Collection of Small Business Ideas That Can Be Run Anywhere

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22 February 2023
Collection of Small Business Ideas That Can Be Run Anywhere

Having limited business capital does not necessarily close the door for you to open a business and make a profit. There are many small businesses that you can choose as additional income.

In addition, this business also has a series of benefits that you can feel directly. As an example of flexibility in managing work time, the capital used tends to be minimal, as well as a business location that can run anywhere without exception at home.

So, for those of you who want to have your own business with limited capital, the various small business ideas in the following article can be an inspiration for you. Come on, let's take a closer look!


1. Small Businesses that are Suitable to Do at Home

Having a business that is flexible and allows it to be done anywhere is everyone's dream, especially for students and housewives.

Here are some small business ideas that are suitable for you to do at home with small capital but maximum profit potential.

1.1. Home Catering Business

When you hear 'catering business', most people will imagine a food business with lots and lots of food boxes. Just imagining it might make you imagine that the amount of capital needed is quite large.

In fact, starting this one business can be started with any capital, you know! What's more, you can run this business at home with equipment and materials that are easy to find.

If you doubt that this business is not going well, you can start by opening a pre-order system so that the amount of capital you need can be budgeted according to the number of existing orders. The food you make will not be wasted.

1.2. Kilo Laundry Business

The next small business idea is a kilogram laundry business. This business is perfect to try, especially if you happen to live in a strategic location, such as a student or worker boarding area.

This business also allows you to pocket more profits if accompanied by opening a shoe and helmet laundry business.

1.3. Souvenir/Hampers Business


Souvenirs or hampers are one of the commodities that are in great demand by the public. With hampers, we don't have to bother to wrap gifts as nicely as possible.

Here are some ideas for hampers/souvenirs that you can sell.


  • Hampers for graduation gifts
  • Hampers for birthday gifts
  • Hampers for wedding gifts

For the filling itself, you can combine it with the ideas and creativity you have. You can also adjust the existing content according to customer wishes (by request).

1.4. Dropshipper/Reseller

Do you want to get additional income with minimal capital or even no capital at all? Consider becoming a drop-shipper or reseller.

The way a drop shipper works is that you are required to buy an item according to the order and then send it to the buyer's address. Existing profits are obtained from each transaction that is completed.

In contrast, to drop shippers, resellers act as distributors as well as stockbrokers from suppliers. Resellers are required to buy a number of goods from suppliers and then distribute them to customers. In other words, you need to spend some funds for initial business capital.

1.5. Pastry Business

Entering the month of Ramadan, there are many business opportunities in the culinary or F&B sector that you can try. One of them is the pastry business. You can run this business at home and sell it online.

Not only that, but this business also offers other benefits such as various variants of pastries, long shelf life, and often used as hampers for certain moments.

2. Small Businesses that are Suitable to Do in the Village

Living in a village does not mean that you are limited in innovating and generating income. There are lots of small businesses in the village that you can try!

2.1. Duck Livestock Business

Opening a business in the village is synonymous with a livestock business. The duck livestock business is one of the businesses that still exists today because it has quite a lot of enthusiasts.

To start this business you can choose between laying ducks or broiler ducks, whichever you choose, both are equally profitable!

2.2. Laying Hens Business

Chicken and eggs are the two things that people are most interested in. Not only because the price is relatively affordable, but both are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, the laying hen business can be a promising business opportunity in the village for you to try! Plus the rural atmosphere which tends to be beautiful and not too noisy makes the chickens more stress-free.

You can sell your existing egg harvest to the nearest stalls or partner with large shops or restaurants.

2.3. Cattle Livestock Business

The small business in the next village, especially in the livestock sector, is a cattle business. Cows are farm animals that can be taken a lot of benefits. Ranging from meat, milk, and bones, to cowhide which can be used for processed food and crafts.

Demand for cattle also tends to increase many times during major celebrations such as the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha.

2.4. Photocopy Business

One small business that has good prospects is a photocopying business. Even though a lot of things have turned digital, this one effort is always needed. Especially if you also provide other supporting facilities such as computers, photo printing, and many more.

2.5. Credit Counter and Electricity Token Business

Credit counters and electricity tokens can be an option for small businesses in villages that you shouldn't rule out. This is because pulses and electricity tokens are commodities that are much sought after today, especially the use of smartphones which have become part of our daily needs, making quotas, pulses and other electronic products sell well in the market.

