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Car Mutation Costs in 2023 and Easy Ways to Manage It

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16 August 2022
Car Mutation Costs in 2023 and Easy Ways to Manage It

Taking care of paying taxes and extending a car registration certificate in a different area is certainly very inconvenient. Not only does it waste energy but also takes a lot of time. Not to mention you have to prepare a number of documents and costs and wait in line at Samsat.

The good news is, that you no longer need to bother with the administration of motorized vehicles in your former domicile area. Now, you can take care of it at the domicile where you are currently by transferring the car or revoking the car file!

Then, what do you need to prepare? BFI friends, here are the details of the car mutation fees in 2022 and how to easily manage them. Let's see the explanation below!


1. What is Car Mutation?

Car mutation is one way that you can do if you want to replace the previous address of the vehicle with the current address.

This mutation aims to make it easier for you to pay your car tax and extend your vehicle registration. So, you can save more time than traveling long distances to the previous address.

Car mutations are divided into two types, namely mutations in one region (provinces) and mutations in other regions (between provinces). The different types of car mutations you choose will certainly affect the number of mutation costs.

What is the difference between mutation of one region (province) and mutation of another region (between provinces)? One area mutation is the transfer of the car owner's address from one Samsat area to another, but the license plate number remains the same.

For example, your former domicile address was Depok, and currently, you are domiciled in Jakarta. Then, your NoPol (Police Number) will remain the same. The only thing that has changed is the current Samsat address, which is Jakarta. Administrative matters will also officially move to Jakarta, no longer in Depok.

As for other regional (inter-provincial) mutations, it is the transfer of the car owner's address as well as the vehicle's license plate number. So, not only will the Samsat address change, but you will also get a new number plate.


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2. Car Mutation Terms

Quoted from NTMC Polri, here are the documents that you must prepare to make a car mutation.

1. Car BPKB and its photocopy

2. Car STNK and its photocopy

3. The results of the physical check of the vehicle

4. Receipt of sale and purchase that has been affixed with material Rp6,000

5. Original KTP of motorized vehicle owners

Meanwhile, documents that must be submitted to legal entities include:

1. Copy of deed of establishment + 1 copy of it

2. Domicile statement

3. Stamped power of attorney that has been signed by the leadership and stamped with the legal entity concerned

And for government agencies (including BUMN & BUMD)

1. Stamped power of attorney or assignment letter that has been signed by the leadership and stamped by the agency concerned

3. Amount of Car Mutation Fee

Car mutations must be carried out directly to the Samsat of your current domicile. The amount of car mutation fees that need to be paid is 1% of the price of your motorized vehicle. This fee is also known as the cost of BBN (Bea Transfer of Names).

An example of the calculation is as follows.

The price of your car is Rp. 300 million with a mutation fee of 1%, so the cost you have to pay to take care of the car mutation fee is Rp. 3 million. These costs do not include administrative costs at Samsat. You should prepare these funds as well.

Biaya Mutasi Mobil

Image Source: Freepik/standret

3.1. Car Mutation Fee Details

Car mutation fees have been regulated in PP (Government Regulation) 60 of 2016 concerning Types and Tariffs for Types of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP). The following is a breakdown of the number of car mutation costs that you need to prepare.

  • BBN at 1% of the purchase price of the car

  • Fiscal fee Rp250,000

  • Physical check fee (Free)

  • Master card warehouse fee Rp10,000

  • Transfer admin fee out Rp50.000

  • Entrance mutation admin fee Rp375,000

  • BPKB Non-Tax Revenue Fee Rp100,000

  • STNK Non-Tax Revenue Fee Rp400,000

4. Easy Ways to Manage Car Mutations

After you know the amount of the car mutation fee, here are the steps you can follow to take care of the car mutation easily.


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4.1. Taking Care of First Stage Car Mutations

1. Go to Samsat according to the address listed on the STNK

2. Visit the Vehicle Physical Checkpoint and submit all the requested documents

3. Complete the physical vehicle check form in accordance with the officer's recommendations

4. When finished, submit the form again for further swiping the engine and frame numbers

5. Next, photocopy all existing documents. No need to worry, the photocopy area is already available in the Samsat

6. After that you can submit a photocopy of the physical check counter and be directed to the fiscal section to fill out the form and make payment of fees or taxes that are still pending

7. Next you will be directed to take the master card number to be brought to the mutation section and then submitted to the available mutation counter

8. You will receive a letter of travel to continue managing the transfer at the Samsat where you are currently domiciled

4.2. Taking care of the second stage of the car mutation

After you have successfully taken the first step, the next step you need to do is to take care of the car mutation where you are domiciled now. It's easy, you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to Samsat where you live now

2. Visit the Vehicle Physical Checkpoint and submit all the requested documents along with the travel certificate that you got from the previous Samsat

3. After that, swipe the engine and frame numbers

4. If you have, you can go directly to the mutation counter

5. Fill in the form and complete the required documents

6. Wait a moment until your name is called to pay the car mutation fee

7. Your Original BPKB will be temporarily detained and you will be given a cover letter to take a new BPKB at the local Polres

8. Make a car transfer fee payment and get your new STNK

9. Finally, take your new car's license plate at the license plate section

Those are the procedures or steps that you can follow to make a car mutation. If you still feel confused, you can directly ask the Samsat officer. The Samsat officer on duty will be happy to assist you.

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Sobat BFI, that's the Cost of Car Mutation in 2022 and Easy Ways to Manage It. Hopefully, this article can help you in managing car mutations easily. See you again in the next article!

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