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Types of SIM in Indonesia and Conditions for Making it

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6 January 2023
Types of SIM in Indonesia and Conditions for Making it

A driver's license is an important document that motorcyclists must have. This is in accordance with Police Regulation No. 5 of 2021 concerning the Issuance and Submission of Driving Permits. In article 2 paragraph 1 it is stated that everyone who drives a motorized vehicle (ranmor) on the highway must have a driver's license in accordance with the ranmor used.

What types of SIM are valid in Indonesia and what other important things do we need to know? Let's look at the full explanation in the following article.


1. What is SIM?

Of course, we often hear about the obligation to have a SIM when driving on the highway. However, what exactly is a SIM?

A SIM or an extension of a Driving License is an official document issued by the police (polri) as a form of permitting someone to drive a motorized vehicle according to the class and type of SIM they have.

The permit is obtained after fulfilling the existing administrative requirements, such as document completeness, age, physical and mental health test results, and being declared passed during the testing process.

The SIM has a validity period of 5 years from the date of issuance of the SIM. If you have entered your fifth year, you are required to extend your SIM according to the current SIM extension conditions.


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2. Is the SIM number and KTP the same?

Both SIM and KTP are important documents that contain a person's personal identity. However, SIM and KTP are not the same.

A SIM is an official document permitting driving a motorized vehicle on the road, while a KTP is official proof that someone is a native Indonesian citizen.

In addition, the number attached to the KTP and SIM are two different numbers. The number on the SIM is the SIM number, while the number on the KTP is the same identification number (NIK) as on the Family Card (KK).

3. Types of SIMs that Valid in Indonesia

In accordance with Perpol (Police Regulation) Number 5 of 2021, in Article 2 Paragraph (2) it is stated that the valid SIM in Indonesia consists of 3 types. Among others, are Individual Ranmor SIM, General Ranmor SIM, and International Driving License. For more details, let's look at the following explanation.

jenis sim

Jenis SIM di Indonesia Berdasarkan Golongan. Infografis: TIM BFI Finance

3.1. Type of Individual Driving License (Individual Driving License)

An individual SIM is a type of SIM that is issued to allow someone to drive their own personal vehicles, such as a car or motorcycle.

1. SIM A

SIM A is intended for private car drivers with a total vehicle weight not exceeding 3,500 kg (three thousand five hundred kilograms).

2. SIM B1

SIM B1 is intended for drivers of passenger cars or goods vehicles with a vehicle weight of more than 3,500 kg (three thousand five hundred kilograms).

3. SIM B2

SIM B2 is intended for drivers of towing vehicles, heavy equipment, and individual trailer trucks with a vehicle weight of more than 1,000 kg (one thousand kilograms).

4. SIM C

SIM C is intended for two-wheeled or motorcycle riders with three-engine cylinder capacities

  • SIM C <250 cc

  • SIM C1 250-500 cc

  • SIM C2 >500 cc 

CC stands for Cubic Centimeters.

5. SIM D

SIM D is specifically for people with disabilities. Valid SIM D is divided into two types:

  • SIM D for motorbike riders (equivalent to SIM C)
  • SIM D1 for car drivers (equivalent to SIM A)

3.2 General SIM Type

Apart from individual SIMs, the second type of SIM that applies in Indonesia is a general SIM. A general driver's license is a type of driver's license that is issued as valid proof that a person may drive all types of motorized vehicles on the road, except for special vehicles such as large trucks or passenger carriers.

1. SIM A General

General SIM A is intended for car drivers who function for public transportation, both for transporting passengers and goods. With a maximum vehicle weight record of 3,500 kg (three thousand five hundred kilograms).

2. SIM B1 General

SIM B1 is generally given to drivers of passenger cars or goods with commercial purposes and has a vehicle weight of more than 3,500 kg (more than three thousand five hundred kilograms), such as tourist buses, minibusses, elves, and ankle trucks.

3. SIM B2 General

SIM B2 is generally given to drivers of towing vehicles, heavy equipment, and trailers for commercial needs, such as trailer trucks, container trucks, and tank trucks. With a weight of more than 1,000 kg (more than one thousand kilograms).

3.3. Types of International Driving Licenses

International SIM is a type of SIM that is given to Indonesian citizens (WNI) or foreign citizens (WNA) who drive motorized vehicles outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

In short, an International SIM is only valid if it is used in the territory of another country or outside Indonesia. Vice versa, where an International SIM from another country can be used in Indonesia but not in the country of origin. The validity period of an International SIM is 3 years from the date of issue.

4. Requirements for making a SIM

The requirements for making a SIM are regulated in Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021, where parties wishing to apply for a SIM must meet the following requirements.

4.1. Age Requirements

Each type of SIM that exists has different age and administration requirements. You can see more details as follows.

  • SIM A, C, D: Minimum 17 years
  • SIM B1: 20 Years
  • SIM B2: 21 Years
  • SIM A General: 20 Years
  • SIM B1 General: 22 Years
  • SIM B2 General: 23 Years

4.2. Administrative Requirements

For complete administrative data, make sure you complete the following documents.

  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Photocopy of KTP or Immigration Document (foreigners only)
  • Making a Fingerprint Formula
  • Pass Health Tests (Including Psychological Tests)
  • Pass Driving Test (Theory and Practice)
  • Attaching proof of payment of non-tax state revenue

International Driving License Requirements

  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Passport photo
  • ID card
  • SIM photo
  • Passport
  • International SIM photo (extension only)
  • Permanent Stay Permit (foreigner only)
  • Signature
  • Fingerprint Document
  • Proof of Payment of Non-Tax State Revenue

4.3. Take the Driving Exam

In addition to the two conditions above, you are also required to take a series of driving tests before you can get the type of SIM according to the group. Existing tests consist of medical tests, psychological tests (cognitive, psychomotor, and personality), theory exams, and practical exams.

5. How to Extend SIM Online

SIM extension can be done online. This method is certainly easier and more practical without the need to queue long. Here are the steps:

  • Download the Korlantas Digital application on the Playstore or App Store
  • Register your personal information
  • Complete and verify personal data
  • Do a physical test at e-Rikkes SIM and a psychological test at EPPSI
  • Click 'Apply for SIM Extension'
  • Upload all required documents
  • Select the publisher SATPAS
  • Select the SIM delivery/collection method
  • Select the SIM renewal payment method
  • Make a payment and wait for your SIM to finish processing

Friends of BFI, this is information about the types of SIMs that exist in Indonesia and the conditions for making the newest SIM. As good citizens, we should obey the law. So, make sure to have a SIM according to the class of vehicle you are using, OK?

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