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9 Slick Interior Design Inspirations for Home Renovations

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3 March 2022
9 Slick Interior Design Inspirations for Home Renovations

Are you in the planning stage to renovate your house or build a new one? Have you found interior design inspiration that matches your character? This time the BFI Finance team will provide nine home interior design recommendations that you can apply. Hopefully, with the arrangement of the new interior design of your home, you can always be enthusiastic about carrying out your daily activities! Let's look at the following nine interior design inspirations!

9 Beautiful Interior Design Inspirations a la BFI Finance

1. Use of Natural Light and Plants to Decorate the Dining Room

The dining room is a place that is not used only to eat food but can also be used as a family gathering place to tell stories to each other. As a complement to this family moment, choosing a comfortable dining room interior design will certainly add to the warm atmosphere. No need to spend a lot of money to design it. In addition to choosing the right furniture and room arrangement, it never hurts to try a design with natural lighting and a touch of green from plants.

Natural lighting from the sun will save electricity use during the day. To add a beautiful impression, you can add a modern or vintage minimalist chandelier. To add a cool impression, you can add several types of ornamental plants in the dining room area. Such as succulent plants, spider plants, ivory betel, Philodendrons, coffee plants, and others.

2. Anti-Stuffy Bathroom Shades

The choice of bathroom interior design is also better not to be ruled out, BFI pal. The bathroom of a minimalist home is generally not too wide. Therefore, there are some tips that you can practice to make the bathroom feel more spacious and anti-stuff! Try choosing paint or ceramics with soft and neutral nuances, such as beige. Or, you can combine two colors like black and white. Apply black on the walls and white on the floor. Use patterns in the combination of these two colors so that they are not too monotonous. In addition, try to add a mirror to give the bathroom a spacious impression.

3. Pastel Style Living Room

So here it is, designing a family room might be the favorite thing for all BFI friends! The family room can be said to be the main multifunctional room. Because, the family room can be used as a place to gather, eat, and even sleep. Therefore, consider choosing an interior design that is as attractive as possible.

This time, you can choose to use pastel paint and household furniture for the living room area. In the past, pastel colors were mostly used for bedrooms only. However, currently, the use of pastel shades has been widely applied to living rooms. Pastel colors have a soft, cheerful, and youthful character. These pastel colors don't always give a feminine impression, BFI friends. You can combine several other pastel colors so that the feminine and masculine impressions can be balanced.

As inspiration, choose a combination of peach and white on the walls and furniture in your living room. The peach and white interior design will give a warm and cheerful impression. Combining peach and pastel green is also suitable for the application. These two colors will give a cheerful and bright impression.

4. Simple and Slick Walk In Closet

A Walk-in closet is a special room or storage area for clothes and accessories. Generally, the walk-in closet is separated from any other room to make it feel more private. However, there is also the use of a walk-in closet that is integrated into the room. With a walk-in closet in your home, you will certainly be more flexible in sorting and choosing the clothes to be used.

You can try the industrial-themed walk-in closet interior design. The industrial theme is synonymous with a touch of wood and openness. You can combine open wood cabinets and dark brown floors. Or, if you have limited space, you can maximize the room containing the wardrobe close to the bed. In this way, it will make the bedroom neater and not look cramped.

5. Tidy Kitchen (Ceramic Wall)

In order to be more enthusiastic about cooking or preparing food, the interior design in the kitchen must be considered, yes. You can choose a kitchen that is one with a dining room, so it looks more spacious. Another inspiration is to use a ceramic backsplash material on the wall area that gives a beautiful embossed pattern. You can also use chevron motif ceramics which also gives a clean and minimalist impression. You can also try adding tables and chairs with a bar concept. The kitchen design can give a modern and minimalist impression.

6. Use of Mirrors to Add Spacious and Luxurious Impression

The use of mirrors in interior design elements has many benefits and can affect the psychology of the occupants of the house, you know. According to feng shui, mirrors can provide a positive atmosphere and can bring good luck and even wealth to homeowners. In addition, the use of mirrors can give the impression of being spacious and airy in a room. The reflection is also able to make the light spread to all corners of the room. You can add additional mirror decorations to the living room, bathroom, or dining room.

7. Scandinavian Themed Bedroom

This one room is certainly a favorite for all BFI friends, yes. The bedroom is a place to unwind after a day's activities so a neat interior design arrangement can be considered to influence a good mood. The inspiration for the BFI Finance team this time was to choose a Scandinavian-themed interior design. Scandinavian design has long been a trend and is suitable to be applied to a minimalist room. This Scandinavian concept carries the feel of simplicity but still gives the impression of luxury and elegance. You can choose a white wall color that can give the bedroom a spacious impression. Or, choose monochrome shades for a men's bedroom to give a masculine impression.

Next, you can add wood-based furniture for cots, tables, chairs, and cupboards. You can also add simple wall decorations such as paintings or wallpapers.

8. Maximize the Space Under the Stairs

If your house consists of two floors, you can use the empty space under the stairs as storage. You can use the space under the stairs as:

  • Shoe storage
  • Bookshelf
  • Simple study or workroom
  • Mini toilet
  • Laundry room
  • Places of worship and storage of worship equipment
  • Versatile wardrobe

9. Making a Garden in the House

The last interior design inspiration is to create a garden in the house or an indoor garden. The addition of a garden in the house is applied to add a beautiful green impression. You can also choose real plants or artificial plants depending on your interests. Some native plants that can grow well indoors are:

  • Mother-in-law's tongue
  • Betel ivory
  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe vera
  • Bromeliads
  • Lily Paris
  • Monstera
  • Dragon Tree
  • Soleiroli
  • Bamboo or Yellow Palm
  • Chrysanthemum and Lavender

In addition, you can use artificial grass and gravel ornaments to decorate the garden in the house. If possible, you can also make a mini fish pond in the garden area of ​​the house.


Well, those are the nine interior design inspirations that you can choose when renovating your house or building a new house. Interesting right? The tip is not to be in a hurry in determining the interior design of the house. Use various references from various sources such as from your colleagues, the Pinterest platform, Youtube, or by hiring interior design services. Because the selection of interior design takes a long time, therefore you must be as careful as possible in determining it. Talking about funds to renovate a house, you can get and apply to BFI Finance, you know, through a home renovation loan! Only with a car, motorbike, or house certificate guarantee, then you have the opportunity to get a loan with various ceilings and low interest. Visit the following link to apply for your home renovation loan immediately. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to consult with the BFI Finance team by accessing the live chat located at the bottom of the website, calling our Customer Care phone line at 1500018, or by visiting the nearest BFI Finance branch from your home. BFI Finance, the Solution for All Your Financial Needs!

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