Assets That Can Be Collateral Loans With Collateral

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21 May 2021
Assets That Can Be Collateral Loans With Collateral

Every day, the needs we face are increasing. In addition, in this uncertain situation. In this modern era, there are various ways that you can do when you need additional funds for urgent needs. One common way is to apply for a loan with collateral.

Nowadays, finding loan services is very easy. In addition to banks, you can also apply for a loan with collateral from a trusted financing company. Generally, the disbursement process is easier and shorter than applying for a loan with a guarantee at the bank. In addition, you can also adjust loan products, interest, and tenors according to your needs and abilities.

However, there are various requirements that you must meet in order for your loan application with your guarantee to be approved. Like banks, finance companies will also select the documents you submit to apply for financing. In addition, the value and condition of the assets you guarantee will also determine whether your loan application has met the applicable requirements. If it is deemed inappropriate, then your loan application can also be rejected, you know.

Like in BFI Finance, there are several assets that you can guarantee to get a loan.

Then, what assets can be used as collateral in applying for a loan at BFI Finance? Come on, see the full review!

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1. Vehicle BPKB

Vehicle BPKB, such as loans with BPKB guarantees for motorbikes or cars, are loan products that are widely used to get disbursement of funds under Rp. 100 million. Generally, the vehicles used as collateral for loans are motorbikes and cars.

However, there are several requirements that you must meet in applying for a loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee. Among them, the vehicle must be a maximum of 10 years old and in excellent condition. So, make sure that the condition of the motorbike or car that you will guarantee is in good condition. The better the condition of the vehicle that you guarantee, the greater the disbursement of funds you can get.

One of the advantages is that, because only the BPKB is guaranteed, you can still use the vehicle for your daily needs.

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2. Home Certificate

Another asset that you can use as collateral is a house certificate. If you need a loan of funds in the amount above Rp. 100 million, then a home certificate guarantee loan is the right solution for you.

However, not all types of houses can be used as loan assets. The type and environment around the house that will be pledged will also influence whether the loan application with the guarantee of the house certificate is successful. If the house is deemed not to meet the requirements, then the creditor may refuse your loan application. It's a good idea to carefully study the existing loan terms before pledging your home.

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3. Apply for a Guaranteed Loan at BFI Finance Indonesia

Those are some assets that you can use as collateral to apply for a loan.

BFI Finance has also provided loan services with reliable guarantees since 1982. With competitive interest rates and loan processes, you can get liquid funds in less than 1 day, you know!

Let's apply for a trusted secured loan now through BFI Finance Indonesia.

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