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Easy Ways to Check Vehicle Identification Number, Manually and Online

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16 November 2022
Easy Ways to Check Vehicle Identification Number, Manually and Online

How to check the motorbike frame number is generally not known to many people. In fact, we need to know this number to make it easier to process motorized vehicle documents and carry out checks related to vehicle histories such as collision cases and other criminal acts.

So, for those of you who are curious about how to check the correct frame and engine number, the following information will really help you. Without having to wait long, let's Read more in the following description.


A Glimpse of Motor Frame and Engine Numbers

Motor frame and engine numbers are a series of numbers that serve as the identity of the motorbike. This number is deliberately made by the factory as a vehicle identity that concerns the year of manufacture, country of origin, and other important information.

Because this number is very crucial, the frame and engine numbers are not only located on the frame and engine of the motorbike, but also on the BPKB and STNK.

Based on international regulations and standards, the chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) consists of 17 digits which are a combination of letters and numbers. In Indonesia, the existing VIN code is adjusted to ISO 3379 and has 3 main provisions, including the following.

1. The first 3 digits of the engine number and chassis are the World Manufacturer Identification (WMI), which contains the country code from which the vehicle was made.

2. The next 4 to 9 digits are the Vehicle Description Section (VDS).

3. Then, the last 8 digits are the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS).

It is different from the frame number, the motorbike engine number it only consists of 9 digits which are divided into two parts, namely the first 6 digits and the last 3 digits.

Talking about its location, you can check the motorbike frame number on the inside of the seat or the front of the steering handlebar. The existing location depends on the type and brand of vehicle.

As for the engine number, you can generally find it on the right side of the engine block or cylinder, clutch lining block, and starter on the right side of the motorbike.


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The Function of the Frame Number and Motor Engine

Motor frame and engine numbers are not made without reason or intentionally to beautify the vehicle. Here are some functions of the frame number.

  • As a motor vehicle identity, such as year of manufacture, country of origin, factory origin, dealer identity, and others.
  • As a reference for extending the STNK, the frame and engine numbers will be the same. If the frame and engine numbers of the motorbike do not match, then you can be sure that the vehicle is illegal (bulging).
  • As a guarantee of the authenticity of STNK and BPKB.
  • Able to check the history of a vehicle such as collision cases and criminal acts.


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4 Ways to Check Motor Frame Numbers

There are 4 ways you can check the motorbike frame number. What are the ways? The following are the steps to check the vehicle frame number. 

1. Through Legal Documents

The first way to check the motorbike frame number is also the way most people do, namely by checking through legal documents. The checking procedure is as follows.

Check the Frame Number on the STNK

First, you can check directly through the existing Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK). It contains the frame number of the motorbike as well as detailed information related to the vehicle such as the brand of the motorbike, year of manufacture, and more.

If you buy a used motorcycle, make sure you check the STNK carefully. This is because there are not a few naughty sellers who deliberately falsify this document because the motorbike is stolen.

Check the frame number at the BPKB

Second, you can check the motorbike frame number which is listed on the cover page of the Motorized Vehicle Ownership Book (BPKB). The original BPKB has a more shiny and bright color when compared to the fake BPKB which looks blurry and dull.

In addition to color, you can distinguish other features from genuine and fake BPKB through the hologram attached to the BPKB. The original BPKB has a hologram that can be seen through and can change color when exposed to light, while the fake BPKB is generally gray.

Lastly, on page 14 of the original BPKB, there is the Korlantas logo which can be seen clearly when exposed to ultraviolet light. The logo feels rough to the touch and tends to emboss.

2. Manually

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can easily check the motorbike frame number manually, namely by looking directly at certain parts of your motorbike body. Generally located in front of the handlebars or the bottom of the motorcycle seat.

Keep in mind, not all motorbike frame numbers are in the same position. If you are confused about checking this frame number, you can do a physical check at the nearest Samsat.

Cek Nomor Rangka Motor

Image Source: Harapan Rakyat Online

3. Smartphone Applications

For those of you who live in DKI Jakarta, now you can check the motorbike frame number more easily through an application called Cek Ranmor DKI Jakarta.


  • Download the DKI Jakarta Ranmor Check application on the Play Store
  • Next, log in with your Google account
  • Enter the vehicle number plate (NOPOL) that you want to find out the frame number for and the NIK of the vehicle owner according to the BPKB
  • Then click 'Search'
  • The information you are looking for will appear on your phone screen

4. Online

If checking the motorbike frame number through the application is still quite limited and only in the DKI Jakarta area, now you can check online for domiciles outside Jakarta. Especially for those of you who live in West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java.

The trick is to directly access the official website of each region. Here's the website address.

  • West Java:

  • Central Java:

  • East Java:

  • Yogyakarta:

As an additional tip, be sure to check the motorbike and engine frame numbers carefully. Beware of untidy frame numbers when buying a used vehicle. If you feel worried and suspicious, immediately check the frame number at the nearest Samsat.

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That's information regarding how to check the latest frame number, I hope this information can be useful for you. Get other interesting information only on the BFI Blog.

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