Tips for Starting a Catfish Pecel Business, Always Busy Street Food

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17 April 2024
Tips for Starting a Catfish Pecel Business, Always Busy Street Food

Catfish pecel have become a favorite among people nowadays. In fact, catfish pecel have become one of the favorite foods of the people, even in the form of a tent stall or using tarpaulins by the roadside. This makes the catfish pecel business believed to be a promising business opportunity for now.


If you are interested in starting a catfish pecel business, here are the opportunities, efforts, and tips for starting the business. Let's take a look!



1. Business Opportunities for Catfish Pecel

Before knowing tips for starting a catfish pecel business, it is better for you to know why this business is worth trying. Here are the opportunities you can get by opening a catfish pecel business:


1.1 Favorite Menu of Indonesian People

Catfish pecel is one of the favorite culinary delights of Indonesian people from various backgrounds. Its delicious taste, affordable price, and easy availability make it an attractive choice for lunch, dinner, or even snacks. The high popularity of catfish pecel opens up great opportunities for you to profit by opening a catfish pecel business.


1.2 Easy-to-Find Raw Materials

The main raw material for catfish pecel, namely catfish, is easily found in various traditional markets and supermarkets. In addition, other raw materials such as seasoning flour, cooking oil, and kitchen spices are also easily obtained and relatively inexpensive. This allows you to start a business with not too large capital. If you want to diversify ingredients, you can also find them at affordable prices, such as chicken or duck.


1.3 Does Not Require Many Workers

Catfish pecel business can be started and run with few workers. You can start it yourself or with the help of one or two employees. This helps you save on operational costs and increase profits. With a flexible operational scale, you can adjust labor needs to market demand and your production capacity. In addition, with few employees, you can provide more intensive training and focus on skill development, improving product quality, and customer service.


2. Risks of Catfish Pecel Business

2.1 Fluctuating Raw Material Prices

The prices of catfish and other raw materials on the market can fluctuate, up and down depending on the season, harvest, and demand. This can affect business profits. When catfish prices rise, business profits can decrease because they have to spend more on raw materials. Conversely, when catfish prices fall, businesses can enjoy greater profits. Therefore, businesses need to have strategies to deal with fluctuations in raw material prices, such as finding alternative catfish suppliers, adjusting selling prices, or conducting promotions.


2.2 Easily Spoiled Raw Materials

The risk of catfish pecel business lies in its raw materials. Catfish or chicken are raw materials that are easily spoiled and must be stored properly to prevent them from spoiling. If the raw material is spoiled, the business will suffer losses because it cannot be processed and sold. This can result in the loss of capital and customers. Therefore, business owners need to be careful in storing and processing catfish and chicken raw materials. Make sure that easily spoiled raw materials are stored in a cool and clean place, and processed quickly and hygienically.


2.3 High Competition

Catfish pecel business is a quite popular and highly demanded business. This causes many catfish pecel sellers in the market, thus increasing competition among entrepreneurs. High competition can make the catfish pecel business more difficult to develop. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to have differentiation strategies to attract customers, such as offering unique menus, good services, or strategic locations. Entrepreneurs also need to implement effective marketing strategies to compete with competitors.


2.4 Issues of Sales Licensing

Opening a catfish pecel business requires a business permit from the local government. Obtaining this business permit requires time, cost, and sometimes a complex process. If entrepreneurs do not have a business permit, they risk being sanctioned by the government. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to understand local regulations related to business licensing and obtain business permits properly.


2.5 Risk of Extortion

In running their business, catfish pecel businesses may be at risk of extortion by certain parties. This extortion can burden business operational costs and reduce business profits. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to know the regulations related to extortion and dare to refuse extortion. Entrepreneurs can also report extortion to the authorities to create a conducive business climate.


2.6 Requires a Sufficient Amount of Capital

Opening a catfish pecel business requires a significant amount of capital for rental costs, cooking equipment, raw materials, and employees. This can be a constraint for entrepreneurs who want to start a catfish pecel business. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to make careful financial planning before starting a business. Entrepreneurs can seek alternative funding such as bank loans, investors, or crowdfunding to help them obtain business capital.


