23 Creative Business Ideas You Must Try in 2023!

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26 June 2023
23 Creative Business Ideas You Must Try in 2023!

Having a personal business is a dream for most of us. The reason is, by having our own business, we can be more flexible in managing it according to the time and commitment we want.

However, sometimes we feel stuck with ideas or are confused about what business to choose if it is suitable to try. So, for those of you who are looking for inspiration regarding creative business ideas, the following list is worth reading to the end!


Updated List of Creative Business Ideas in 2023

There are so many creative business ideas that you can try in 2023. Here are 23 updated business ideas that you can consider trying according to your passion and interests.

Come on, let's check anything!

1. Dropshipper

The first creative business idea is a drop shipper. Maybe you are already familiar with this one job. The reason is, being a drop shipper doesn't require a lot of capital, you can even start without even capital!

You don't need stock, just work with suppliers or manufacturers who are ready to send products to customers on your behalf.

With a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection, you can market your products through online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or marketplaces.

2. Social Media Admin

Next is to become a social media admin. This job is perfect for those of you who are proficient in managing and utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Many businesses need help managing content, running campaigns, or interacting with customers. With gadget capital and a stable internet connection, you can generate additional income by working as a social media admin. Isn't it interesting?

3. Graphic Design

The third creative business idea is to run a graphic design business. For those of you who have graphic design skills, you can try to open this service. With your graphic design skills, you can create business logos, posters, banners, and so on.

The ever-evolving business world always opens positive opportunities for graphic design services. If you don't have these skills yet, it never hurts to start learning now!

4. Event Organizer

Building an event organizer business can also be the next alternative choice that you can run with your family. The Event Organizer business is a type of business that requires many people to execute the events it handles.

You can take advantage of family members to help with the operation of this event organizer business. For example, the person in charge of finding partners, field coordinators, finance, services, and more.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you have the ability to market products persuasively, affiliate marketing is a creative business idea without capital that you can make the right choice. You will promote other people's products through an affiliate link specially created for you.

When a purchase transaction is made through the link, you will get a commission. Without capital, you can start marketing your products by using blogs, social media, or email marketing.

Some Sites That Offer Affiliate Programs

  • Tokopedia


  • Shopee


  • Lazada


  • TikTok


  • BliBli


6. Hampers / Gifts by Request


Hampers are one of the items that are in great demand by the public. This is because with hampers we can send gifts anywhere without having to bother coming to the store and wrapping them.

Various hampers business ideas that you can try:

1. Hampers for graduation gifts

2. Hampers for birthday gifts

3. Hampers for wedding gifts

For the contents, you can vary a variety of unique and interesting items. Be it food or goods. Depending on the price you set or requests from customers (by request).


7. Clothes Laundry and Shoes Laundry

The seventh creative business idea is to open a laundry and shoe laundry business. The laundry business can be run at home or in a location close to the house so it's easy to organize.

The main capital needed to run this business includes washing machines, detergents, laundry perfumes, irons, and employees if you need help. If your laundry business is located in a densely populated area, of course, this business opportunity will be very promising.

Apart from the clothes laundry business, the shoe laundry business is also attracting a lot of attention from business activists because it has a fairly wide market share, especially in busy urban areas.

8. Online Private Class

The next creative business idea is to teach online through certain platforms. Currently, distance is not a barrier to learning. By taking advantage of online platforms, you can learn from more experienced people hundreds of kilometers from your home.

If you master English actively, for example, you can change this opportunity by becoming an English teacher on the Italki or Duolingo platforms. In addition to increasing income, being an online teacher will certainly increase friendships across regions. Excited!

9. Online Game Streamer

Playing games is not only fun to do but can also earn some decent money. One of the ways is by becoming a game streamer!

The income you get will be obtained from gifts or offerings from the audience. You can choose games that are currently booming to get more viewers and have the same opportunity to earn as much income.

10. Photography and Videography

It turns out that photography and videography can be a promising source of income! For example, in the realm of photography, you can sell your shots through various licensed photo trading platforms such as Shutterstock and IStock Photo.

This digital business idea requires you to upload your own photos through the platform. If there are users who download and use your photos, you will get benefits starting from IDR 14,000 for each photo. Interesting huh?

11. Personal Shopper

Love shopping and have a good taste for mix and match? Don't hesitate to start a creative business idea as a personal shopper!

This job is quite prestigious because it is needed by famous people to help them choose the right groceries. Besides meeting famous people, you also have the opportunity to visit prestigious shops that sell branded goods.

