Fruit Juice Business: From Business Tips to Monthly Turnover

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20 October 2022
Fruit Juice Business: From Business Tips to Monthly Turnover

Fresh and healthy, at least are the two words that best describe fruit juice. This one drink is liked by various levels of society, from adults, teenagers, to children.

This of course makes sense. Because drinking fruit juice is a practical way to consume fruit without reducing the properties contained in it.

Known as one of the businesses that have never been eroded by the times, the fruit juice business is a beverage franchise with promising business prospects.

Then, what do you need to prepare to start a fruit juice business? Let's discuss one by one through the following review.


Why Fruit Juice Business?

The fruit juice business has many very promising benefits and advantages. The following are advantages that you can use as a strong reason to start this one business.

1. One type of business idea with minimal capital

Starting a fruit juice business can be started with any capital, especially if you already have the necessary equipment. This of course will reduce the existing budget.

2. Wide target market, it won't be difficult to sell it

Fruit juice is one of the practical and healthy drinks. For those who don't want to bother eating fruit but still get enough nutrition, consuming fruit juice is the right choice.

3. Tools and raw materials are easy to obtain

Indonesia is a maritime country that is rich in various types of crops including fruits. This fact can certainly help you to get the basic ingredients for making juice easier. In addition, manufacturing tools can also be found quite easily in supermarkets or shops that sell electronics.

4. Not difficult to make

Making fruit juice is very easy, you just need to do a few experiments to make sure the balance between water, fruit, and sugar is just right. And again, it doesn't require much preparation.

5. Can sell anywhere, it doesn't have to be in a large place

Fruit juice business is included in the type of business that does not have to rent a business location. Because this business can be run from your home though. It doesn't have to be in a large place, just a little space for a display case, a table, and a few plastic chairs for those who are waiting in line.

What are the Challenges of Starting a Fruit Juice Business?

The fruit juice business does look very promising and easy to run. However, there are some challenges that you will have to face. Here are some of the challenges of a fruit juice business that you can anticipate to overcome difficulties in running a business.

1. Fruit can quickly rot

2. Some types of fruit cannot be stored together because it will affect the ripening process of the fruit to be faster

3. Not all fruits have the same harvest period

Tips for Successfully Starting a Fruit Juice Business for Beginners

It takes careful preparation before starting a fruit juice business. One of them is to consider implementing the following tips that can help your business run smoothly.

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Image Source: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov

1. Choose Quality Fruit

Choosing fruit with good quality is the main requirement of a fruit juice business. The reason is, the main raw material used will greatly affect the taste and freshness.

Tips for choosing quality fruit:
1. Fresh fruit has a distinctive color

2. Releasing an aroma that tends to be sweet

3. Fruit skin is not wrinkled

If you are still confused about choosing the right fruit, you can directly ask the fruit seller to choose the best fruit.

2. Want to Innovate and Update the Latest Trends

Innovation, one of the keys to a fruit juice business, can continue without capital support. Innovation can bring your business better known and attract many consumers.

One of the tricks you can apply to innovate and hone your creativity is to vary the fruit juices sold with other fruits. You can also combine it with certain toppings such as almond milk, vegetables, honey, ice cream, and so on.

Another trick is to make a fruit juice menu based on a booming trend. For example, the menu of fruit juice for diet, and fruit juice for appetite enhancers. Up to fruit juices made according to consumer requests.

3. Create a Trademark

Creating a trademark can help your business to be known to more people. One strategy that you can apply is to determine a brand name that is easy to remember and then print a sticker that can later be affixed to your fruit juice packaging.

4. Choose a Strategic Location

Choosing the right location can help your business get busier and get more customers.

Tips for choosing a strategic location for a fruit juice business:

1. Make sure the location is easily accessible to anyone

2. Close to crowded centers such as schools, offices, and recreational areas

The more crowded the selling location you choose, the more buyers will come.

5. Maintain Product Cleanliness and Quality

Fruit juice sold must be in clean and hygienic conditions. Because fruit juices that are made carelessly without paying attention to cleanliness will cause the existing taste to turn out to be less delicious.

In addition, the hygiene factor is also a determinant of consumers choosing your fruit juice over others.

6. Diligently Promotion Offline and Online

In an era that is fast and easy like now, promoting your business is not difficult. There are many mediums that you can choose from, both offline and online.

For offline promotion, you can do it by implementing a marketing strategy in the form of word of mouth and printing a banner in front of where you sell. You can also apply the buy one get one strategy when you start selling.

As for online promotion, you can do it by creating a special social media account for the fruit juice business and starting to interact with many people who have an interest in a healthy lifestyle or are fans of fresh drinks.

You can also take advantage of paid ads such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Endorse, and so on. Make sure you choose a strategy that is not only appropriate but also fits your budget.

7. Cooperate with Delivery Service

Every day things are getting more practical. Many people prefer to order food and drinks through online platforms such as GoFood, GrabFood, and the like.

You can also partner with the platform to target more consumers and achieve multiple benefits.

Usaha Jus Buah

Image Source: Pexels/Kindel Media

Capital and Estimated Profit

Basically this one business you can start with any capital. However, if you want to know the details of the fruit juice business capital, you can use the following analysis as a reference to get started.

Initial Capital for Fruit Juice Business
No Description Quantity Price Total
1. Various Fruits - Rp500.000 Rp500.000
2. Blender 1 Rp224.000 Rp224.000
3. Box Ice 1 Rp125.800 Rp125.800
4. Knife 1 Rp21.500 Rp21.500
5. Napkin 3 Rp12.888 Rp12.888
6. Cup Sealer 1 Rp575.000 Rp575.000
7. Plastic Cup 300 Pcs 18 Rp8.500 Rp153.000
8. Plastic Straw 300 Pcs 3 Rp10.000 Rp30.000
9. Glass Carrying Plastic 9 Rp4.950 Rp44.550
Total Rp1.686.738

As for the profit of the fruit juice business, you can calculate it in the following way.

- The price of one glass of fruit juice is Rp8.000

- In a day managed to sell 30 glasses

30 Glasses X IDR 8,000 X 30 Days = IDR 7,200,000

So, the estimated profit that you can pocket per month is Rp. 7,200,000 and if you subtract the monthly operating costs, the net profit you get is Rp. 5,513,262. Very tempting isn't it?

Keep in mind, the calculations above do not always match the current prices, make sure you do some price research first.

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Sobat BFI, that's how to start a fruit juice business. You can follow the steps above as a reference so that your business can run well and smoothly. Business greetings!

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