2.7 Sales Depend on Weather

Catfish pecel business can be influenced by the weather. Bad weather such as heavy rain or scorching heat can reduce buyers' interest in eating out. This can lead to a decrease in sales and profits for entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to have strategies to anticipate bad weather, such as providing comfortable seating and delivery services. Entrepreneurs can also diversify the menu by offering other menus that are more suitable for certain weather conditions.


3. Tips and Ways to Start a Catfish Pecel Business

catfish pecel business

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3.1 Choose a Strategic Selling Location

A strategic selling location is the key to attracting customers in a catfish pecel business. Choose a location that is frequented by people, such as near highways, offices, densely populated residential areas, or culinary tourism spots. Make sure the location is easily accessible and has adequate parking space to facilitate customers who come by vehicles. Conduct a small survey to determine the level of crowds and market potential in that location. Also, pay attention to the presence of competitors around the location. Choose a location with not too many competitors to increase your chances of success.


3.2 Prioritize Food Quality

Food quality is a determining factor that will make customers come back to your catfish pecel business. Use fresh and quality ingredients, such as live catfish and fresh spices. You can get fresh and quality catfish directly from catfish breeders. Ensure that catfish are processed properly and hygienically to produce delicious and safe-to-consume taste. Research and experiment to find unique and delicious seasoning recipes. Serve catfish pecel with appropriate portions and attractive layouts. Also, pay attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the food processing place so that customers feel confident about the quality of the food you sell.


3.3 Pay Attention to the Cleanliness of the Selling Place

A clean and comfortable selling place will make customers feel comfortable eating at your place. Maintain the cleanliness of tables and chairs, dining areas, and kitchens. Ensure that the toilet is also clean and comfortable to use. Create a pleasant atmosphere with attractive decorations and not too loud music. Pay attention to lighting to make your selling place look bright and attractive. Cleanliness and tidiness of the selling place reflect your professionalism in running the business.


3.4 Innovate

Innovation is the key to staying relevant in the midst of tough competition. Don't just offer ordinary catfish pecel menus. Try to innovate by presenting a variety of menus, such as chicken pecel. You can also offer attractive side dishes, such as fried rice, fresh vegetables, and shrimp paste sambal. Furthermore, offer attractive promos and discounts to attract new customers and retain old ones.


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3.5 Choose the Right Selling Time

The right selling time will help you get more customers. Choose a time when many people are looking for food, such as lunch and dinner time. You can also consider opening a catfish pecel stall at night to target customers who want to have dinner or snacks. Also, pay attention to the opening and closing hours of your catfish pecel business to match the target market and conditions at the location.


3.6 Good Service

Good and friendly service will make customers feel valued and want to come back to your place. Serve customers with smiles and friendliness. Make sure you understand customers' needs and can provide service according to their wishes. Serve food quickly so that customers don't have to wait too long. Friendly attitude and fast service will give a positive impression of your catfish pecel business and increase customer loyalty.


3.7 Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing will help you attract customers and compete with other catfish pecel businesses. Conduct research to find out the price of catfish pecel in the market. Make sure you offer prices that match the quality of food and service you provide. Don't be too expensive so that customers don't feel burdened, but don't be too cheap either so that you can still make a profit. Offer portions that match the price so that customers feel they get good value.


3.8 Selling on Online Applications

In this digital era, selling on online applications is an effective strategy to reach more customers. Register your catfish pecel stall on online applications such as Gojek, Grabfood, and Shopeefood. Offer special promos and discounts for customers who order on online applications to attract their interest in ordering catfish pecel at your place. Make sure you maintain the quality of food and service for online customers to preserve the reputation of your catfish pecel business and increase online sales.


