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Complete! These are the Terms and How to Make the Latest Family Card

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3 January 2023
Complete! These are the Terms and How to Make the Latest Family Card

You must understand how to make a family card, especially for newlyweds. This is because the existence of a family card is crucial for processing various documents.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to make a family card independently. As a result, many people out there prefer the services of brokers. In fact, making it is not difficult. You can even make them online without having to stand in long queues!

Then, how do you make a family card, and what requirements must be met? Read more here!


1. What is Family Card?

A family card is an official document containing the identity of family members who live in the same house. This document must be owned to facilitate administrative matters relating to personal data and as proof of domicile.

The family card is made by the local government and contains personal data such as; name, date of birth, and family relationship with the member listed on the family card.

2. Family Card Benefits

By having a family card (KK), you will get several benefits which include:

  • As identification. Family cards can be used as identification besides KTP.
  • As an administrative requirement. For example, applying for a loan to a finance company, showing personal data when taking public transportation such as trains, extending a motor vehicle driver's license, car and motorcycle BPKB mortgage requirements.
  • As proof of one's domicile or place of residence.
  • As proof of family relationship. This can be seen clearly in the existing KK.
  • As one of the conditions for obtaining access to public services. For example health and education.

3. Requirements for Making a Family Card

Before discussing how to make a family card, there are several documents that you must prepare as prerequisite for making a family cards. The existing requirements are determined by the purpose of manufacture.

3.1. For Newly Married Couples

How to make a family card for newly married couples is as follows.

  • Photocopy of Family Card (KK) for each spouse.
  • Photocopy of e-KTP of Parents of Each Spouse.
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate of Both Partner's Parents.
  • Photocopy of Marriage Book or Marriage Certificate.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate (Optional).
  • Cover letter from the local RT/RW.

3.2. To Add Family Members

If you have a new member in your families such as a baby or adopted child, you can use the following terms.

  • Cover letter from the local RT/RW.
  • Old Family Card or Legalized Copy of Old Family Card.
  • Photocopy of Parents' Marriage Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate from the Hospital.

3.3. To add family members who want to ride with family members

Meanwhile, if someone wants to stay at your house for a long time, the requirements for making a family card are as follows.

  • Cover letter from the local RT/RW.
  • Bringing the Old KK and the Families that are Riding on it.
  • Certificate of Moving Domicile.
  • Certificate of Coming From Overseas (Especially for Indonesian People Who Previously Lived Abroad).
  • Permanent Stay Permit, Passport, Certificate of Police Record, or Self-Report Certificate (For Foreigners/Foreign Citizens).

3.4. Reduction of KK members

Membership reductions on family cards can be done online by creating a new family card and meeting the following requirements.

  • Old Family Card.
  • Cover letter from the local RT/RW.
  • Death Certificate (For Family Members Who Have Died).
  • Certificate of Moving or Transferring (Especially for Migrants).

These requirements must be attached if a family member dies or wants to separate from the current family card.

3.5. Lost or Damaged

Meanwhile, for those of you who experience a disaster such as losing your family card or your existing family card is damaged, you can make a new one by including the following requirements.

  • Certificate from RT/RW where you live.
  • Certificate of Loss from the Police of your domicile.
  • Bring a Damaged Family Card (If the Old Family Card is Damaged).
  • Photocopy of Resident Documents or KTP of a Family Member.
  • Migration Documents (Especially for Migrant Foreigners).

4. 5 Easy Ways to Make a Family Card

There are 5 ways that you can choose to make a family card, both conventionally and online. Among them are making KK through the Ministry of Home Affairs website, the Disdukcapil website, the Betawi avocado application, the youth application, and the si dnok application. For more details, see the method below.

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4.1. Ministry of Home Affairs website

Making a family card (KK) is no longer necessary to bother queuing. You can make it online through the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs. How to make a family card on the website is as follows.

  • Visit the Ministry of Home Affairs website.
  • Create a new account.
  • Enter identification such as name, cellphone number, and active email address.
  • Create a memorable password.
  • If so, log back in using your cellphone number and password.
  • On the existing page, select the online document management menu.
  • Click the contents of the application for making a KK.
  • Upload all the required requirements.
  • A new credit card will be sent to your email address.

4.2. Disdukcapil website

Apart from going through the Ministry of Home Affairs website, you can also make a family card through your regional Disdukcapil website. The steps are as follows.

  • Visit your city's Disdukcapil website.
  • Fill in the form for making a KK.
  • Upload all requested documents.
  • Wait until the creation process is complete.

If the KK has been completed, the Disdukcapil will inform you via SMS or email.

4.3. Betawi avocado application

For those of you who live in Jakarta, you can make a family card through an application called Apukat Betawi. In addition, you can also access it through the existing official page. Here's how to make a family card through Avocado Betawi.

  • Visit the official Avocado Betawi website or download the application on the Play Store or App Store.
  • Select 'Add Application'.
  • Make sure there are no mistakes. When complete, click 'Next'.
  • Select the required document requirements and enter your cellphone number.
  • Click 'Save'.
  • Next, upload all the required requirements including the missing KK certificate if you replace it with a new one.
  • Select the 'Service Point' and the date of collection of documents.
  • Continue by selecting an application date.
  • Click 'YES' if there are no changes or you change your mind.
  • Then click on the printer image to view the application letter and download it.

4.4. Youth Application

Especially for Bandung residents, now you can make a family card more easily. Here's how to make a family card with the Youth application (Independent Population Data Update).

  • Download the Youth app on Playstore or App Store.
  • Create a new account using your identity.
  • If so, do log in.
  • On the dashboard page, select the type of document you need.
  • Upload the requested requirements.
  • Wait a moment until you receive a notification from the Youth admin.
  • If the document you submit is ready, you will get a file in PDF format that you can download or print.

4.5. Si Dnok Application

Apart from DKI Jakarta and Bandung, you can also apply for a family card through the application, especially for those of you who live in Semarang. You can easily do how to make a family card in the Si Dnok application.

  • Select a submission category.
  • Fill in the application form completely.
  • Upload the requested data requirements.
  • If so, submit an application.
  • Admin Si D'Nok will process the existing data.
  • If pending occurs in the process, it means that there are documents that are incomplete or do not comply with the instructions. If this happens, please do it from the beginning.
  • If the data processing stage has been completed, then you will get a notification when the document is ready.
  • Take the document to Disdukcapil by bringing several supporting documents certifying the requirements for making a KK.

5. Cost of Making a Family Card

For those of you who are wondering how much it costs to make a family card, you don't need to pay a penny or it's FREE. Don't be fooled if there are certain fees or extortion.

6. How long does the process of making a family card take?

Based on Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 5 of 2011, making a family card takes 7 days for newly married couples.

Meanwhile, if you submit it online, making a family card only takes a day if there are no problems with the SIAK system (Population Administration Information System) and the network. This also applies to making other KK except for newly married couples.

7. Characteristics of the Latest Family Card

Like other important documents, now the family card has a new look. The characteristics are as follows.

  • Printed on A4 size 80-gram white HVS paper. That way, KK is officially no longer printed on special paper.
  • Without the wet signature of the Dukcapil official.
  • Without the stamp of the agency or institution.
  • There is a QR Code that is connected to the official Dukcapil Kemendagri website.
  • The family card can be printed by yourself via a digital copy sent via email.

Sobat BFI is information about how to easily make a family card both conventionally and online. The hope is that this information will be useful for all readers.

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