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Ready for Marriage? Take a peek at the Simple Application Cost Estimation Below

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8 June 2022
Ready for Marriage? Take a peek at the Simple Application Cost Estimation Below

Every relationship that is lived by a couple of courses has its own goals. The main goal of a relationship of course leads to a more serious level or decides to tie the knot of love with marriage. Ahead of the wedding, many of them choose to make a proposal. The proposal itself is a way of expressing the contents of the heart with the aim of proposing a partner to continue the relationship to the next level. Some of them chose to attend the family as witnesses so that the application process seemed formal and sacred.


1. Preparation and Estimated Engagement Fees

Biaya Lamaran - Estimasi Biaya Lamaran Sederhana

The engagement fee itself is quite expensive if not prepared carefully. For those of you who intend to do an engagement, you can refer to the following simple application cost estimate.

1.1. Perhatikan Jumlah Tamu Undangan

If you intend to invite or attend the family as a witness in the engagement ceremony, you need to count the number of relatives invited. Also, make sure the invited family confirms that they can attend the event. That way, you can order food that is not excessive which can lead to a waste of funds. For the consumption costs of the application itself, you should order through a caterer at a price of Rp. 25 thousand per pax. If there are 20 people in the family, then the cost is around Rp. 500 thousand.

You can also add snacks or snacks for around IDR 300-400 thousand for 20 pax. Snacks usually contain cakes, mineral water, jelly, fruit, and fried foods. If calculated as a whole, you only need to pay Rp 800-900 thousand.

1.2. Prepare Delivery

Biaya Lamaran - Biaya Hantaran Lamaran

Delivery is a tradition that is often found in people living on the island of Java as a form of establishing a relationship between two prospective families. Delivery usually contains snacks, traditional food, fruit, or regional gifts from the groom given to the bride. Estimated delivery starts from IDR 500-700 thousand. If you want to be more economical, you can reduce the number of deliveries or buy shipments in sizes that are not too large.

1.3. Proposal ring

The next engagement fee that needs to be prepared is to buy a proposal ring. The ring is used as a symbol to invite couples to build a household ark together. Actually, the ring is not required because it is usually given to couples who are married at the time of marriage as a dowry. However, give part of the ring first during the proposal and make the ring as a dowry later.

If you follow the market price of gold, the price of gold per gram can reach IDR 900 thousand. If you intend to give a gold ring weighing 4 grams, then the cost that needs to be prepared is IDR 3.6 million. You can also choose silver or palladium jewelry to keep your budget down.

1.4. Uniform

This engagement fee is only an option for you and your partner. The reason is, that wearing clothes with the same material or color when applying is not an obligation but only to show cohesiveness and harmony. If you have limited funds, you don't need to buy the same outfit, but instead, wear a kebaya for women and a batik for men that is privately owned.

1.5. Make-up Self

Make-up artist services currently range from Rp. 500 thousand to tens of millions of rupiah. The more professional and famous, the MUA or makeup artist usually charges a fairly high fee. To reduce application funds, you can choose relatives who are skilled in bridal makeup but have not yet entered the MUA business. Beginner MUAs have lower rates than professional MUAs. However, if the female partner is proficient enough to decorate, you can apply make-up independently. MUA funds can be allocated for upcoming weddings.

1.6. 1 Field Decoration

If at the time of your application you want to capture a photo with a beautiful atmosphere or background, you should use decorations containing paper flowers or other flower arrangements to cover 1 area that has been selected. Decorating one area will be more efficient than having to decorate 1 room with existing decorations.

Installation of the decor usually costs Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand. Negotiate with the renter or decorator to be given some extras such as a picture or a display containing a photo of you and your partner.

1.7. Do It at Home

If you add up in total, your engagement costs are as follows:

List of Engagement That Must Be Prepared




20 pax

Rp 500.00


20 pax

Rp 400.000



Rp 500.000

Proposal Ring

1 ring

Rp 3.600.000



Rp 300.000



Rp 5.300.000

Note: The cost will be cheaper if you decide not to buy a proposal ring.

From the details above, you need around IDR 3-5 million for the application fee. To reduce the cost of the engagement, be sure to do it at home to be free from the cost of renting a place that is quite draining. 

2. Tips for Saving Engagement Fees

After knowing the estimates and things that must be prepared before the application above, you can also save money by doing the following tips.

2.1. Avoid Using Tents

If you want to reduce engagement costs, avoid using a tent in your potential partner's house. Using a tent installation service will certainly add to the list of application fees which are quite expensive, especially the tents that are installed are tents that are equipped with decorations with a level of installation that is not easy.

2.2. Asking for Family Help

Not only as a witness, but you can also ask for help from your family to become a host or MC in your application. You also ask relatives or family who have talent or skills in the world of photography to become videographers and photographers during the event.

2.3. Negotiation of Event Host Services

If you don't have relatives or family who are proficient in guiding events or capturing photos, you can negotiate with WO services or Wedding Organizations to guide the event and capture the photo first with a small initial deposit. The rest of the shortage will be carried out before the wedding while making the WO as a guide and the party who perpetuates the wedding event later.

2.4. Do it Intimate

The last tip is not to invite too many invited guests. It is enough to bring your immediate family or close family to be guests at your proposal event. The more guests you bring, the greater the consumption funds that must be spent.

That's information about the estimated cost of the application that can be used as a reference for those of you who intend to continue the relationship to the aisle. If you have more funds, you can increase the number of guests, consumption, installation of decorations, and so on. If the application fee is still insufficient, you can apply for a loan guaranteed by BPKB Motor at BFI Finance. Meanwhile, for larger wedding expenses, you can apply for a loan guaranteed by BPKB Mobil with many advantages. The benefits include dead tax and BPKB that has not been renamed can be assisted with easy disbursement, and the maximum age of the vehicle is 15 years or the 2007 vehicle year. For information on submitting a car, you can check the information at this useful link


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