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11 Ways to Take Care of a Matic Motor Like A New Motorbike

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19 December 2022
11 Ways to Take Care of a Matic Motor Like A New Motorbike

Automatic motorbikes are one of the most widely used types of motorbikes in Indonesia. Therefore, we must know how to care for an automatic motorbike properly and correctly.

This is intended so that your automatic motorbike can be used for a long time to support daily mobility and increase the selling value of the motorbike, especially if you want to apply for a motorbike BPKB guarantee loan.

So, what is the right way to treat this type of motorbike? Check out the full tips in the following reviews which we have summarized from various trusted sources.


1. 11 Ways to Take Care of Motor Matic Properly

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest population of motorcycle users. Quoted from the official Korlantas Polri website, as of December 18, 2022, motorbike users in Indonesia had reached 152 million with East Java as the province with the largest motorbike population.

The existence of these data shows that motorbikes are the most popular transportation in the community and are often used to help with daily activities. Therefore, we should know how to care for an automatic motorbike. Here's the tip!

1.1. Don't Forget to Heat the Motor Once a Day

The durability of an automatic motorbike lies in the way we treat it. One of them is routinely heating the motorbike every day.

How to care for an automatic motorbike is done in order to maintain excellent engine performance. This is because a heated motor will make the motor oil lubricate the inside perfectly so that the engine inside can avoid damage.

For convenience, you can apply this method in the morning. Whether it's when you want to travel or when you don't want to go anywhere. Enough to heat it for about 5-10 minutes.

1.2. Schedule an Oil Change

Motor oil is a machine lubricant that functions to prevent friction between parts, for example between the piston and the cylinder wall. Oil also helps prevent the oxidation of engine components which can cause rust.

Therefore, in order to keep your motorbike engine running optimally, make sure you change the oil on a scheduled basis. In general, motor oil can be replaced when the mileage has reached 2,000 km or every two months. Choose an oil that suits your motorbike and avoid changing oil brands.

1.3. Check Batteries and Spark Plugs Routinely

Like oil, batteries and spark plugs are important components found in the motor. If both are not properly maintained or are not checked regularly, the motorbike you are using can suddenly break down in the middle of the road. Of course, this will be detrimental to you, especially if you have to drive far from a motorcycle repair shop that is difficult to reach.

Here are some tips that you can follow to care for a motorcycle battery as a way to care for an automatic motorbike:

  • Make sure your motorcycle battery is always fully charged.
  • Avoid heat and humidity, this is intended so that battery performance does not decrease.
  • Periodically clean the battery terminals from adhering dirt.
  • Use the motorcycle battery as it should, never tamper with the battery for other purposes which can cause it to wear out faster.

1.4. Check the Condition of the Vant Belt and Roller Motor

Van Belts or commonly abbreviated as v-belts and rollers are parts that are on an automatic motorbike and have a similar function to a chain, namely as a transmission of power to your engine.

Both of these objects are susceptible to dirt, so cleaning and checking must be carried out regularly.

Do not let it, when you ride your motorbike not function properly and make it difficult for you to reach your destination. You can check regularly at the repair shop you subscribe to along with regular servicing or tune-ups.

1.5. Check the Shockbreaker Section

Cara Merawat Motor Matic

Ilustrasi Cek Bagian Motor. Source: Freepik/Danai76

One of the keys to a durable and long-lived automatic motorbike is located in the shock breaker section.

A shock breaker or shock absorber is a motor component that functions to keep the engine and rider stable from shocks when driving through potholes, bumpy roads, or other road surfaces that are not too flat.

In order for your shock breaker to function optimally, be sure to change the oil when the mileage has reached 10,000 KM.

1.6. Use the Right Fuel (According to Compression)

The sixth way to care for an automatic motorbike is related to the use of fuel according to compression. Automatic motorbikes usually use Pertalite or Pertamax fuel. Avoid using inappropriate fuel that is usually sold on the streets. The reason is, the use of fuel that is not suitable will cause damage to your engine. Of course, we don't want our beloved motorbike to be damaged due to intentional negligence, right?

1.7. Avoid Running Out of Gasoline While Driving

Running out of gas while driving is certainly not a pleasant matter. Besides being able to interfere with your trip, a completely empty gas tank can damage the engine more quickly, especially if your automatic motorbike is an injection type.

So that your motorbike engine lasts, make sure to fill up gas immediately when the indicator is on E. It would also be better if you fill it in a full tank or full to avoid running out of fuel when driving long distances.

1.8. Check Tire Air Pressure Routinely

Air pressure in tires must be checked regularly so that your trip feels safe and comfortable. To make the pressure more stable, you can fill it with nitrogen, which is available at gas stations or certain motorbike repair shops. The price may be more expensive than regular air fills, but the existing tire pressure is certainly more durable and of better quality.

For the amount of front and rear tire pressure needed by motorbikes, it is generally around 30-35 psi (pounds per square inch). However, this number can vary greatly, depending on the pressure recommended by the manufacturer written in the manual.

1.9. Drive a Motorcycle at a Stable Speed

The next way to care for an automatic motorbike is to maintain a stable speed while driving. Avoid raising or lowering gas suddenly which can result in damage to your engine and vacant belt.

1.10. Routinely wash your motorbike

Not only can you keep your motorbike looking like a new motorbike, routinely washing your motorbike also has a number of advantages, including some of the applications of how to care for an automatic motorbike.

  • Avoid damage to the machine

Motors that are rarely washed can cause greater damage to the engine due to accumulated dust and dirt.

  • Keep the motor clean and beautiful

A motorbike that is diligently washed will always look beautiful as if it was just bought, making it more pleasing to the eye.

  • Vehicle visibility

It seems trivial, but vehicle visibility is very crucial, especially when you are driving. This is because a dirty vehicle covered in dust and dirt will be difficult to identify and make your trip less safe.

  • Avoid rust on motor components

Routinely washing a motorbike can save you expenses by avoiding rust on motor components due to adhering dirt. Besides being economical, this can also extend the life of your vehicle.

  • Maintain the sale value of your motorbike

Apart from functioning as a vehicle, a motorbike can also be used as an investment for resale or as a condition for a motorbike BPKB loan. Therefore, to keep its selling price stable, you have to take good care of it. One way is to wash your motorbike regularly.

1.11. Perform Periodic Service / Tune-Up

In addition to these ten tips, you also shouldn't miss the following ways to care for an automatic motorbike, namely by carrying out regular motorbike servicing or tune-ups.

Tune-ups are carried out every 1 to 2 months or when the motorbike has reached 2,000 KM. The purpose of this motorbike service is to ensure that the motorbike is always in top condition.

The cost of servicing the motorbike itself is quite affordable, which is around IDR 75,000, and includes checking the following motorbike parts:

  • Chain tension condition
  • Tire pressure
  • Condition of motorcycle lights (high beam, front, and rear)
  • Turn signal/turn signal flasher check
  • Check horn function
  • Condition of ECU tool and CVT area
  • Air filter condition (usually cleaned too)

Sobat BFI, that's information about 11 Ways to Take Care of an Automatic Motorbike so that it lasts like a new motorbike. Make sure you apply these eleven methods so that your motorbike's lifespan can last longer. You can't miss always fulfill your obligation to pay motorbike tax to avoid speeding tickets and other unpleasant things.

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