23 Ways to Make Money from Smartphones, Flexible!

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11 January 2023
23 Ways to Make Money from Smartphones, Flexible!

How to make money from a cellphone is an alternative way that you can choose to make money from anywhere!

As we know, HP is one of the must-have items that everyone has. So, for those of you who are interested in earning extra money, here are some ways to make money from your cell phone that you can try wherever you are!


23 Ways to Make Money from HP

Various jobs are now more flexible to do, it's enough to have a cell phone, and you can get extra money. Here are 23 ways to make money from your cell phone that you can try using BFI Finance!

1. Thrift shop business

Selling used or preloved clothes are one way to make money from your cell phone that you shouldn't miss! The capital is not big either, ranging from 500 to 2 million for large clothes per sack.

The thrift shop business tips that you can apply are as follows.

  • Prepare social media accounts according to your target market
  • Choose a trusted supplier
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the clothes being sold
  • Diligent promotion on social media
  • Make the best use of the marketplace/e-commerce presence


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2. Dropshipper

The drop-ship business is still a suitable business choice for you to pursue until now. What's more, you can pursue this one business even without capital! Tantalizing, huh?

The method is quite easy. You only need to be an intermediary for every transaction that exists. In other words, you only need to buy an item according to the order from the buyer and then have it sent to the requested address.

Most importantly, make sure you choose a trusted supplier with competitive product prices. So, apart from your satisfied customers, you can also reap the benefits of every successful transaction.


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3. Reseller

As with drop shippers, this one business is also still considered a hit today. Before you decide to become a reseller, make sure you follow these 7 tips.

  • Choose the right product
  • Choose the best supplier
  • Make sure the supplier you choose is a first-hand supplier
  • Do sales and competitor research
  • Prioritize satisfying service for consumers
  • Use social media platforms
  • Monitor and evaluate the strategies that have been used so far

4. Instagram's Influencer

The way to make money from cell phones through social media is by becoming an influencer on Instagram. If you have a lot of followers, you can take advantage of the advantages you have by opening an endorsement program or working with certain parties whose products you want to market.

5. TikTok Content Creators

You can reap a lot of benefits by becoming a content creator on TikTok. The method is by uploading sponsored content, affiliate marketing, becoming a brand ambassador, opening endorsements, and the like.


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6. Affiliate Marketing

The next business without capital is to become an affiliate marketing. The way it works is that you have to register with the affiliate program provider and then start promoting existing products. Later you will get a commission from every product sold through your link.

Some sites that open an affiliate program:

  • Tokopedia

Situs Web:

  • Shopee

Situs Web:

  • Lazada

Situs Web:

  • Tiktok

Situs Web:

  • BliBli

Situs Web:

7. Online Teacher

Do you have particular expertise or are interested in education? Becoming an online teacher could be your choice! You can easily make money from this mobile phone anywhere you are as long as there is an adequate internet connection.

8. Selling Credit

With a small capital, you can get many times the profit by becoming a credit agent. Even more so if you also sell electricity tokens or top up games like diamonds or UC.

9. Jastip

Jastip or the abbreviation for service entrusted is a way to make money from a cellphone that is suitable for you to try, especially if you are one of those who like to shop. You can create a group order on WhatsApp or other platforms and charge a fee for each requested item of safekeeping.

10. Social Media Admin

Social media admin is one of the online jobs that many people are looking for now. Later you will have responsibility for managing social media such as posting pictures, holding giveaways, creating interesting material, and so on related to social media. How to make money from this cellphone is fun and flexible because you can do it with only a cellphone!

11. Playing Game

Playing games is not only fun to do but can also earn some decent money. One of the ways is by becoming a game streamer! The income you get will be obtained from gifts or offerings from the audience. You can choose games that are currently booming to get more viewers and have the same opportunity to earn as much income.

12. Fill out Paid Surveys

Not many people know that filling out surveys can generate rupiah coffers. Every day you can get paid in the range of $ 1 - $ 7, depending on the survey options you fill out. Generally, you can find out the nominal payment that you will get before you fill out the existing survey.

You can exchange the rewards for e-wallet balances or entertainment tickets. Several official sites or applications that offer paid surveys include YouGov, Nusaresearch, JakPat.

13. Photo and Video Contributor

Photo and video hobbies can now be used as additional income. The trick is to join as a photo contributor on several sharing platforms. For example freepik, Shutterstock, and so on. You will get a commission from every photo or video downloaded by others. Of course, how to make money from this one cellphone is very fun to be occupied with your spare time.

14. Buzzer Brand

Without capital, you can earn extra money by becoming a buzzer to enliven a promotion. Starting from launching new products to political campaigns. Choose promotions that are positive and far from racial elements.

15. Join the Giveaway from Social Media

cara menghasilkan uang dari hp


Giveaway is one way to increase brand awareness and increase sales. No doubt, many shops and brands regularly hold it. You can try your luck by participating in the giveaway.

16. Youtube Content Creator

Being a YouTuber or YouTube content creator may be familiar to you. This job is starting to be done a lot because it is able to make a lot of money, especially if you have many subscribers with an audience of thousands to millions.

17. Inviting Friends to Become Application Users

Apart from giveaways, another method commonly used by companies or brands is the referral system. One of them is by inviting more people to use an application and if successful you will get a reward in the form of money or other attractive prizes.

18. Create Podcasts

Podcasts are widely heard by various groups, especially young people. If your podcast has a lot of listeners, it's not impossible that opportunities for fortune can come to you. for example an endorsement offer from a brand.

19. Food Vlogger

Like culinary? Making a short video about the food you eat can be a way to make money from a cell phone that's worth trying! The reason is, food is one of the choices that many people are interested in, especially if someone is traveling from one place to another.

20. Beauty Vlogger

Apart from food bloggers, for those of you who like the world of beauty, from skincare to makeup, this is the right time to develop your interests and hobbies by becoming a beauty vlogger. Prepare a YouTube account that has been monetized!

21. Sell Social Media Accounts

The choice of how to make money from this cellphone may seem a bit odd or foreign to your ears. This is because these jobs are quite rare. However, did you know that livestock social media accounts can bring quite lucrative profits? The account that you create must have an attractive, active username or account name with a large number of followers. Accounts of this type are much sought after by online shop owners and the like.

22. Writer

Have a hobby of writing? Selling articles can be a way to make money from your next cell phone! You can make articles according to your passion by offering your skills to agencies or companies that are in need of writers.

23. Investing

Investing is not only good for the future, but also for the present. You can get existing profits from market movements that are soaring. Even so, make sure the investment product you choose is legal.

How about it, are you interested in finding additional income by making money from the cellphone just now? If you want to start a business but are hindered by capital, you can apply for a fast loan from BFI Finance!

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