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Terms and Conditions for Extending the Latest Annual and 5-Year STNK

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1 November 2022
Terms and Conditions for Extending the Latest Annual and 5-Year STNK

The requirement to renew the STNK is one of the things that must be met by motorized vehicle owners when they want to renew. Whether it's an annual STNK extension or 5 years.

If you are late paying it, you will be penalized in the form of a fine according to the domicile of the vehicle.

For example, if you live in Jakarta, the amount of fine that needs to be paid is a progressive PKB tax of 2% for the first vehicle, 2.5% for the second vehicle, while for the third vehicle, and so on, you must pay 3%.

Not only that, but you are also required to pay the Road Traffic Accident Fund Compulsory Contribution (SWDKLLJ) which is IDR 35,000. This refers to the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 36/PMK.010/2008.

Well, so you don't have to spend more just to pay a fine. Let's look at the ways and conditions for renewing the STNK below.


1. What is an STNK?

Before we get into the discussion about the terms for extending the STNK, it's a good idea to get acquainted with the STNK first. So, what is an STNK?

STNK is an abbreviation of Vehicle Number Certificate. The existence of an STNK serves as one of the official proofs of ownership of a motorized vehicle. With this STNK, your vehicle will not be considered a fake vehicle.

STNK is issued by Samsat with the support of three government agencies, namely the Provincial Revenue Service, the National Police, and PT Jasa Raharja.

STNK must be carried when driving to avoid ticketing or vehicle-checking operations. This is quite reasonable because the STNK contains the identity of the vehicle and its owner. Such as the type of vehicle, year of manufacture, engine number, type of motor, fuel, and so on.

2. Requirements for Extending STNK Annual and 5 Years

Because its function is very crucial and closely related to taxes, every vehicle owner is required to extend the STNK every year and every 5 years.

To be able to extend the STNK, there are conditions for extending the STNK that you must fulfill. These requirements include several important documents as follows.

1. Original STNK and its photocopy

2. Original BPKB and its photocopy

3. Original e-KTP of the owner of the motorized vehicle and its photocopy

4. If represented by a third party, it is mandatory to include a Power of Attorney that has been affixed with its signature along with a Stamp, e-KTP, and a photocopy of the Proxy

5. If the STNK is in the name of the company, then it is mandatory to attach the SIUP, NPWP, and TDP of the company

6. Pay Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) and Road Traffic Accident Fund Compulsory Contribution (SWDKLLJ) to Extend the Annual STNK

7. Perform a Physical Check, Pay the New STNK Issuance Fee, and Bring the Original BPKB and its Photocopy, the Latest Motorized Vehicle Number (TNKB) to Extend the Five-Year STNK

8. Certificate of Unblocking If Your STNK is Blocked

3. STNK Renewal Fee

In addition to the STNK renewal requirement in the form of complete documents, there are also a number of fees that you must pay. This is in accordance with the government's provisions contained in Government Regulation no. 76 of 2021 concerning types and rates of non-tax state revenues.

The following is a breakdown of the annual STNK renewal fees:

1. Extend STNK for 2 and 3-wheel motor vehicles Rp. 100,000

2. Extend the STNK of a 4-wheeled motorized vehicle or above Rp200,000

3. Ratification of STNK for 2 and 3-wheeled motorized vehicles Rp25,000

4. Ratification of STNK for 4-wheeled motorized vehicles or above IDR 50,000

5. Issuance of TNKB for 2 and 3-wheeled motorized vehicles Rp60,000

6. Issuance of TNKB for 4-wheeled motorized vehicles or above Rp100,000

7. Issuance of new BPKB or changing ownership of 2 and 3-wheeled motorized vehicles Rp 225,000

8. Issuance of a new BPKB or change of ownership of a 4-wheeled motorized vehicle or above Rp375,000

4. STNK Renewal Procedure

After preparing all the requirements for renewing your STNK, you can then follow the following procedure to make it easier for you during the renewal process.

Syarat Perpanjang STNK

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4.1. Procedure for Extending Annual STNK

1. Visit the nearest Samsat according to domicile

2. Go to the counter or information desk at Samsat to request a registration form

3. Fill in the form carefully and completely

4. Submit the completed form along with the requirements for renewing the STNK to the registration counter. Make sure you hand it over to the special STNK renewal counter

5. Wait a moment until your name is called according to the queue

6. The officer will ensure all requirements and forms are complete, after which you will be given a sheet containing information on the tax that needs to be paid

7. Make a payment to the counter according to the nominal stated

8. Next, you will be asked to wait for a while until you are called back to collect a certified STNK

9. The new STNK has been validated

For additional information, you can apply for the annual STNK renewal requirement at Samsat outlets, Mobile Samsat outlets, or online.

4.2 . Procedure for Extending STNK 5 Years

The method or procedure for extending a 5-year STNK is not much different from the annual STNK extension. However, the 5-year STNK extension can only be done at Samsat outlets.

Follow these steps to extend your STNK 5 years:

1. Visit the Samsat outlet according to the vehicle's domicile, and make sure you have prepared the documents required for renewal

2. Do a physical check of the vehicle

3. Legalization of the results of the physical check, legalization is carried out by Samsat officers

4. Visit the STNK renewal counter (progressive counter) and fill out the form provided

5. Make sure you fill in all the requested data without missing a single one

6. Submit the registration form along with the STNK renewal requirements that you have prepared. So that they don't get scattered, you can put them together in the map

7. Wait a moment until your name is called according to the existing queue

8. Furthermore, when called you will be asked to pay taxes according to the nominal stated on the paper provided by the officer

9. Make payment at the designated counter

10. The latest STNK and number plates will be issued through the TNKB counter (Motorized Vehicle Number)

11. New STNK and license plate are ready to be taken

If you plan to do an extension at the Samsat outlet, make sure you come according to operating hours, namely at 08.00-14.00 WIB.

Meanwhile, Mobile Samsat operates at 08.00-12.00 WIB. You can check the schedule and location of the Mobile Samsat through the official social media of the Samsat and your domicile Bapenda.

5. Tips for Extending STNK Without A Long Wait

Many people often complain about the long queue for the STNK extension at Samsat which takes a long time. Well, for those of you who want to extend your STNK without having to wait long, follow these tips.

5.1. Try to Come Early

Samsat outlets generally operate at 08.00-14.00 WIB. So you don't have to wait long, try to arrive early or in the morning.

5.2. Make sure all files are complete

The second tip is the completeness of the file. Make sure you complete all the documents or requirements regarding the STNK renewal requirements. You can collect them together in a folder.

This is done to make it easier for you to provide documents requested by officers and to make it easier for Samsat officers to check them. Complete documents also make you not have to go back and forth to the house.

5.3. Bring Cash

As previously mentioned, in terms of renewing the STNK, there are a number of fees that must be paid. This fee can be paid through a designated counter or at a designated ATM.

However, just in case it's more practical and doesn't have to wait long, you can prepare some cash to pay the existing bills.

5.4. Follow the Officer's Directions

Finally, make sure to follow the officer's directions so that the STNK renewal procedure can run smoothly without a hitch. You can also ask the office directly if something is not clear.

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Sobat BFI, that's the information regarding the Requirements for Extending the Annual and 5-Year STNK. Make sure to renew your STNK on time so you are not charged with fines.

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