Home-Based Rice Bowl Business: How to Start Up to Estimated Profits

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26 December 2022
Home-Based Rice Bowl Business: How to Start Up to Estimated Profits

The home rice bowl business is one of the contemporary business ideas with promising prospects! The reason is, this one food is counted as food that is practical to carry and touch anywhere. In terms of price, it is very affordable!

As the name implies, rice bowls are foods that are served in bowls or bowl-shaped packages. This meal consists of rice, side dishes, and vegetables.

For those of you who are interested in opening your own business or are interested in opening a business in the culinary field, this article will thoroughly examine the home-based rice bowl business, starting from the advantages to how to start and calculate the capital. Come on, take a good look.


1. Advantages of a Home-Based Rice Bowl Business

There are a number of advantages to the home rice bowl business, especially for business people. You can make this advantage a reference to create opportunities and get more profits!

1.1. The Target Market is All People, Especially Young People

Rice bowl has a broad target market and is able to target all groups, especially young people. In other words, this business is very potent and can last a long time. The unit price is relatively affordable. So, you don't have to worry about the food you make being low on demand or it doesn't sell well.

1.2. Practical and Up-to-Date Menus

Rice bowls are in great demand among young people, especially workers up to school children. Because this one food can be said to be very compact and easy to carry anywhere, the filling is quite nutritious and fills the stomach. What's more, you can adjust the existing menu to target consumers.

1.3. Various Menu Variations Are Available

The food served in this special bowl or container has many menu variations that you can choose from. Starting from local and western, you can also create existing menus according to your creativity. So, you will never run out of ideas to create new variants that can arouse your appetite.

1.4. Capital That Is Not Too Large

A home rice bowl business can be started with any capital. The amount of existing capital is generally determined by the location of the business, the basic materials used, the cost of purchasing equipment, operational costs, and promotion costs. When compared to other businesses that require more investment, the home-based rice bowl business is certainly more pocket-friendly. Moreover, if you already have the equipment needed and sell it at your home, of course, the capital spent will be more economical.

1.5. Can Be Done by Beginner Businessmen

Anyone can start a home rice bowl business even if they have never been in the business world. This is because the existing production process is very easy to learn, you can learn it for free through the YouTube channel.

Rice bowls are also easy to promote. You can sell this business in your neighborhood, sell it online, or work with a food delivery application. You still need to pay a lot of money to rent a shop or place of business.

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2. How to Start a Home-Based Rice Bowl Business A la BFI Finance

Starting a home business is certainly a challenge for you. The reason is, you are required to separate the work space from the private room or family room. This is so that your home rice bowl business can be produced hygienically and safely without interfering in your personal affairs.

So, to get started, you can follow these 8 tips, a la BFI Finance!

Bisnis Rice Bowl Rumahan

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2.1. Determine the Business Concept Ripely

Before starting to sell, the first step you have to take is to determine the business concept. The existence of this concept is very influential on the smooth running of your business. The existing concept must include several important aspects such as brand name, menu choices, target market or consumers, type of business, and selling locations. Make sure the existing concept is made conical and as detailed as possible.

2.2. Create Different and Interesting Menus

Rice bowls on the market are generally divided into two types, namely rice bowls with a choice of western menus and local menus. You can choose one or both, according to the selected target market.

However, make sure the menu you sell has its own differences or uniqueness. This will help your home-based rice bowl business stand out and be more attractive than your competitors.

2.3. Use Quality Materials

Good food comes from fresh and quality ingredients. Make a rice bowl with fluffier rice like Japanese rice and mix it with fresh toppings. You can also make a side dish that is rich in flavor to dominate the taste of bland rice.

2.4. Create Attractive Packaging

The first impression is very influential for consumers. Therefore, make packaging that is attractive and able to arouse the tastes of buyers. Also, adjust the existing packaging with the target market you choose. For example, if the majority of your target market is young people, the packaging you choose must be simple, attractive, and up-to-date.

2.5. Determine the Selling Price

In determining the price, you can do this by analyzing the competitors in your domicile. Then, adjust the price with the business capital that you use to buy staples. Make sure the selling price you choose is not too expensive or too low which will result in losses.

2.6. Consider Selling Online, and Offline, and Take Advantage of Food Delivery Applications

In starting a home rice bowl business, you can sell it in 3 ways. The first is the conventional way or sold offline. For example, if you open this business in front of your house, you can sell your rice bowls to your neighbors or nearby locations by implementing a word-of-mouth strategy.

