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11 House Paint Color Inspirations for Your Design Interior

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28 November 2022
11 House Paint Color Inspirations for Your Design Interior

The choice of house paint color is one of the crucial things in interior design. This is because the color chosen is able to create a certain atmosphere for the homeowner and anyone who sees or is in it.

So, for those of you who are looking for inspiration for the latest house paint colors, the following colors can be your choice. Come on, let's just discuss one by one the eleven existing colors.


House Paint Color Inspiration

1. White

White paint color is arguably the most popular house paint color inspiration. Especially when the minimalist style is increasingly loved by many people. This color is able to convey a minimalist image very well because the existing color has a clean, simple impression, and makes a room covered in white paint feel more spacious and large.

Although not a few people tend to avoid white because it is considered dirty easily and requires more maintenance, this color is still one of the best colors that can be combined with other colors.

In addition to creating a minimalist and spacious impression, white can also make an existing room feel cozier and warmer when combined with natural decorations such as light wood, rattan, plants, or other soft tones such as brown or tawny.

2. Cream

Inspirasi Warna Cat Rumah

Image Source: Pexels/Emre Can Acer

In addition to white, cream color is also an inspiration for the next house paint color that can give the impression of relief and make your home easier to organize.

In fact, this one color has a timeless effect that makes it the most popular color paint trend from year to year.

Cream color can be chosen to paint any room. Such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, the bathroom! In the family room, the existing cream color will make the room feel elegant and relieved.

Some tips that you can apply so that the existing beige color doesn't seem monotonous, namely:

  • Combining beige with furniture that has wood elements
  • Combined with black and white
  • Give a natural touch, such as placing a plant pot at a certain spot

3. Blue

Blue interior design can make an existing room feel calm, soft, and pleasing to the eye. This color is also widely believed to have a shady and calming impression when the mood is not well, as is the case when we look at the blue sky in space. It's no wonder that blue can be nominated as the third house paint color inspiration.

Want to make your home look fresh but still feel warm? You can combine blue with brown, beige, or gray.

The use of blue on residential walls can also create a glamorous impression, you know! The trick is to add silver accents or combine blue with purple.

4. Green 

As with the previous house paint color inspiration, green is also much-loved by people because it has a natural and cool impression to look at. This color is considered to be able to give freshness to the eyes and make the mood of anyone who is in it better.

If you are interested in applying this one color, the following tips can be good preferences to follow:

  • Use dark green (dark green) in the living room to accentuate a modern, comfortable and spacious impression.
  • Use green that is not too flashy to give your bedroom a touch of comfort and calm. For example, forest green (jungle green) and faded green (soft/celadon).
  • As for the kitchen, you can combine the existing green color with antique furniture or those that have wood elements. This can make the kitchen more lively, classic, elegant, and of course fresh.

That said, the use of green in the kitchen can make cooking activities more enthusiastic and enjoyable.

5. Purple

Want to have a room that feels luxurious and elegant? Purple color can be your choice! Purple is the color that carries the interference of two strong colors, namely red and blue. These two colors are considered capable of moving human emotions and have various meanings that are closely related to culture.

Like these two colors, purple also has a very diverse meaning. For example in Asia, the color purple is known as the color of prosperity, and nobility, and not a few also interpret purple as a bad omen.

Whereas in western culture, purple is better known as a color that has mystical and spiritual nuances. Like the purple color which is identical to Halloween celebrations and witchcraft.

Regardless of this belief, the color purple can make your residential interior more attractive. Like combining purple with other house paint color inspirations such as white and giving a little silver accent on furniture or certain parts of your home decor. Besides that, the use of purple can also make an existing room have a contemporary and semi-industrial style.


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6. Yellow

The next interior color that has become a trend, as well as an inspiration for house paint colors this year, is yellow! Even though it seems striking, the application of yellow to a dwelling can emit a positive effect on a person's psychology. Such as feelings of happiness, confidence, and optimism.

So that the yellow color used does not feel monotonous and looks modern, you can choose some of the yellow color combinations below:

  • Mustard Yellow and Tosca Green Colors
  • Yellow and White with a Touch of Wood Furniture
  • Yellow and Soft Pink colors
  • Yellow and Red
  • Yellow and Brown Colors in the Living Room for a Warm and Cozy Touch
  • Yellow and Gray
  • Pastel Yellow and Green Colors for a Calm and Bright Impression in the Bedroom

7. Orange

Want to make the room in your residence look fresh? How about choosing orange?

