Understanding Loan Mistakes With Car BPKB Guarantees

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28 May 2021
Understanding Loan Mistakes With Car BPKB Guarantees

In this modern era, there are various ways that you can easily do to get additional funds. One of them is to apply for a loan with a guarantee to a finance company. Applying for a loan with a car BPKB guarantee is a common way when someone is in need of fast funds in large amounts.

Currently, applying for a loan with a car BPKB guarantee is considered a solution that provides many advantages. Finance companies are easy to access around you. In fact, several finance companies provide online loan application services, making it easier for you. The interest rates on loans are also competitive. Disbursement of funds also takes a short time. So, the liquid funds can be immediately used to meet your various financial needs.

However, there are some misconceptions about loans guaranteed by BPKB. Before applying for a BPKB guarantee loan, avoid the following mistakes, OK!

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1. Not Borrowing Based on Needs

This mistake is commonly made by the general public. There are still many people who apply for BPKB loans because they are tempted by the high disbursement of funds, but do not take into account their needs and ability to pay. As a result, many are trapped in unhealthy debt. The collateralized assets are also at high risk of being confiscated because they are unable to repay the loan.

Make sure that your financial condition is supportive to apply for a loan. And apply for a loan with a guarantee only for productive or urgent needs.

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2. Not Checking Asset Conditions and Requirements

The second mistake that is often made is neglecting to check the conditions and requirements of the assets to be pledged as collateral. Often people are surprised by the loan funds they get because they don't match expectations. For example, if you guarantee a luxury car, but the car does not sell well in the market, the finance company will also find it difficult to sell the car. As a result, the disbursement of funds that you get does not match your expectations.

You need to know that the condition of the assets you guarantee will also affect the disbursement of the funds you will get. Make sure that the condition of the car is in top condition when it is guaranteed. And check the age requirements and the brand of the car that will be guaranteed. Generally, a car that can still be guaranteed is a maximum of 10 years old.

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3. Origin of Choosing a Loan Place

The last mistake that is also still common is choosing a financing company to guarantee your assets. Nowadays, finance companies are easy to access because their numbers are mushrooming everywhere. However, you still have to be vigilant and not easily tempted by the conveniences that are offered to you.

Make sure that the finance company you go to has a good reputation. And has been registered and supervised by OJK. Thus, you can get legal protection if something unexpected happens in the transaction process.

BFI Finance is a finance company that has been supervised by the OJK. With competitive interest rates, you can guarantee your car's BPKB safely, and get financing as your financial solution.

Come on, apply for a loan with a safe and reliable car BPKB guarantee at BFI Finance Indonesia!

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