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The Key to Successful Household Management - Who Manages the Finances?

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19 September 2023
The Key to Successful Household Management - Who Manages the Finances?

Building a harmonious and peaceful household is the dream of every couple, especially newlyweds. However, the reality of married life is often not as smooth as expected. Every couple will inevitably face various problems and challenges along their journey together.

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It's important to remember that problems and conflicts are a natural part of married life. No relationship is free from issues, but what distinguishes a happy household is how couples deal with them. When problems arise, don't let them become obstacles that hinder you from creating a peaceful and harmonious household.


1. The Key to Successful Marriage

Certainly, building a household, especially when you are newly married, is a significant step in life. There are several keys to success that can help you on this journey. Here are some important tips to consider:

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1.1 Communication

Effective communication is one of the keys to building and maintaining a household, especially in a new marriage. Marriage is not just about you and your partner as individuals; it's also about your relationship as a team. Open and honest communication is crucial. This includes the ability to talk openly about your feelings, expectations, and concerns, as well as actively listening when your partner speaks. With strong communication, you and your partner can understand each other better, resolve conflicts more effectively, and build a deeper connection.


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1.2 Quality Time Together

Modern life often forces us to juggle various responsibilities, such as work and household chores, which can limit your time together as a couple. However, neglecting quality time can have a negative impact on your relationship. Quality time allows you to feel closer to each other, create memories together, and strengthen your emotional bond. These are moments when you can truly focus on your partner and show that you value them. So, schedule quality time together regularly, whether it's for dates, short getaways, or even just spending time at home, and make sure you nurture your relationship in this way.


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By maintaining good communication and allocating quality time together, you can build a strong foundation for a happy and successful household. This is an investment in your relationship that will help you overcome challenges, respect each other, and continue to strengthen your bond over time.


1.3 Financial Management

Managing finances is one of the crucial aspects that couples should pay attention to. While love and affection are important components of a household, they are not enough to sustain and lead a stable and happy married life. Why is managing finances together so important?


Managing finances together is a sign of commitment and cooperation in a relationship. It shows that both you and your partner share responsibility for your financial life. Moreover, financial management also helps in planning a better future. You can jointly set short-term and long-term financial goals, such as owning a home, educating your children, or achieving a comfortable retirement. By planning together, you can work towards these goals as a team, which can provide stronger motivation and commitment.


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Handling finances can also help prevent conflicts and tension in the household. When financial planning is done together, there is transparency and understanding about how money is used. This reduces the likelihood of arguments or disagreements related to finances. Furthermore, managing finances together allows you to build financial security as a team. By allocating funds for emergencies, investments, or shared savings, you can feel more secure and prepared to face life's changes. This provides a strong foundation for your future together.


2. How to Manage Finances

2.1 Calculate All Income

Before managing your finances, it's a good idea for you and your partner to calculate all the income you receive. Income includes not only monthly salaries but also any incentives or additional income sources you may have. This is important to do so that you can more easily allocate the expenses you will incur over a specific period.


2.2 Create a List of Mandatory Expenses

Once you've calculated your income, create a list of mandatory expenses. Mandatory expenses may include debts, monthly groceries, weekly shopping, transportation, and so on. This list is essential so that you and your partner can immediately separate the expenses that must be paid each month. The goal is that by setting aside money for mandatory expenses, you and your partner won't feel short of funds before payday because it's already allocated from the beginning.

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2.3 Prepare an Emergency Fund

After allocating funds for mandatory needs and considering wise investments, the next crucial step in managing your finances is to prepare an emergency fund. The importance of having an emergency fund cannot be underestimated because in life, we never know when we will face unexpected situations. Examples of unexpected events that may require an emergency fund include job loss, accidents, serious illnesses, unforeseen home repairs, or even the loss of a primary source of income.


2.4 Investments

Investing is a smart step to consider if you have extra money that you want to manage productively. While having an adequate emergency fund is crucial, letting your money sit in the bank without significant growth is not a wise long-term decision. This is why investments are a prudent choice.


Whatever investments you and your partner choose, make sure you understand the risks and conduct thorough research before making a decision. Ensure that you comprehend the investment instruments you choose, your financial goals, and the level of risk you are willing to take. It's always important to seek advice from financial experts or investment consultants if you feel it's necessary. This way, you can make smart investment decisions and manage your money effectively for a more financially stable future.

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2.5 Appoint a Financial Responsible

Managing finances in a household is a highly important aspect and should be done wisely. Although finances are managed together, it's important to appoint someone as the financial responsible in your relationship. The financial responsible is someone who has the primary responsibility for managing and organizing the household finances, ensuring that expenses are not excessive and align with the jointly made financial plans.


The selection of the financial responsible can be done together, and this decision should be based on each partner's strengths and skills. Both husbands and wives have the potential to be excellent financial responsibilities, as long as they are capable of managing finances effectively and have good communication with each other.


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The main tasks of the financial responsible are to allocate funds into three main categories: mandatory funds, emergency funds, and investments. Mandatory funds cover routine expenses like electricity bills, water bills, groceries, and other daily needs. The financial responsible is responsible for ensuring that mandatory funds are sufficient every month, that the emergency fund is always available and can be accessed quickly when needed, and that investments are managed wisely to achieve long-term financial goals. They also need to ensure that the jointly planned financial goals are carried out.


Additionally, the financial responsible should have the ability to create sound financial plans, identify areas where savings can be made, and manage financial risks that may arise in daily life.


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With a responsible financial manager in place, household financial management can run more efficiently and effectively. This will help avoid conflicts or confusion in financial management and provide peace of mind for both partners. By working together and supporting each other, you and your partner can achieve financial goals and build a more financially stable.


In conclusion, in building a happy and successful household, there are several key principles that every couple, especially newlyweds, should firmly adhere to. Good communication, quality time together, and wise financial management are the core elements of success in a household. Additionally, appointing a financial responsible within the household is a wise step to manage expenses, handle emergency funds, and manage investments effectively. With cooperation, commitment, and love, you and your partner can create a long-term household that is happy, peaceful, and successful.


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