The color orange as an inspiration for house paint colors is believed to be able to bring joy and increase appetite. For example, the color combination of orange and white paint is enhanced with wood elements on the floor. This combination can create a cheerful, clean and open space.

This color will be perfect for those of you who want to carry an earthy tone or minimalist style by adding a touch of joy from the orange color that is present in it.

8. Black

Inspirasi Warna Cat Rumah

Image Source: Pexels/Hermanth Nirujogi

Want to make the room in your residence look fresh? How about choosing orange?

The color orange as an inspiration for house paint colors is believed to be able to bring joy and increase appetite. For example, the color combination of orange and white paint is enhanced with wood elements on the floor. This combination can create a cheerful, clean and open space.

This color will be perfect for those of you who want to carry an earthy tone or minimalist style by adding a touch of joy from the orange color that is present in it.

9. Red

Red is known as a bold color, a symbol of enthusiasm, and brings good luck. In Asia, this color is very popular and is believed to be a color that can attract attention and show one's power.

The use of red as an inspiration for house paint colors can make the atmosphere of a room feel more intimate, creating a romantic and luxurious feel. This color is also suitable to be used as a focal point for one part of the house.

For example, for a family dining room, this color will give a feeling of warmth and comfort. For a gym or sports room, red can ignite a fire of enthusiasm and positive energy.

Some of the red colors that are quite popular and are often combined with other colors are dark red, maroon, and chili red. Make sure to mix and match this one color with other colors that are brighter or contrast so that the room feels more alive.

10. Grey

Today, gray is one of the colors that are on the rise, especially for house paint color inspiration. Because, this one color has a minimalist, neutral, and flexible impression to be combined with other colors. Gray is also often chosen to make a room seem spacious or spacious.

Several types of gray are suitable for you to choose from and can be created with other colors, namely dark gray and light gray. So, for a minimalist home-style combination, you can use a mix of colors like the following.

  • Gray and White
  • Gray and Red
  • Gray and Blue
  • Gray and Peach
  • Gray and Yellow
  • Gray and Green
  • Gray and Brown
  • Gray and Purple

11. Pink 

The last house paint color inspiration is pink. Who is not familiar with the following colors that have a feminine impression? Pink or pink is a paint color that is becoming a trend in 2022.

Various choices of pink colors that you can choose from include pink salmon, dusty pink, ground pink, peignoir (a mixture of pink and gray), and sulking pink.


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Tips for Choosing House Paint Colors

Choosing a house paint color cannot be done arbitrarily. In addition to considering the existing aesthetic value, the color that you will choose will affect the mood of the person who sees or is in it.

So, it's important for you to consider the following important aspects so that the colors you choose to meet your expectations and save on your existing budget.

1. Choose a Color Based on Character and Mood

The first tip that you need to consider regarding choosing house paint colors is choosing colors based on character and mood.

A person's mood can easily be affected by the colors he sees. This is why it is important for you to pay attention to the paint color you choose.

For example, if you are someone who has a cheerful character, and likes to explore new things, but is still happy with something simple, choosing yellow with a combination of white and wood furniture will suit you very well.

2. Get to Know the Best Color for Each Room

Every paint color that exists can actually be applied to all rooms. However, it's good that the color you choose can be adjusted to the function of the room.

As well as calm and soft colors that would be more suitable for the bedroom. This color will create a calm and comfortable impression that will allow you to relax and sleep soundly.

3. Pay Attention to Room Lighting

The paint color you choose has a big hand in giving the impression of your home. Choosing the wrong paint will make the existing room feel cramped, and stuffy, and even make anyone uncomfortable while in it.

So, make sure to choose a color according to the lighting that enters your home. You can consult about this a painter or building shop owner.

4. Use Color Disc Assist

The next tip is to use the help of color discs to combine colors that suit your room. Apart from that, this will also make it easier for you to choose your ideal color when you are confused by the many colors available.

How to use it is to choose colors that are opposite each other or colors that form 90 degrees. Later, these colors will always create harmonious and harmonious colors.

5. Use the 60-30-10 Rule

In addition to considering the color inspiration for the house paint you choose and the lighting in the room, you also need to consider the proportion of paint that will be applied to your home.

The method itself is quite easy, namely by applying the 60-30-10 rule. 60% for room color walls, 30% for furniture colors such as sofas, tables, chairs, and 10% for other decorations.

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Sobat BFI, that's information about 11 House Paint Color Inspirations and Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors. Which color do you like the most? Whatever the color choice, be sure to choose a paint that is of good quality and safe for your health, okay?

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