Thrift Shop Business: A Business Opportunity from Used Clothing

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6 July 2022
Thrift Shop Business: A Business Opportunity from Used Clothing

Clothing is one of the primary needs or clothing needs to protect the body from exposure to the sun, and cold air, to complete and beautify the appearance. By looking good and tidy, a person becomes more pleasing to the eye and confident. Therefore, the fashion or clothing business can be an opportunity for those of you who want to try your luck as an entrepreneur.

There are many types of fashion businesses that you can try, one of which is the thrift shop business. Thrift itself has the meaning of saving the use of money. This business is a business that sells used goods from abroad or within the country at a fairly sloping price. The clothes that are sold are not always used, there are also clothes that are new and branded but the models are no longer trending. The products sold are also still in good condition and suitable for use even though some of them have defects, damage, or stains called rejects.

1. What Are Thrift Products?

Not only clothes, several other complementary items can also be traded in this business. They are starting from watches, bags, shoes, books, jewelry/accessories, and household products. These used products can be used as a solution if you want to save or just collect goods because thrift goods are usually old items that are unique and rare. You can also find products with well-known brands in these items if you are smart to choose.


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2. Reasons for a Profitable Thrift Shop Business

Although the goods being traded are used goods, it turns out that this business brings quite a lucrative profit, you know. Here's why:

2.1. Minimum Capital and Big Profit

In the thrift shop business, you can buy used clothes per sack with prices ranging from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 2 million. Inside the sack, there are hundreds of clothes that you can sell at flexible prices. Because the items sold are different from one another, you can set the price according to the wishes and conditions of the items being sold.

2.2. Many types

Next, there are many types. Some people choose to wear clothes that are different or not the same as the crowd. This is what makes selling used goods sell well in the market according to the intended target.

2.3. High Target Market

The lifestyle of some people also tends to want to look dapper, which makes them choose to have many choices of clothes that can attract attention. Not infrequently people shop impulsively, especially for clothes. This opportunity must be utilized as well as possible given the lifestyle of today's young generation.

2.4. Support Platform Available

The next advantage in selling used goods is the availability of platforms or media specifically for selling used goods. The media can be in the form of applications, sites, marketplaces, or e-commerce. You simply include product details and an explanation that the goods being sold are used/thrift goods.

2.5. Fashion Will Never End

As we know that fashion from time to time always brings up new trends or things. Not infrequently these trends reappeared in fashion styles in the past year. That is, the market is always there. This advantage is what makes the fashion business very lucrative, plus clothes are objects that don't rot and go stale like food. As long as the storage is done properly, the clothes that are sold can be stored neatly.

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3. How to Start a Thrift Shop

To get started, there are some tips that need to be considered so that this business runs smoothly and is increasingly in demand.

3.1. Making a Business Plan

To start this business, you are required to complete a plan starting from the products you want to sell, where to sell, whether you want to use employees, capital preparation, and strategies during selling.

3.2 Choose the Best Supplier

The next thing is to choose the best supplier. Best here are proven reliable suppliers where the sacks/bales given contain decent and good clothes for resale. Before choosing a supplier, you can do your research first by seeking information from buyers around the supplier.

3.3 Pay Attention to Cleanliness

Bisnis Thrift Shop

Because this business sells used goods, you as the buyer must pay attention to the cleanliness of the clothes from the supplier. To make it more desirable, before selling, it would be nice if the clothes were washed first and soaked in hot water, given fragrance and neatly ironed.

3.4. Customize the Platform to the Target Market

The fans of these used clothes are usually teenagers to young adults. Therefore, you can customize the sales platform based on market segmentation. For example, for the younger generation, you can do online sales on e-commerce or social media such as Instagram and Twitter. On the other hand, for the target market who is older or even married, you should do marketing on the marketplace or social media Facebook or social media that is often played by mothers or fathers.

3.5. Do Promotion

Promotion is one of the strategies so that the business you run attracts buyers. Not only buyer interest, if you sell thrift products on social media, you can also increase brand awareness or brand awareness that is built.


4. Estimated Capital and Profit

To make it more clear, here are the details of the estimated calculation of the initial capital you spend and the benefits you get from this business.

4.1. Capital 

Type of Products


Item Condition


Total Initial Capital

1 Sack of Thrift Clothes

100 pcs

Mix (Branded & Non)

Rp 1.500.000

Rp 1.500.000

Selling price

Type of Products





Branded Clothes


Rp 30.000

Rp 30.000 x 30

Rp 900.000

Non-Branded Clothes


Rp 20.000

Rp 20.000 x 65

Rp 1.300.000

Reject Clothes


Rp 5.000

RP 5.000 x 5

Rp 25.000

Total Income



Rp 2.225.000

Profit = Income - Initial Capital

= IDR 2,225,000 - IDR 1,500,000

=Rp 725.000

From a capital of IDR 1.5 million, you can get a profit of around IDR 700 thousand. Profits can be multiplied if in 1 sack there are decent branded clothes so you can sell them at high prices. The more capital issued, the more potential for profit as long as it is done with a good strategy and execution. If you need a thrift shop business capital loan with an amount that is not too large, you can apply for a loan with a motorcycle BPKB guarantee at BFI Finance. The process is also easy because it can be done from home, the disbursement is fast if you fill out the form to completion, and it is certainly reliable because it has been registered and supervised by the OJK. To apply for a loan with a motorcycle BPKB guarantee, click the following link.

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