Side Business Tips for Mediocre Salaries

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3 August 2021
Side Business Tips for Mediocre Salaries

The increasing needs of life are sometimes difficult to match with income. Especially if the income earned is still mediocre, making it difficult to save or even meet daily needs. Here are some side business tips for those of you who want to have additional income.

Coupled with the current situation, you can't just rely on monthly income from your main office or job. So, it's a good idea to start looking for additional sources of income. Or, a side business outside of your main job. However, of course, the side job you choose can be run without disturbing your main job.

Besides being able to get additional income, a side business is also useful in case you lose your main job.


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Here are some side business tips that are suitable for those of you who have a mediocre salary.

1. Services According to Expertise

If you have skills such as photography, sewing, foreign languages, drawing, writing, cooking. You can use those skills to generate additional profits. Try to offer the skills you have starting from the closest people, such as relatives or closest friends.

If you are already proficient, you can start offering your services online through freelance sites or your own site. For example, if you like writing, you can create articles through a personal blog that can invite many readers. Later, if it is crowded, you can monetize your blog through people who place ads on your site.

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2. Property Broker

The second side business option that you can try is a real estate broker. You can join a property agent and help market various types of properties such as houses, apartments and land. Later, you will benefit from the commission system if you succeed in selling the property that you market.

Of course, the more expensive the property, the higher the commission you get. can even exceed your monthly salary.

3. Online Shop

Another side business option for you is an online shop. Now, you can get enough profit by marketing your products through online marketplaces or social media. Besides being able to get many benefits, this business is quite flexible and can be run without disturbing your main work.


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Those are some options for side business tips that are suitable for you with a mediocre salary. However, of course, it takes some capital to run some types of side businesses.

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