbike is equipped with dual sport tires to make it easier for you to drive on off-road and on-road roads, crash protectors, and suspension so that your journey while driving can be safer and more comfortable. Not infrequently, the owners of these motorbikes also often add other accessories such as boxes on the back or left and right of the motorbike to store luggage during long trips.


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Best Selling Motorcycle Brand in Indonesia 2022

Talking about the types of motorbikes, it's not enough if we don't all discuss the best-selling motorbike brands in 2022. So, here is a list of the best-selling motorbikes that we have summarized from various sources. Which motorbike is your target?

No. Motor Brand and Type Price Estimation
1. Honda Beat CBS IDR 17 million
2. Honda Scoopy Stylish IDR 22 million
3. Yamaha All New NMAX 155 Connected/ABS Version IDR 32 million
4. Honda Revo X IDR 17 million
5. Yamaha Vivion R IDR 32 million
6. Yamaha R25 ABS IDR 69 million
7. Honda CRF150L IDR 35 million
8. Honda CB150 Verza CW IDR 21 million
9. Yamaha Fazzio Neo IDR 21 million
10. Yamaha Jupiter Z1 IDR 19 million

That was brief information about the types of motors. Hopefully, this explanation can help you understand and determine the motorbike you want to buy. If you buy a second-hand or used motorbike, be sure to return the name of the motorbike so that motorbike tax and other administrative matters are not a hassle.

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