4. Estimated Capital and Profit of Catfish Pecel Business

If you are still interested in opening a catfish pecel business, you need to know the estimated capital and profit. Here's an example of the details of the catfish pecel business capital:


4.1 Calculation of Catfish Pecel Business Capital

Initial Capital of Catfish Pecel Business

  1. Preparation of business premises (tents, chairs, tables, carts, etc.): Rp 6,000,000
  2. Cooking equipment: Rp 900,000
  3. Eating and drinking utensils, tissues, etc.: Rp 250,000

Total Initial Capital: Rp 6,000,000 + Rp 900,000 + Rp 250,000 = Rp 7,150,000


Operational Costs

  1. Raw Materials (rice, catfish, vegetables, etc.): Rp 1,200,000
  2. Rental place: Rp 300,000
  3. Employee salaries (if any): Rp 600,000 (if only one person)
  4. Transportation costs: Rp 400,000
  5. Electricity and others: Rp 400,000

Total Operational Costs: Rp 1,200,000 + Rp 300,000 + Rp 600,000 + Rp 400,000 + Rp 400,000 = Rp 2,900,000


Catfish Pecel Business Capital:

Total Initial Capital + Total Operational Costs = Rp 7,150,000 + Rp 2,900,000 = Rp 10,050,000


4.2 Revenue of Catfish Pecel Business

Sales Revenue: Rp 200,000/day x 30 days (1 month) = Rp 6,000,000


Estimated Revenue per month of catfish pecel business:

Revenue Potential - Operational Costs

= Rp 6,000,000 - Rp 2,900,000

= Rp 3,100,000


5. How to Get Catfish Pecel Business Capital

From the estimated profits and capital of the catfish pecel business that has been calculated, the catfish pecel business can be the right choice for those of you who want to have your own business. However, if you are constrained by initial capital, here are some ways to get it:


5.1 Personal Savings

The best way to start a business is by using personal savings. Using personal savings has the advantage that you don't need to pay interest or be tied to monthly payments to others. In addition, starting a business with personal savings also shows a high level of commitment and responsibility towards the success of your business.


However, before using personal savings, make sure you have made thorough financial planning. Reevaluate your budget and make sure you have enough emergency funds to cover daily needs and deal with possible risks that may arise in managing your new business.


5.2 Loans from Family or Friends

If you have family or friends who have excess funds, borrowing money from them can be a solution to get capital for a catfish pecel business. However, it is important to treat this loan seriously and professionally. Make a clear written agreement regarding the loan amount, repayment period, and interest (if any).


In addition, clearly communicate about your business plan and how you plan to use the borrowed capital. Transparency and open communication can help maintain good relationships with family or friends who lend you money, as well as minimize the risk of conflicts in the future.


5.3 Micro Business Credit (KUR)

The government provides the KUR program to help small businesses obtain business capital. The KUR program offers low interest rates and long loan terms, making it suitable for developing catfish pecel businesses. One of the main advantages of KUR is the relatively easy requirements compared to loans from conventional banks.


To apply for KUR, you need to prepare a comprehensive business plan and submit an application to banks or financial institutions designated as KUR providers. Make sure to understand the requirements and procedures for applying for KUR carefully and prepare the necessary documents to ensure a smooth application process.


5.4 Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an online platform that allows you to raise funds from many people. Through crowdfunding, you can share your vision and business plan with the public and invite them to participate in supporting your catfish pecel business.


To succeed in crowdfunding, you need to create an attractive business profile and explain comprehensively about the goals, plans, and benefits of investing in your business. Use social media and your networks to promote your crowdfunding campaign and invite family, friends, and acquaintances to support and spread information about your business to others.


5.5 Financing with Collateral

If you have valuable assets such as a house or vehicle, you can use these assets as collateral to obtain a loan from banks or other non-bank financial institutions. Financing with collateral generally offers lower interest rates and longer repayment periods compared to unsecured loans.


Make sure to fully understand the terms and conditions of the loans offered, and ensure that you are able to meet the obligation to repay the loan periodically according to the agreed agreement.


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