12. Healthy Food Catering

ide usaha kreatif

Image Source: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

You can try starting a home catering business because it has the advantages of relatively small capital and big profits, raw materials that are easy to find, can be done from home, and the tools needed are relatively cheap and you already have.

Apart from these advantages, opening a home catering, especially healthy food catering, can increase the potential for greater profits during a pandemic like today, where people are competing to maintain a healthy diet and not be susceptible to viruses.

13. Makeup Artist

This creative business idea has pretty good growth. Because the appearance is always in the spotlight in various important events. Many people want to look beautiful and attractive, so they need the services of an MUA to help them apply make-up and makeup.

By starting this business, you can make a lot of profit. Especially if you have good skills and an equally good reputation among customers.

14. Content Creator

Do you like video editing and dare to appear in front of the camera? Consider trying this one business idea as a content creator!

Becoming a content creator is one of the online business opportunities that is currently on the rise and is loved by many groups. You can create relevant and interesting content to get a large audience. Through platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Instagram or personal blogs, you can generate revenue through advertising, sponsorship or donations.

15. Website Development Services

The IT field is a field that can be done anywhere with only a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection.

If you are someone who is smart and has expertise in HTML, CMS, and other programming languages, you can open a website creation service independently or with your relatives.

The method is quite easy. You can follow the steps below.

  • Create a website that contains the portfolio and services you offer
  • Promote your business on social media or through the community
  • Offer directly to companies that need it

16. Selling Popular Drinks

Popular drinks are much loved by the wider community, especially teenagers. You can take advantage of this opportunity to enliven the market by selling popular drinks such as boba, cheese tea, and the like.

To make payments easier for the business you run, you can implement a cashless payment system. So, all existing transactions can be monitored and recorded neatly.

17. Costume Rental

Have a large collection of fashion at home or like to make costume clothes according to certain characters? Costume rental business may be your choice!

You can work with schools, institutions or communities that need costumes for certain events. Apart from that, you can also offer this business online, such as through social media or using search engine marketing.

18. Clothing Line

Clothing line is one of the most promising creative business ideas in 2023. Many young people want to look trendy with a variety of attractive fashion choices, ranging from clothes, hats, pants and other accessories.

Not only keeping up with the latest developments, to be successful in this business you must have its own unique selling point, for example the design of your clothing line is different from the others and has its own uniqueness.

19. Translator

Have good foreign language skills? Becoming a translator or translator is an opportunity that is right for you!

Many companies or individuals need translator services to translate documents, website content, or even conversations in video conferences. With the skills you have, you can offer translation services online through a freelancer platform or build your own client network.

20. Content Creator Services

Enjoy being creative with digital content? Consider making this hobby one of the most promising business opportunities in 2023!

The reason is, today's social media is very booming and has become a daily necessity for most people. There are so many brands, MSMEs, influencers, and so on that need content creator services to run their business and various goals.

You can offer your services on various well-known freelancer platforms or by utilizing the network you have.

21. Beauty Vlogger

Apart from food bloggers, for those of you who like the world of beauty, from skincare to make up, this is the right time to develop your interests and hobbies by becoming a beauty vlogger as a creative business idea. Prepare a YouTube account that has been monetized!

22. Franchise Business

Want to have a business with a decent income but have no experience at all? You can make a franchise business the right choice!

Franchise business or also known as franchise business is a type of business that is mushrooming in Indonesia. Generally, companies that open franchises are companies that are well known and have guaranteed quality.

The way this business works is that partners will get the same trademarks, raw materials and products from the franchisor with certain contracts.

Some Types of Franchise Businesses You Can Try:


23. Frozen Food

Frozen food or frozen food lately is very popular with the public. Not only is it durable and the price is pocket-friendly, frozen food has a wide variety of choices. Starting from ready-to-fry snacks, meat, to vegetables.

To start this business you can take two ways. First, you can become an official drop shipper or reseller. If you choose to become a drop shipper, you don't need to provide a place to put frozen food, you can simply process existing orders and send them to the buyer's address.

For the second method, you need to prepare a little capital to buy a refrigerator as a frozen food storage container. Even though it seems quite complicated, in this second way you can also sell it offline for those who live around where you live.

BFI friends, that's a creative business idea that you can try according to your passion and desire.

If you are determined to choose a business idea and want to work in that field so that it becomes a sustainable source of income, then you need to think about a source of capital to make your dream come true.

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