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8 Examples of the Most Unique and Memorable Wedding Dowry

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1 December 2022
8 Examples of the Most Unique and Memorable Wedding Dowry

One of the obligatory conditions of marriage in Islam is the provision of a dowry for the bride. The dowry given can be in the form of valuables such as cash, gold, and so on.

If you and your partner are currently confused and want to find examples of wedding dowries, the following information will really help you!

1. What is a Marriage Dowry?

Before we get into the example of a wedding dowry, it's good for us to understand what a dowry is. Dowry or in Indonesian, it is referred to as dowry is a gift given by the man to the bride at the time of marriage.

Apart from being a mandatory requirement, dowry is also proof that the groom is serious about marrying the woman of his choice and uniting in the household ark.

2. Dowry Law According to Islamic Religion

In Islam, the provisions for giving dowry are regulated in the word of Allah SWT, namely in Q.S An-Nisa Verse 4 which reads:

“Give a dowry (dowry) to the woman (whom you marry) as a gift willingly. Then if they give you part of the dowry with pleasure, then eat (take) the gift (as food) that is delicious and good for it."

In addition to this verse, the dowry law is also regulated in the hadiths, one of which is the hadith narrated by Imam al-Bukhari from Sahl bin Sa'ad as-Sa'idi ra, Rasulullah said:

“Search for something (dowry) ring even if it is made of iron. If you don't find it, the dowry will be in the form of letters of the Koran that you memorize." (HR Bukhari No.1587). 

The dowry handed over to the wife will later become an absolute right and may be used without the husband's permission. Whether it's for daily use or spending. If the dowry that is spent, the money or profits that are earned belong entirely to the wife, the husband does not have the slightest right to ask unless the wife is willing to give a part of his possessions.

3. 8 Examples of Dowry for Brides

Islam allows a woman to choose the dowry she wants. On the other hand, Islam also advises not to burden the man and make the dowry easier. As Rasulullah SAW once said:

"A kind-hearted woman is one whose dowry is cheap, makes it easy for her marriage affairs and has good morals, while a wretched woman is one whose dowry is expensive, her marriage is difficult and her morals are bad." (HR. Imam Ahmad)

Even so, it is only natural that the dowry given is appropriate and something worth the price. This is because the value of the dowry is related to the dignity of a woman.

So, for those of you who are confused about choosing a dowry, the following examples of dowry can be used as a reference. From the most common to the anti-mainstream.

Contoh Mahar Pernikahan

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3.1. Gold

The first example of a wedding dowry is gold. Gold is a precious metal that is widely used as a dowry. This is because gold has a stable value and over time the selling price continues to increase.

Gold given to the bride is usually in the form of jewelry or gold bars. Gold bars tend to be preferred because they are equipped with official certificates so they are easy to resell and can be stored for a long time as an investment.

3.2. Money

Next is money. This example of a dowry wedding is certainly very commonplace and is most often chosen by Indonesian people. There is no definite nominal amount that must be given if choosing this type of dowry. Everything comes back to the agreement between the two parties.

However, many of our people choose a certain nominal to commemorate the wedding date or other unique symbols. Not infrequently, in order to beautify the shape of the dowry that is handed over, usually the existing money will be decorated as aesthetically as possible by wrapping it with frames or shaped to resemble animals and plants.

3.3. Silver

Apart from gold, another precious metal that can be used as an alternative to an example of a wedding dowry is silver. In Indonesia silver is widely chosen because the price is relatively affordable. So, with a limited amount of money, you can still get silver with a total weight of more than gold.

3.4. Equipment for Worship

Equipment for worship such as a set of prayer tools, prayer mats, tasbih, Al-Qur'an, and so on can be used as examples of a simple wedding dowry.

Apart from being useful, many people believe that religious paraphernalia is a symbol that marriage is a complement to worship in the world and therefore to perfect this worship, it is hoped that the existing couple can always remember the creator until the end of their lives.

3.5. Hobby Supplies

Along with the development of the era, the existing dowries are increasingly unique and varied. One of them is the dowry in the form of hobby equipment. This type of dowry can take any form. For example, namely fangirling equipment such as music albums from your favorite boy group.

3.6. Land Certificate

A land certificate can be used as an example of a marriage dowry because it has a fairly high sale value. Evidence of ownership of this land can be kept for a long time as well as being a sweet memory during the marriage.

3.7. Livestock

Farm animals are an example of a marriage dowry in the form of assets that you can choose from. As the Prophet Muhammad SAW once gave animals as a dowry when he married his wife Khadijah bint Khuwailid radhiullahuanha. Several types of livestock that you can choose from are cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and many more.

3.8. Company Shares

Gifting company shares as dowry is an example of an anti-mainstream dowry. Even so, the value of the existing shares is of course very valuable as other types of dowries.

If you plan to choose shares to be used as dowry, choose quality stocks such as blue-chip stocks that come from national companies and have been IPOd on the Indonesian capital market.

4. Prohibited Marriage Dowry

An example of a marriage dowry that may be given in Islam is something that is lawful. The prohibited types of marriage dowry are divided into four as follows.

4.1. Badly Obtained Goods

For example, from the proceeds of stealing, robbing, cheating, and all other forms of criminal acts that are prohibited in Islam.

4.2. Mahar Has No Value

A good dowry is a dowry that has value and is beneficial to the bride. Therefore, the man should give a proper and appropriate dowry. A dowry that has no value is a form of humiliation because it can demean a woman's dignity.

4.3. Dowry That is Burdensome for Men

The woman is indeed freed to choose the desired dowry for the groom. Even so, this is not necessarily a reason to ask for something beyond one's means.

For example, asking for expensive items such as cars or luxury homes because of prestige or wanting to show off to invited guests or closest relatives.

4.4. Objects Whose Existence is Unknown

Items whose whereabouts cannot be ascertained and whose original form may not be used as a marriage dowry. The marriage dowry must be tangible and can be utilized by the wife.

Sobat BFI, this is information related to examples of wedding dowries. Before making a choice, you should first have a discussion with your partner. Thus, the dowry given later can be useful and always remembered until the end of his life.

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