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How to Swipe Vehicle Engine Numbers Manually and Online

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15 December 2022
How to Swipe Vehicle Engine Numbers Manually and Online

How to swipe the engine number is important to do to ensure the number listed is the same as the one on the STNK. In addition, swiping the engine number is also useful to ensure the authenticity of the vehicle you are buying, especially used vehicles.

So, what's the right way to swipe the engine number? Read more in the following review.


1. Definition of Engine Number and Frame Number

The engine number is an identity that is owned by each vehicle. This number is assigned by the manufacturer where the vehicle was made. While the frame number is a series of numbers that comply with international standards or are commonly referred to as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

On the frame number, we can find the engine number, year of manufacture, where the vehicle was made, and other important information. In Indonesia, the chassis number or VIN has been adjusted to ISO 3379 which has 3 main provisions:

1. The first 3 digits of the engine number and chassis are the World Manufacturer Identification (WMI), which contains the country code from which the vehicle was made.

2. The next 4 to 9 digits are the Vehicle Description Section (VDS).

3. The last 8 digits are the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS).

The engine number is located on the engine frame which is generally on the right side of the engine block or cylinder, clutch lining block, and starter on the right side of the motorbike.

As for the motorbike frame number, it is on the inside of the seat or the front of the steering handlebar. The existing location depends on the type and brand of vehicle.

Both the engine number and frame number consist of a unique combination of letters and numbers. Therefore, to find out its authenticity, you must swipe the engine number independently, check at Samsat, or online.

2. Swipe Function of Engine Number and Chassis Number

There are several functions that you need to know about how to swipe the engine number and frame number. Among them include the following 4 things.

1. As one of the conditions for replacing vehicle license plates (once every 5 years)

2. Legal evidence of the authenticity of the vehicle administration data (the engine number is the same as that stated on the STNK and BPKB.)

3. Avoid bulging vehicles or stolen goods when buying a used vehicle

4. As one of the procedures that must be followed if you want to renew your annual and 5-year STNK


3. How to Swipe Your Own Machine Number

After knowing how important the engine number and frame number are, then we will immediately discuss how to swipe the engine number easily and precisely. You can practice this method independently in your home.

Cara Gesek Nomor Mesin

Image Source: Harapan Rakyat Online

3.1 Necessary Items

First of all, prepare the items below to make it easier for you during the process of swiping the machine number.

  • HVS Paper (Size 15 X 6 CM)
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Yellow Sticker (Can be obtained at Samsat for IDR 35,000)
  • Original STNK (To Remember Existing Machine Number)

3.2 How to Swipe the Machine Number at Home

Next, let's start with how to swipe the machine number by following the steps below.

1. Find out where the engine number is on your vehicle first. The location of the engine number for each brand of vehicle is usually different.

2. You can generally find the engine number of the motorbike on the right side of the engine block or cylinder, the clutch lining block, and the starter on the right side of the motorbike. As for the motorbike frame number, it is on the inside of the seat or the front of the steering handlebar. The existing location depends on the type and brand of vehicle.

3. For car engine numbers, it is generally located in the engine compartment or passenger cabin.

4. After you have managed to find the engine number and vehicle frame number, the next step is to clean these parts from adhering to dust and dirt. This is done so that the process of swiping the existing machine numbers can run smoothly.

5. Paste the sticker on the engine number.

6. Scratch the part using the pencil that you have prepared.

7. Do it slowly until the existing engine number appears.

8. If so, open the yellow sticker and paste it on the part of the engine number box provided.

4. How to Swipe the Frame Number Manually

Not much different from swiping the engine number, the first thing you have to do is find out where the frame number is on your vehicle. For more details, follow the following procedure.

1. Find out the location of your vehicle's chassis number.

2. Make sure you have prepared the necessary equipment.

3. Paste the yellow sticker above the frame number

4. Scratch the sticker using a pencil

5. Do it slowly and make sure the sticker is not torn.

6. If all the numbers appear, then paste the sticker on the paper with the frame number column.

5. How to Swipe Machine Number on SAMSAT

If you feel confused or unsure about doing it yourself, you can swipe the machine number at the nearest Samsat office. The procedure is as follows.

1. Complete the required documents

  • Original e-KTP and its photocopy
  • Original BPKB and its photocopy
  • Original STNK and its photocopy

2. Visit the nearest Samsat office at your domicile

3. Fill in the vehicle physical check form at the registration counter

4. Make sure the data you fill in is as requested and nothing is missed

5. Samsat officers will check

6. Wait a moment until the process is complete

7. If so, the officer will provide the results of a physical check of the vehicle along with your original documents

6. How to Check Engine Number and Frame Number Online

Selain cara gesek nomor mesin secara manual melalui dokumen seperti STNK (Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan), BPKB (Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor), dan gesek nomor mesin, Anda juga bisa mengeceknya secara online melalui 2 cara alternatif berikut ini.

6.1. Check Through the Application

For those of you who live in DKI Jakarta, now you can check the engine number and frame number using an application called Cek Ranmor DKI Jakarta.


  • Download the DKI Jakarta Ranmor Check application on the Play Store
  • Next, log in with your Google account
  • Enter the vehicle number plate (NOPOL) that you want to find out the frame number for and the NIK of the vehicle owner according to the BPKB
  • Then click 'Search'
  • The information you are looking for will appear on your phone screen

6.2. Check on the Official Website

If checking frame numbers through the application is still quite limited and only in the DKI Jakarta area, now you can check online for domiciles outside Jakarta. Especially for those of you who live in West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java.

The trick is to directly access the official website of each region. Here's the website address.

  • West Java:
  • Central Java:
  • East Java:
  • Yogyakarta:

Sobat BFI, that's an explanation regarding how to swipe the engine number. Make sure you do it according to the procedure and be careful when you swipe or remove the yellow sticker because this sticker is quite easy to tear.

Watch out for messy engine and frame numbers when buying a used vehicle. If you feel worried and suspicious, immediately do a physical check at the nearest Samsat.


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