2.6. Simple Motorcycle Wash Business

There are quite a lot of two-wheeled motorized vehicle users in Indonesia from year to year. This significant increase brings its own benefits, especially if you are interested in opening a simple motorbike washing business with no more than 5 million in the capital.

3. Suitable Small Businesses for Sale in the Market

Apart from starting a business at home, you can also start a business in a market or other crowded location. What small businesses can you choose? Here are some ideas you can try.

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3.1. Traditional Market Snack Business


Traditional market snacks are a type of food that has existed in Indonesia for a long time. This one snack has a broad market segment. Starting from individuals, businesses, to groups for certain events.

People from all walks of life and vulnerable ages, from children, and teenagers, to adults and the elderly, can all enjoy a wide variety of market snacks. Moreover, the price is affordable, making this one food never disappear from the market.

The business opportunity is very promising. Traditional market snacks are often used as a mandatory dish or treat for various events. Examples are meetings, gatherings, studies, seminars, and many more. This further emphasizes the fact that the need for market snacks cannot be underestimated.

3.2. Fruit Juice Business

A fruit juice business can be started with any capital with easily available equipment and materials. This drink is also very practical and healthy, making it easy to sell and in demand by many people. Consider choosing this business idea if you want to sell something healthy and refreshing.

3.3. Contemporary Snack Business

Selling modern snacks can be a small business idea that you can try selling at the market. There are many contemporary snacks that are much sought after by people, especially young people.

Contemporary Snack Business Ideas You Can Try:


  • Crispy Tofu
  • Boba drink
  • Dessert Box
  • Martabak
  • Assorted Spicy Snacks: Bakso Aci, Seblak, and others
  • Egg Rolls
  • Croffle


3.4. Grocery store business


Food stalls or grocery stores are included in small businesses that are suitable for sale in the market. The reason is, the items being sold are items that are used daily. For example groceries, gas, gallons of water, and the like.

By choosing a strategic location, a wide selection of products, and competitive prices, it is very likely that the business you are running will be successful and have great success.

3.5. Frozen Food Business

Frozen food or frozen food has recently become the prima donna for many people. Apart from being affordable, this food tends to be stored for a long time and the menu choices are quite diverse. No doubt, many children to adults like to consume it.

3.6. Business selling vegetables

Minimal capital can be put to good use to open a business with a decent turnover. One of them is by utilizing existing capital for the business of selling vegetables.

Make sure you choose a supplier that sells high-quality goods and you can resell them at competitive prices. After that, offer the goods that you have both conventionally and sell them online.

4. Tips for Smooth Business with Small Capital

Who doesn't want their business to run well and be a huge success? As business owners, of course, we hope for the best for what has been attempted. So, to make this dream come true, of course, a series of tips and strategies are needed so that the end result you receive can be fruitful. The following are tips for running a small business with small capital in the style of BFI Finance.

4.1. Define a Business Idea

The first tip you need to do so that a small business can run smoothly is to determine which business idea you will choose. Choose a business idea that is not only in accordance with the vision and mission to be achieved but also in line with market needs and consumer demand. Do not let the idea you choose deserted enthusiasts.

4.2. Start at the Right Time

Starting a business can indeed be done at any time. Even so, it's good if you consider when the right time to start. For example, a pastry business. This one business is able to bring in sales turnover many times over before Eid or other big days. Make sure you are always up to date with the latest conditions and news.

4.3. Competitor Analysis

The next tip is to do a competitor analysis. This analysis is very important to run so you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Later the results of this analysis can be used to enrich the products you sell.

If you want to use a more advanced competitor analysis, you can use the 5-Porter Analysis method, which is a competitor analysis that includes:

  • Threats of New Entrants

  • Bargaining Power of Supplier

  • Bargaining Power of Buyers/Customers

  • Threats of Substitute Products

  • Competitive Rivalry within the Industry

4.4. Make the Right Business Strategy

You have to make a business strategy in such a way that your business can run well and last a long time. One of them is considering product marketing strategies, business management strategies, and bookkeeping.

4.5. Take Advantage of Existing Technology to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Work

Advances in technology from time to time have been very instrumental in increasing the effectiveness of various jobs. You can also take advantage of this technology to support your business operations.

4.6. Prepare Business Capital

Finally, prepare sufficient capital to run your small business. Calculating important needs to support your business activities. Sufficient business capital is needed for various business activities, such as promotional activities, operations, and so on.

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