Business Capital With Low Interest Loan Applications

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3 February 2021
Business Capital With Low Interest Loan Applications

Business owners, of course, agree that sufficient business capital is needed to develop your business. Submitting a loan application can be one solution to get the additional funds needed.

Applying for a low-interest loan application gives you various advantages. In addition to the fairly easy process, you can also get the funds needed in large enough quantities. Especially if you apply for a loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate.

Here are some tips that you can do when applying for a money loan to a financial institution or fintech. What are the tips?

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1. Know Business Scale

Before applying for a business capital loan, you must know the scale or how big your business is. This is to determine the estimated additional funds needed. You can start compiling your business budget in more detail to see what expenses require extra funds.

Another way is to look at your target market segmentation. For example, if your target consumer is in the upper-middle class, you will need additional funds. Whether it's for promotion or product innovation that suits their needs.

2. Calculate the Number of Funds Required

Once you have prepared a business budget and know the scale of your business, you can calculate the number of additional funds you will need. This will help you to choose the right loan product, along with the assets to be pledged as collateral. Do not let the loan funds you get to be even less or excessive so that they cannot be used to the maximum.

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3. Compare Loan Interest

Generally, entrepreneurs will choose a loan with a guarantee because the amount of funds obtained is greater. However, this also includes higher interest rates compared to KTA.

Before applying for a loan, make sure that you obtain information and compare financial institutions with one another. So you can get a loan with the lowest interest rate. Choose a loan product that suits your abilities and needs.

4. Choose a Trusted Place for Borrowing Money

Finally, make sure to choose a trusted place to borrow money. Choose a financial institution that has a good reputation, and is registered and supervised by the OJK. So, transactions can run safely and you can get the additional business capital needed.

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