Second, selling online. You can offer your rice bowl sales on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. Through this second method, the promotion strategy that you can apply is in the form of pre-orders or resellers.

Finally, you can also sell through a food delivery application as a business partner. By registering your home rice bowl business to the application, you can get more customers than just selling in front of your house. However, make sure the price you list later is adjusted to service fees or additional fees that may apply.

2.7. Make the Right Marketing Strategy

Apart from selling offline, online, and through applications, you should also consider other marketing strategies so that your business can last a long time and be well-known by many people. For example, you can apply a promotional strategy in the form of price discounts on certain days, selling at events or locations that are holding large events or opening an order system for weddings and the like. Whatever it is, never be afraid to take the opportunities that are in front of you.

2.8. Determine the Source of Business Capital

Finally, determine the source of capital that you will use as fuel while this business is running. In determining the amount, you must know the costs required in the business starting from equipment costs, operational costs, and other costs. From there, it will be clear how much capital you need.

If the estimated capital is insufficient or you don't even have a budget at all, you can apply for business capital easily through BFI Finance. Starting from a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate, your loan application will be processed quickly and safely!

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3. Example of a Homemade Rice Bowl Menu

Making rice bowls is not difficult. You can get various ingredients easily in supermarkets and traditional markets. So, what menu variations can you choose for a home rice bowl business? This is the variety of the menu.

3.1. Rice Bowl Black Pepper

This rice bowl menu is quite popular with people. The contents consist of chicken or beef (beef) cooked with black pepper seasoning and combined with a sprinkling of sesame to make it look more beautiful.

3.2. Rice Bowl Sambal Matah

Sambal matah seems to still exist in Indonesian society. Not surprisingly, this one rice bowl menu is still the prima donna for many people. You can consider this menu in your chosen menu list later!

3.3. Rice Bowl Teriyaki

Rice bowls are very popular in Asia, especially in Japan and Korea. One of the most popular menu choices is the teriyaki rice bowl which can be made using chicken or beef.

3.4. Chicken Geprek Rice Bowl

For many years, geprek chicken has become a mainstay of food that is in great demand. Not only that, geprek chicken is also relatively easy to make. So, it's a shame if you just miss this one menu.

3.5. Rice Bowl Beef Gyudon

Beef gyudon is a Japanese food menu that is quite popular. This menu contains sliced meat combined with warm rice. How to make it fairly simple. It only requires sliced meat mixed with spices in the form of soy sauce, seasonings, oyster sauce, onions, and sugar to taste. Practical and simple right?

3.6. Rice Bowl Bulgogi Sauce

In addition to the previous processed beef and chicken menu, rice bowls with bulgogi sauce are also loved by many people because they have a distinctive sauce taste. Very fitting and served while warm in winter.

3.7. Rice Bowl Salmon Teriyaki

Apart from rice bowls made from chicken or beef, you can also sell rice bowls with a menu of salmon options. This type of fish is very popular and rich in vitamins. It will not be difficult to sell this one food menu.

You can recreate the menu above to make it more attractive and adapt to market demand. Whatever the menu, make sure to make it hygienically and use quality raw materials. Maintain existing flavors to always create a consistent taste.

Between rice bowls and rice, boxes may sound the same, even though the two have quite obvious differences. The first difference is in the packaging used, rice bowls generally use special bowls or bowl-shaped containers, while rice boxes use food boxes. Second, in terms of size, rice bowls tend to be smaller (compact), while rice boxes are larger and can store more food.

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4. Estimation of Business Capital and Rice Bowl Business Profits

The working capital needed to open this business varies quite a bit. Assume you start a home-based rice bowl business in your own home using the equipment you already have without the need to rent a place of business.

In addition, after you do competitor research, the price obtained for the unit is around IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000. So, if you think about it, the capital you need ranges from one million to two million rupiahs.

Next, let's calculate the estimated profit from the following home rice bowl business. For example, if the total price of raw materials for the teriyaki chicken rice bowl menu is IDR 17,000 and you want to get a profit of 50% from each rice bowl sold, then the details are:

Selling Price= IDR 17,000 + (IDR 17,000 X 50%)

Selling Price = IDR 17,000 + IDR 8,500 = 25,500

So, if you want to get 50% profit from each rice bowl sold, you can sell Rp. 25,000 per piece. And if per month you can sell as many as 600 pcs, then the profit that you can pocket is IDR 5,100,000. Tempting isn't it?

How? Are you interested in starting this home-based rice bowl business? If you want to start but are hindered by business capital, you can look for alternative ways, one of which is by applying for a loan at BFI Finance.

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