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Here's the Easy Way and Conditions for Transferring Motor Names

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8 September 2022
Here's the Easy Way and Conditions for Transferring Motor Names

Just bought or planning to buy a used motorbike? Don't forget to change the name of the motorbike so that administrative arrangements can run smoothly!

Some people may be quite unfamiliar with this term. Motor name transfer is a procedure carried out to change the identity and ownership of the vehicle from the first owner to the second owner and so on.

Changing the name of the motorbike must be done immediately so that there is no difficulty in managing the annual or five-year motorbike tax, the extension of the STNK. All of these administrative interests require the identity of the original owner's ID card. In addition, by changing the name of your motorbike, you can already be declared the official owner of the vehicle under applicable law.

Requirements behind the name of the motor are not difficult. You only need to complete the requirements requested by Samsat and follow the existing procedures. In carrying out a motorcycle name transfer, there are 2 stages that need to be done, namely updating the STNK and BPKB.

Although it is easy, in fact, many people still think that this is difficult, complicated, and various other reasons that make them prefer the services of brokers.

Then, what is the easy way and the conditions for changing the name of the motorbike? Read more in this article!


Conditions for Renaming Motor

Changing the name of the motorbike must be done if the new vehicle owner wants to change his identity or make it easier to manage tax payments, such as STNK (Vehicle Number Certificate) and BPKB (Motorized Vehicle Owner's Book). The conditions for the return of the motor name that you must complete include the following.

  • ID card of the new owner of the vehicle and a photocopy of it

  • Original BPKB and photocopies

  • Original STNK and photocopy

  • Proof of purchase of a motorbike in the form of a receipt

  • The results of the physical check of the vehicle

Motorcycle Name Transfer Fee

After you know the conditions for the transfer of the name of the motorbike, you also need to prepare some funds for the fee for the transfer of the name of the motorbike. The details are as below.

  • Administration fee IDR 35,000
  • SWDLLKJ Fee (Compulsory Contribution of Road Traffic Accident Funds) IDR 35,000
  • The cost of making a new police number is IDR 30,000
  • The cost of making a new BPKB Rp225.000
  • The cost of making a new STNK is IDR 100,000
  • Issuance fee for TNKB (Vehicle Number) plate number for two vehicles Rp60,000
  • 10% BBN-KB transfer fee (Tax for Transfer of Motor Vehicle Names). However, the basic rate that generally applies is times the rate of the Regional Tax Assessment Letter (SKPD).
  • Motor vehicle tax (PKB) of 2% for the first submission and an additional 5% for the next submission
  • Fines in case of late payment of taxes

Keep in mind, that the cost of changing the name of the motorbike can vary depending on the tax policy of each region and will be subject to additional fees in the form of fines if there is a delay in paying vehicle taxes.

Easy Ways to Check Motorcycle Name Transfer Fees Online

Confused about the nominal amount of tax that must be paid? Now you can check it directly online. Follow these steps.

1. Visit the Bapenda (Regional Revenue Agency) website according to your domicile. For example, if you live in Jakarta, you can visit the Bapenda website at or for West Java domicile you can visit

2. Select the 'Samsat' menu and then select 'Motorcycle Tax'

3. Fill in the complete data of your vehicle, such as the police number or vehicle registration number, the color of the vehicle number plate or the Motorized Vehicle Number Sign (TNKB) such as black, yellow, or red.

4. Enter the required captcha, then click 'Search'

5. Details of taxes that need to be paid will be displayed on your screen

Motor Name Transfer Procedure

If you have prepared the costs and conditions for the transfer of the name of the motorcycle, then the next step is to follow the procedure of turning the name of the motorcycle. The procedure itself is divided into two stages. The first stage is to change the name of the STNK motorbike and the second is to change the name of the BPKB motorbike. Even so, you don't need to worry because the method is quite easy, you just need to follow the steps below.

Procedure for Transferring Motor Vehicle Names

1. Visit the Samsat office in accordance with the domicile of the new motorized vehicle owner's ID card. Suppose you live in Jakarta, then you can come to Samsat in the same city. However, if the process of renaming is different from the region then you need to unplug the file first. For example, from Bandung to Jakarta, you must first remove the file in Bandung and then change the name in Jakarta.

2. Make sure to bring all the requirements for the name transfer of the BPKB motorbike

3. Visit the vehicle physical check counter to check the vehicle

4. After getting the results of the next physical check, you can go to the counter behind the STNK name

5. Fill in the registration form and submit all the conditions for the return of the motorbike name along with the results of the physical check of the vehicle that you just got

6. Then the Samsat officer will direct you to follow the process of changing the name of the motorbike

7. After all the processes are complete, the next step is the payment process that you can do at the counter. At this stage, if you have vehicle tax arrears then you have to pay them off at the same time

8. You will receive proof of receipt or payment. Keep the existing evidence as a condition for taking a new STNK

9. Come back to Samsat on the appointed day to pick up a new STNK by bringing a receipt for the return of the motorbike name

Additional information, changing the name of the motorbike cannot be done one day immediately. Later the Samsat will inform you again for the date of taking the new STNK, usually 2-7 days from the date of submitting the name for the motorbike. This also applies if you change the name of the motorbike at the Polda which is usually 3-7 days at the earliest.

Procedure for Transferring BPKB Motor Names

After you have managed to get a new STNK, the next procedure is to change the name of the motorbike to replace the old BPKB with a new one. It is different with STNK which can be done to Samsat, for new BPKB you are required to go to the Regional Police. The steps are as follows.

Syarat Balik Nama Motor

Image Source:

1. Visit the nearest Polda and explain your intentions

2. Submit the requirements for the transfer of the name of the BPKB motorbike to the counter at the Ditlantas section

3. Fill in the new BPKB issuance form

4. After the form and requirements are complete, then the officer will give you a payment receipt that you can pay at the ATM near the counter for the transfer of name. If so, you can submit the existing proof of payment to the officer

5. The officer will provide a receipt for taking the new BPKB according to the specified date

6. Come back to the Regional Police on the day that has been determined to take a new BPKB by bringing proof of collection that was previously received

7. The new BPKB is ready for you to bring and is in accordance with the identity of the new motorbike owner

Sobat BFI, that's the information regarding the method and conditions for changing the name of the motorbike. Hopefully, this information can help you in taking care of the motorcycle name transfer easily without the need to use the services of brokers.

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