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How to Install a Car Battery at Home, Easy and Efficient

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2 December 2022
How to Install a Car Battery at Home, Easy and Efficient

How install a car battery is actually not difficult. You can do it yourself at home without going to a repair shop. Even so, there are a number of procedures that you need to do so that the battery installation can run smoothly.

How to install the right car battery? Check out the complete information below.


1. Overview of Car Batteries

The car battery is an important component of the engine. The existence of this car battery functions as a supplier of electric power to move various components in the car engine.

Because of its very crucial function, how to install a car battery cannot be done haphazardly. You have to follow several existing procedures according to the type of your car battery. Thus, the car engine can avoid shorting which has an impact on not wanting to start the car engine.

2. How to Install a Non-Injection Car Battery

The following are the steps for installing a car battery that uses a non-injection or carburetor system. Make sure you follow this procedure carefully without skipping a single step.

2.1. Make Sure the Car Engine Has Been Turned off

The first step you have to take is to make sure the car engine has died completely. Furthermore, you can also remove the key in the ignition hole to ensure that no power flows into the battery. This is because a key that is still installed can cause sparks and threaten your safety.

2.2. Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable

The second way to install a non-injection car battery is to unplug all the cables at the battery terminal. You can start by unplugging the negative cable first using the key. The negative battery cable is generally black and has a (-) sign.

2.3. Disconnect the Positive Battery Cable

Next is to remove the positive battery cable which is red with a (+) sign. As with removing the negative battery cable, to unplug this one, make sure to use a key as well. After that, put the battery cable in a safe place and make sure it doesn't merge with the negative or metal cable to avoid a short circuit that can damage the car battery.

2.4. Unplug the Battery

When all the cables have been removed from the battery section, then you can remove the battery that is installed in the car. However, before you do that, be sure to remove the bracket or other parts attached to the battery. When all the brackets are removed, remove the battery vertically by lifting it perpendicularly from the car engine. This is so that the liquid in the battery does not spill. If you have difficulty lifting the battery because of its hefty weight, it's best to lift the battery with the help of another person.

2.5. Clean the Car Battery Terminals

The fifth way to install a car battery is to clean the battery from adhering dirt. Use a special liquid, soft sandpaper, emery cloth, wire brush, or plastic brush. You must do this step so that your car battery can conduct electricity properly.

Keep in mind, the liquid in the battery is corrosive and dangerous if it comes into contact with the skin. So make sure you do it carefully. As a preventive measure, you can use gloves made of rubber or other materials that are impervious to liquids.

Perform regular car battery cleaning to maintain maximum battery performance and prevent electrical conduction from the battery to other components from being hampered.

2.6. Install a New Battery

After you have successfully carried out the five processes above, the next step is installing a new battery. The trick is to put the battery in the tray and then attach the bracket. To prevent rust on the terminals, you can grease them with sufficient lithium oil.

2.7. Connect the Positive Battery Cable First

It's different with the process of removing the battery, at the installation stage, you need to connect the positive battery first, and don't forget to tighten it using a wrench. If there is a positive terminal, you can also attach it before switching to installing a negative battery.

Do this method of installing the car battery carefully and don't panic if a spark comes out. This spark will eventually stop by itself if the battery head is properly installed.

2.8. Connect the Negative Battery Cable

After the positive battery cable is installed, then you can connect the negative cable in a similar way, namely using a wrench. To avoid electric sparks, make sure neither the negative cable nor the wrench comes into contact with metal.

2.9. Check Cables and Clamps

Another crucial thing in how to install a car battery is to make sure the cables and clamps are installed perfectly. Because, if there is one component that is not tight, it is likely that your car will not start.

2.10. Close the hood and start the engine

Finally, close the hood tightly and start the engine. If all the procedures are correct, your car's engine will run perfectly without experiencing any problems. Well, when the machine is running perfectly, you can reset the navigation system, clock, and radio.


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3. How to Install Injection Car Batteries

In addition to the carburetor system, there are also car batteries with injection systems that use electronic technology and the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Generally, this system is used by today's modern cars.

Here's how to install the right injection car battery so that the car engine can run smoothly without causing damage to the ECU, clock memory, audio, and other important components.

Cara Pasang Aki Mobil

Image Source: Pexels/Sergey Meshkov

3.1. How to Install an Injection Car Battery with the Help of a Charger

The first way is to use the help of a charger or battery. The goal is that the car engine does not lose power. Therefore, how to install the following car battery must be done carefully.

1. Make sure the car engine is on

2. Connect the charger or battery to the battery head

3. Loosen the bolts that are on the two poles of the battery then remove the old battery from its place

4. Install the new battery carefully

5. Reconnect the bolt that was removed earlier

6. Remove the attached charger cable

7. Battery installation is complete

Even though it looks simple, make sure you do it carefully. The wrong procedure will result in a blockout that interferes with your car's electrical system.

3.2 How to Install Injection Car Batteries with New Units

The second way to install an injection car battery is by replacing the battery unit with a new one. This one method is very risky and therefore must be done carefully.

1. Turn on your car engine

2. Loosen the bolt on the battery head

3. Remove the old battery from its place

4. Install the new battery and tighten the existing bolts

5. Battery installation is complete

Sobat BFI, that's how to install a car battery at home, easy and efficient. You can apply this method to any type of car up to a truck. Most importantly, try to replace the battery in a place with sufficient lighting so that disturbances to the electrical system can be minimized.

Also make sure to routinely carry out car maintenance such as car service so that your vehicle can run properly, and avoid accidents, car scratches, and mold on the windshield. Another advantage is that a well-maintained car has a high selling value and makes it easier for you to obtain large amounts of BPKB collateral loans.

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