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14 Wedding Gift Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right Gift

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20 February 2023
14 Wedding Gift Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right Gift

Marriage is something sacred and a moment full of joy. As invited guests, of course, we want to congratulate and support the happiness of the two brides and groom through wedding gifts.

A wedding gift is a symbol of prayer, hope, and a form of support for the bride and groom in living a new life with their partner. In addition, the giving of gifts helps to maintain the relationship between the two parties and is able to strengthen the existing closeness.

Even so, there are times when we feel confused about choosing what gift would be right to be used as a wedding gift. Well, for those of you who are in this position, you don't need to worry because the BFI Finance Team has interesting tips and gift ideas that can help you choose the right gift. Come on, see more in the following article!


1. 7 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Gift

Before buying a wedding gift, it's a good idea to consider the following things so you don't choose the wrong gift in choosing the right gift.

1.1. Set a Budget

Did you know that the amount of budget you want to spend on a gift can narrow down the choice of wedding gifts to choose from? By determining the gift budget at the beginning, it will be easier for you to choose the gift you want to give.

1.2. Choose a Gift According to the Interests of the Bride and Groom

Tips for choosing a second wedding gift are giving gifts according to the interests, hobbies, or preferences of the bride and groom.

For example, if they like traveling, then gifts such as vacation vouchers, hotel vouchers, or transportation will be very suitable for them to choose from. If they like to cook, you can give them kitchen utensils or cooking books.

In essence, adjust the existing gifts with the interests or hobbies of your partner. Besides being memorable, giving gifts according to the interests of the bride and groom, these gifts tend to be remembered for a long time.

If you are still confused about choosing a gift, don't hesitate to ask directly.

1.3. Choose Useful and Useful Objects

It's no secret that a new married life will require many things to support household needs. Therefore, choose a gift that can be used for both partners in the future.

Some examples of choices of useful and useful objects:

  • Cooking ware
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Household furniture
  • Sports equipment

1.4. Providing Service Assistance

Wedding gifts can be in any form. One of them is in the form of service assistance. The existence of this assistance will be very meaningful for them because it can lighten the burden on the mind and energy.

You can offer service assistance in the form of wedding preparations or taking care of the wedding until it's finished. Whatever the help, the bride and groom will be very grateful to you.

1.5. Choose Unique and Anti Mainstream Gifts

To add a different and unusual impression, you can choose a unique and anti-mainstream wedding gift. However, make sure the gift you choose is still related to the interests and personalities of the bride and groom, OK!

1.6. Split the Bill

Giving a wedding gift can be said to need a lot of money. Especially if you want to give a gift that is useful for future household life.

In order not to become a burden and to be able to reduce expenses, you can consider splitting the bills with your closest friends. Don't forget to include a greeting card as well as mentioning the name of the gift giver.

1.7. Choose the Best Sincerely Gift

The last and no less important tip is to choose the best gift according to your conscience. Gifts that are given sincerely will certainly be more appreciated.

2. 14 Wedding Gift Ideas

Marriage is a special moment for both the bride and the groom. When the people closest to us get married, of course, we hope for the best for both of them.

In addition to prayer, wedding gifts are a common tradition given to the bride and groom as a form of greeting and congratulation. So, for those of you who need inspiration for a good and memorable wedding gift, the following 14 gift ideas can be the choice!

kado pernikahan

A Wedding Gift Illustration | Image Source: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska 

2.1. Electronic Goods

Electronic items are very useful wedding gift ideas for new married life. This is because the latest technology has helped make homework easier and more effective. For example water purifiers, stoves, TV, mini fridge, washing machine, dispenser, and others.

2.2. Cleaning Equipment

Besides electronics, cleaning equipment is no less important! By giving this wedding gift, you can indirectly lighten the domestic burden on the new family. Some of the objects to choose from include vacuum cleaners, brooms, and mops.

2.3. Bed Cover or Sheets

Bed covers or bed sheets have proven to be chosen as wedding gifts for many people. Besides being easy to find, one gift can be used for a long time. Most importantly, make sure the bed cover or sheet you choose has a material that is soft, comfortable, and matches the character of the gift recipient.

2.4. Precious Metals or Gold

Do you have an adequate gift budget? Wedding gifts in the form of precious metals or gold can be the choice! Gold is an investment instrument that has a fairly stable value from year to year. In addition, gold is now available which can be made according to our wishes (custom). For example, given a certain writing or speech.

2.5. Cutlery and Cooking

If you are looking for a wedding gift that is useful and can be used for everyday activities, consider buying cutlery and cooking utensils, such as a set of cutlery, glasses, jars, pans, and so on.

These gifts can help newlyweds reduce household expenses and complete household needs. The couple who gets this gift will certainly be very grateful to you.

2.6. Home Decoration

Marriage is synonymous with a new residence. There is nothing wrong with giving gifts that can beautify the interior of the house. You can choose wall clocks, ornamental plants, paintings, flower vases, and various other types of decorations.

2.7. Fragrance and Body Grooming

Fragrances and body grooming are often chosen as wedding gifts because they can give a luxurious and elegant impression. Fragrances also have many choices and you can buy them in almost all shops or supermarkets, especially for couples who like fragrances. Some of the fragrance options that you can choose from include aromatherapy candles, perfume, and a set of toiletries.

2.8. Bag or Wallet

Bags and wallets can be interesting gift ideas for you to choose from. These two items are very useful for everyday use or on certain occasions. For the price, it is relatively cheap and you can get it easily.

2.9. Couples goods

Consider giving a couple of items such as clothes, watches, sandals, mugs, prayer equipment, and so on. By giving a couple of items both partners can use existing gifts simultaneously, adding to the romantic and compact impression between the two.

2.10. Honeymoon Ticket

Who doesn't like being given a vacation ticket? If you have more fortune to give to relatives or closest people, you can choose honeymoon tickets as a wedding gift!

However, ask in advance the date that suits the bride and groom. This is so that the ticket to be purchased does not conflict with the existing schedule.

2.11. Vouchers

Apart from honeymoon tickets, you can also give vouchers that can be exchanged for shopping discounts, food discounts, and so on. This one gift idea is often chosen because apart from being easy, the couple who receives it can be more flexible to use it at any time.

2.12. Memories Photo Album

Photo albums can be the next wedding gift idea that is no less stunning, especially if the gift is dedicated to those who are emotionally close. Like siblings, friends, and others.

2.13. Furniture

Household furniture or furniture can be the next idea you choose. This is because newly married couples generally do not have much furniture for their new residence.

2.14. Investment Assets

Apart from giving precious metals and gold, you can also consider providing investment assets in the form of stocks, bonds, land titles, and so on. Apart from being memorable, these assets will be very useful because they have considerable value.

BFI friends, this is the discussion regarding wedding gifts. Hopefully, with this article, you can choose the best gift to give to relatives, friends, relatives, or anyone you care about. Choose a gift that creates memories and can be used for a long time.

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