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Do Not Panic! Here's How to Take Care of a Lost ATM

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23 January 2023
Do Not Panic! Here's How to Take Care of a Lost ATM

Disasters can befall anyone. One of them is losing an ATM card that occurs due to self-negligence, being swallowed by an ATM machine, or becoming a victim of a crime such as theft, hypnosis, and so on. If this happens to you, immediately follow the steps to take care of the lost ATM below.

You can easily apply the following ways to take care of a lost ATM for various types of cards. Most importantly, make sure you do it right and have some information ready that the bank and the police might ask for.


How to Manage a Lost ATM

Don't panic, here are 4 ways to take care of a lost ATM along with the steps. Look carefully at the explanation there!

1. Report to the Bank's Customer Service and Request Card Blocking

Lost ATM cards are truly quite a hassle and add to the burden on the mind. If your ATM card is lost, immediately contact the bank's customer service (CS) to block the card. This way your ATM card will not be misused by irresponsible parties.

When blocking, CS will usually ask for some important information regarding your ATM, starting from the account number, the estimated remaining balance, to the last transaction you made.

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ATM Card Blocking Tips

1. Block the card as soon as possible, a maximum of 1X24 hours.

2. Make sure you call the customer service number according to the selected bank. This number is generally on the back of the passbook, found on the bank's official website, or stuck on the front of the ATM machine.

Even so, you still need to be wary of the number affixed to the body of the ATM machine. The reason is, there are not a few fraudulent modes that deliberately change the CS number to ask for a pin and drain the contents of the account.

3. If you have connected with the bank's CS, immediately convey the problems you are experiencing and state your full name and account number.

4. Write down the name of CS and the time it was blocked. This information is needed to avoid transactions that occur after the card is blocked.

2. Balance Transfer to Other ATM Accounts

The next way to take care of a lost ATM is by transferring the remaining balance you have to another account. As we know, banking transactions are now easier with internet banking (m-banking) and SMS banking services. You can use this feature to secure your existing balance. You should do this step before applying for ATM card blocking.

You can also check the mutation from when your ATM card was lost and remember the last time you made a transaction when you just realized that the card was missing a few days ago.

3. Taking care of Lost Letters at the Police Station

In addition to how to take care of a lost ATM by blocking it and transferring the remaining balance, you are also advised to take care of the lost letter at the nearest police station.

This is done as a preventive measure in the event of misuse by irresponsible parties, so that investigations will be easier to carry out if illegal transactions occur. The bank can help you to return the lost money.

The process of making a lost ATM certificate takes approximately 5 minutes outside of the existing queue. Making this letter is free of charge or FREE.

4. Create a New ATM Card

The last way to take care of a lost ATM is by making a new card. With this new card, you can access your account again and make transactions safely.

Requirements for Making a New Card

  • Attach a missing certificate from the police
  • Photocopy of KTP
  • Account number and pin
  • Saving book

New Card Making Stages

1. Visit the nearest bank branch office.

2. Convey your aims and objectives to the security guard on duty.

3. You will be given a queue number and wait until your number is called by the officer.

4. Explain the problem you are facing with customer service.

5. CS will ask for your account number and pin to ensure that there are no illegal transactions by other parties. You can also ask for a checking account to really be sure.


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Tips for Avoiding Lost ATMs

After you know how to take care of a lost ATM, there's nothing wrong if you apply the following tips to avoid similar things from happening or to prevent your card from being lost.

cara mengurus atm hilang

Image Source: Aukid phumsirichat

1. Keep the Card in a Safe and Easy to Remember Place

Don't put cards anywhere. Make sure to keep it in a safe and easy-to-remember place. Damage to the card sensor due to being placed on a rough surface will cause the ATM card to be difficult to read by the machine and swallowed.

In addition to avoiding loss or theft of an ATM, placing an ATM in a safe and easy-to-remember place will make it easier for you to find an ATM when you need it.

2. Save the ATM Card Together with Other Important Cards

Important cards such as ATMs, are generally placed together with other cards, making it easier for you to use them.

3. Save the Emergency Contact Number from the Bank

Every bank has an emergency contact number such as customer service that you can call when you are having trouble with something. By saving this number, you won't panic if your ATM card is lost or stolen.

4. Avoid Taking Money at Quiet and Often Problematic ATMs

If your ATM card has been swallowed before, it's best if you don't use the same ATM machine. In addition, you can also avoid ATMs that are quiet or not supervised by security guards to minimize theft or hijacking of ATM machines by irresponsible parties.

BFI friends, that's how to manage a lost ATM a la BFI Finance. Make sure to always be careful when storing ATM cards or when making transactions. Perform regular pin replacement.

5. Use the M-Banking Application that is Connected Directly to the Machine

Currently, many banks have implemented safer methods when withdrawing money from ATM machines. One way is through m-banking which is connected directly to an ATM machine. If this option already exists at your bank, you can use it as a preventive measure for lost or swallowed ATM cards.

In addition, never share your card number with anyone. This is because the use of a debit or credit card allows it to be used even without a pin.

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