Find a Certificate Guaranteed Fast Loan Fund

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16 September 2021
Find a Certificate Guaranteed Fast Loan Fund

Currently, more and more finance companies are offering fast loan fund services to their customers. The nominal loans offered also vary, ranging from small ones to billions of rupiah. If you need a loan with a small nominal, then generally you will be offered loan products without collateral or KTA. However, for a large nominal, you will be offered a fast loan fund product guaranteed with a house certificate.

This type of loan product can be the best solution for those of you with needs that require large funds. However, make sure that you choose a trusted finance company when you want to guarantee that the house certificate will be guaranteed safety in the midst of this pandemic.

Given that home certificates are of great value, you should think carefully before applying for a loan secured by a certificate. Here are the things you should pay attention to, as well as the best place to apply for a fast loan secured by a certificate!


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1. Find Loan Funds in Accordance with Financial Capability

The requirements for applying for a loan guaranteed by your home certificate are accepted, and so that you can pay off the loan smoothly, make sure that your debt ratio is no more than 30% of your income. This is to minimize the risk of bad credit.

Make sure that you determine the loan amount according to your needs, along with the interest and tenor. You can do a loan simulation first to find out the loan nominal that matches your financial condition.

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2. Comparing Loan Services

When you are going to apply for a loan, you should not rush to apply for a loan. You can compare one financial institution with another. So, you can really choose a lender who provides low interest and minimal administrative fees that are in accordance with your financial capabilities. 

3. Choosing a Trusted Financing Company

The most important thing when looking for fast loan funds is to choose a lending institution whose credibility is guaranteed. Especially considering that home certificates are assets of great value.

Make sure that you choose a finance company that has been registered with the OJK, such as BFI Finance, which is guaranteed to be safe. Apart from having experience in providing the best service, a legal finance company also has little potential to do something irresponsible.

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BFI Finance has been operating since 1982 and is ready to provide the best certificate guarantee loan services for your financial needs.

Those are tips if you are looking for a fast loan with guaranteed certificates in the middle of a pandemic. Come on, apply for a loan guaranteed by a trusted certificate at BFI Finance!

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