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Tips for Caring for a Motorcycle During the Rainy Season

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16 August 2022
Tips for Caring for a Motorcycle During the Rainy Season

Recently, several areas in Indonesia have been experiencing frequent rains. As a result, while traveling, the condition of the motorbike gets dirty faster because it is exposed to splashes of rain water that has been mixed with dirt, such as sand, soil, dust, and so on.

This condition requires you to be a motorcycle owner more often to clean and carry out routine maintenance, especially during the rainy season. Here are tips on how to take care of your motorbike during the rainy season so that your motorbike remains prime and well-maintained.


How to Take Care of a Motorcycle During the Rainy Season 

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Don't Forget to Wash the Motorcycle

The first step you can take in caring for your motorbike in the rainy season is to wash your motorbike after it has been exposed to rain. Rainwater has a pH that is quite acidic so that it can make the color of the motorcycle body become dull quickly and the appearance of rust due to the corrosion process. To clean it, you can use soap or rinse with fresh water. Avoid washing the motorbike using rainwater.

After washing, make sure your motorbike is dried using a good absorbent material so it doesn't cause water mold or blisters if cleaned using a cloth or cloth with a slightly hard or rough material. How care for this motorbike can make the condition of the appearance of the motorbike better.

Motorcycle Chain Check

The next tip is to check the motorcycle chain. Motorcycle chains that are exposed to rain and splashed rainwater mixed with dirt can cause rust conditions and the chain becomes thirsty quickly. If the motorcycle chain is rusty, of course, it will have an impact on the performance of your motorcycle chain. The motor chain itself functions to continue the engine rotation and the transmission countershaft to the rear wheels which can make driving easier.

In order to improve the performance of your motorcycle chain, you can provide lubricant so that the chain is not stiff, does not dry out, and does not crack easily when friction occurs.

Clean Electrical Parts

Not only the motor compartment, the electrical part must also be considered. Make sure after being exposed to rain, the parts that are exposed to splashes of water or puddles must be dried immediately. The concern is that water can enter between the electrical parts and interfere with the electrical functions of your motorcycle.

In addition, checking the electrical section also needs to be done regularly by making sure the cables on the motor are not peeling off. A chipped cable and not repaired immediately can cause a short circuit and damage the motor's electrical power.

Brake Check

As is well known, the brakes on motorcycles are located on the outside and are open and not covered by other parts. This is what you need to pay attention to because the position of the open brake disc has the potential to be exposed to dirt in the rainy season. So, make sure the brake pads, especially the discs, are dried so that the performance of the brakes remains excellent.

Ensure Normal Tire Pressure

Not only during the rainy season, how to care for this motorbike also needs to be considered every time you want to travel. Yes, it is the air pressure in the tires. Air pressure in tires is useful to support safety and comfort while driving. If the wind pressure feels less, then the motor will feel heavy when driving. This will certainly make you feel uncomfortable and can endanger yourself and others.

Tire pressure can be up to 28 psi if you are a rider without a sling or load. Meanwhile, if you are on a ride, you can increase the pressure to 30 psi. For those of you who have an automatic motor, the recommended pressure is 31-33 psi. As for the duck-type motorcycle, the front tire pressure is recommended to be at 29-30 psi and 31-33 for the rear tire. In addition to tire pressure, you need to pay attention to the condition of the tires. Please make sure the tires are not bald or bald so they are not slippery when driving.

Check Spark Plug

During the rainy season or when passing through a high puddle, it is better to turn off the engine and not force it through the puddle so that the motor does not break down and damage the ignition system. If you are forced to go through a puddle and the spark plug is exposed to water, it is recommended that you remove the spark plug head and dry it first and then reinstall it. If you don't understand how, you can go to the nearest repair shop.

Make sure the exhaust is working properly

During the rainy season or when you often pass through puddles, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the exhaust. If your exhaust is exposed to water, do not immediately start the motor so that water does not enter the cylinder. When you immediately turn on the motor after the exhaust has entered the water, it will be at risk of experiencing a water hammer that makes the piston burst and the piston handlebars bend.

Motor Oil Check

If your motorcycle is submerged in a flood, immediately check the condition of the oil because it could be mixed with flood water or puddles. A gray oil color will indicate that the motor oil has been mixed with flood or puddle water. To work around this, immediately flush or drain the motor oil. Doing flushing can reduce the risk of damage to the machine.

Things That Can Make a Motorcycle More Durable

The tips above you can do when the rainy season or when the day is hot. In addition, there are some simple things that can make your motorcycle last longer.

Use High Octane Gasoline

These tips can be applied to those of you who have a new motor. The latest motors are usually designed using injection system technology and technology that aims to save fuel. In order for this technology to work properly, it requires fuel above 90 octanes. High octane fuel can make gasoline last longer and keep the engine running perfectly.

Leave the Habit of Filling Gasoline When It Runs

You also have to leave the habit of filling gasoline when the indicator on the speedometer is on the E needle. This can make the motor engine damaged quickly because it has to work hard. Immediately refuel before the fuel is in the E indicator or fill the fuel to the brim to avoid running out of gasoline on the way.

Heat the Motor Engine Every Day

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An easy thing you can do to make your motorcycle last longer is to warm up the engine every morning. This aims to make the engine performance more leverage because the engine has been well lubricated by oil. This heating can be done when you want to drive with a duration of just 5 minutes.

Avoid Sudden Use of Gas

Who among you likes to use gas (especially automatic injection motorcycles) suddenly? Apparently, doing this habit can damage the engine, especially the v-belt. It is recommended that you drive your motor vehicle at a steady and gradual speed and avoid using the gas which suddenly becomes fast.

Performing Routine Service

The last way is to do periodic checks and perform routine services. The routine service is carried out at least every 2 to 3 months. However, if you feel the condition of the motor is not good. The checks that are usually carried out are checking the condition of the battery, and carburetor, resetting the motor according to standards, checking brake linings, van belts, and rollers, and replacing the air-coolant.

Those are some ways to take care of your motorbike in the rainy season so that the performance and appearance of your motorbike remain excellent. A well-maintained motorbike has a high selling price. Besides being able to be sold, you can also guarantee the BPKB for motorcycles to get a cash loan at BFI Finance.

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  1. House can be rented
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