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Things to Look For in Motor Maintenance

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23 August 2023
Things to Look For in Motor Maintenance

Having a motorbike that functions properly is the dream of every motorized vehicle owner. To achieve this goal, routine and proper motor maintenance is the main key. Through good maintenance, you can not only extend the life of your vehicle, but also improve performance and reduce the risk of unwanted damage. Here are some things that must be considered in the maintenance of your motorbike:



1. Things to Look For in Motor Maintenance

1.1 Periodic Oil Change:

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your motorcycle. Be sure to change the oil regularly according to the schedule set by the manufacturer or the vehicle manual. Clean, fresh oil helps maintain optimal engine temperatures and lubricates internal components to reduce excessive friction.

1.2 Check Fuel System:

Be sure to regularly check your fuel system, including the air filter and fuel filter. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow to the engine, while a dirty fuel filter can cause problems in the combustion system.

1.3 Check Tires and Air Pressure:

Checking the condition of tires is an obligation that must be carried out periodically. Be sure to check the tires for wear, damage and tread thickness. In addition, check the air pressure in the tires because the right pressure will improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of the tires.

1.4 Brake System Maintenance:

A properly functioning brake system is a critical aspect of driving safety. Be sure to check and replace the brake pads, brake fluid and brake disc according to the specified maintenance schedule.

1.5 Pay Attention to the Electrical System:

Make sure the entire electrical system is working properly, including the headlights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. Replace lamps that have died immediately and also check cables that may be damaged.

1.6 Protect Motor Paint and Exterior:

Maintaining the external appearance of the motor is important to reduce corrosion and damage from weather and environmental exposure. Wash the bike regularly and apply a protective coating, such as wax, to protect the paint and other surfaces from damage.

1.7 Check the Electrical Machine:

Make sure the ignition system and spark plug work properly. Replace the spark plug periodically according to the manufacturer's recommendations and adjust the spark plug electrode spacing.

1.8 Check Transmission System:

Check for wear on the chain or transmission belt and the tensioner. Also make sure to change the axle oil according to the maintenance schedule.

1.9 Engine Temperature:

Keep the engine at optimal temperature. Avoid riding a motorcycle with an engine that is too hot because it can cause damage to internal components.

1.10 Pay Attention to Warnings and Unreasonable Sounds:

If a warning light is on or there is an unusual sound coming from the engine, immediately have your motorbike checked by a repair shop for further diagnosis.


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Maintaining routine motorbike maintenance is a long-term investment for driving comfort and safety. In addition, good maintenance will also increase the selling value of your motorbike if you intend to sell it later. Feel free to follow the guidelines in your vehicle's manual or consult a professional mechanic for the best advice on maintaining your motorcycle. Having a motorbike paint that still looks shiny is the dream of every vehicle owner. Here are some tips that can help you keep your motorcycle's paint shine in top shape:


2. Tips for Keeping Motorcycle Paint in Prime

2.1 Wash Motor Periodically:

Wash the motor regularly to remove dust, dirt and stains attached to the paint surface. Use a special soap for washing vehicles that does not contain ingredients that damage the paint.

2.2 Avoid Washing in Direct Sunlight:

Motor washing should be done in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. If water dries quickly on a hot paint surface, it can leave water spots that affect the paint's shiny appearance.


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2.3 Use a Microfiber Wipe:

After washing the motorcycle, dry the paint surface using a microfiber cloth. This cloth is very soft and will not cause scratches on the motorcycle paint.

2.4 Apply Wax:

Use a layer of wax or polish that is suitable for your motorcycle's paint surface. Wax forms a protective layer that will protect the paint from stains, dust and UV rays. Apply wax periodically to maintain the shine of the paint.

2.5 Avoid Harmful Chemicals:

Keep the motor away from chemicals that can damage the paint, such as household cleaning fluids or gasoline. Use care products specially formulated for vehicle paint.

2.6 Use Motorcycle Covers:

Use a motorcycle blanket when parked outdoors to protect the paint from direct sun, rain and dust exposure.

2.7 Pay Attention to Parking:

Park your motorbike in a safe place and avoid possible collisions or scratches with other vehicles or objects.

2.8 Avoid Machine Washing with Water:

If you want to clean the motorbike engine, avoid spraying water directly on the engine. Use a damp cloth to clean dirty engine parts.

2.9 Pay attention to the use of special cleaning products:

Use special cleaning products to clean chrome parts, license plates and motorcycle seats. Improper cleaning products can damage chrome and plastic surfaces.


In addition to maintaining the outside appearance, maintenance of the motorbike interior is also important. Make sure the condition of the engine, electrical system and other components remain in good condition. By following the tips above, you can keep your motorcycle paint shiny and looking like new even though it has been used for a long time. Always pay attention to how to properly clean and care for your motorcycle so that it looks stunning at all times.

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