8 Tips for Starting a Fried Food Business

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27 June 2022
8 Tips for Starting a Fried Food Business

Who doesn't know fried food? One of the prima donna foods of the Indonesian people. The crunchy taste, various types, and low prices make this food almost never empty of fans!

Sobat BFI, did you know that if you open a fried food business, you don't need a lot of capital but the profits can be abundant?

How? Find out more in the following information.


8 Tips for Starting a Fried Food Business

1. Business Analysis

This business is quite easy to do. Not only does the capital required are low, but the process also does not require a lot of convoluted theory. You just focus on how to fry the right way and process food with quality and hygienic raw materials.

Even so, it's a good idea to prepare a few things before starting a business for future success. One thing to consider is doing marketing research.

2. Determining Capital

Fried business does not require a lot of capital. You can start a fried food business on a small scale. Later the capital you have will be allocated for equipment and raw materials. For example, frying pans, spatulas, gas stoves, carts (optional), wheat flour, vegetables, rental space, and others.

3. Using Quality Materials

Use quality ingredients in making fried foods. It seems trivial, but the ingredients used greatly affect the taste which will affect sales. Also, pay attention to the hygiene of the raw materials and the cooking process.

4. Innovation

Every business must have competitors. Make sure you stay updated regarding the latest information about fried foods. For example, knowing what kinds of fried foods are popular and in great demand. You can also do your own experiments in developing your creativity and potential.

Keep in mind, that when opening a business, a determination is important, but prioritizing consumer demand is far more profitable. Especially in developing your business and achieving high turnover.

5. Choosing an Appropriate Location

The price is cheap and the taste is tasty and delicious, making this food easy to find anywhere. This is an indication that the fried food business can compete anywhere.

Even so, try to choose a strategic location. For example, school environments, campus areas, offices, shopping locations, and other public places.

6. Specify the Target

Starting a fried food business does not require fantastic capital. On the other hand, this one food is in great demand in all circles. Maximize these 2 advantages to achieve big turnover.

One way that you can apply is by making daily sales targets. Set realistic targets and always evaluate how you are progressing. It doesn't matter if you have experienced failure or sales are not on target, gradually you will understand a good gap to earn more profit.

7. Establish Relationships

One indicator of the success of a business is the recognition of the name of the brand or business that we have. Of course, to be at this stage cannot be achieved instantly, it takes perseverance and consistency. That is why establishing good relationships between consumers, the surrounding community, and other relationships that we have is very important.

8. Maximizing Social Media

The last tip is to use social media. Through social media, we can promote products that are sold better. Because, in this sophisticated era, many people cannot go through their day without opening social media. Make sure to embed product images and interesting captions to post, ok!

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The Advantages of Fried Business

1. Everyone loves it

As previously mentioned, this food is loved by various groups because of its affordable price, various variants, and its delicious taste that shakes the tongue.

2. Still in demand even though the price goes up

The price of basic commodities every year always increases significantly. This has an impact on fried raw materials such as vegetables, wheat flour, cooking oil, and others.

Even so, the price increase does not have much effect on people's purchasing power because the price of fried food is still affordable when compared to other foods. That is why the fried food business is very promising because it is never empty of fans.

3. Many sellers can last a long time

Have you ever heard the adage that says 'consistency is the key'? The sentence is in line with the fried business. If this business is taken seriously and consistently, then your business has the opportunity to survive in various situations. Don't forget, to continue to maintain the quality of the fried foods that are made and continue to innovate.

4. No need for a fancy place

Cheap, delicious, and popular in all circles, making the fried food business ideal for sale anywhere. Identical to the populist impression, starting a fried food business does not require a good place such as a shop or cafe. You can start this business with just a cart and sell around the school area, campus, public places, and even your home if possible.

5. The Business can be easily expanded

The fried food business is one of the businesses that are quite mushrooming in various places. This makes one of the characteristics that this one food business is easy to develop. Moreover, if you have your own characteristics of fried foods that are sold.

One of the ideas that you can try to develop a fried food business is by adding fried variants. For example, making extra spicy variants or contemporary fried foods that are trending. A spicy variant is a good option because the majority of Indonesian people really enjoy spicy, savory, and hot food.

6. Easy to make

It does not require a lot of capital for raw material needs, this food tends to be easy to make, making it one of the advantages of the fried food business. With only a few types of vegetables, seasonings, flour, and fried oil, you can make this one dish.

Capital and Profit Estimation

After knowing the tips and advantages of the fried food business, the main things that BFI friends need to know are capital and estimated profits.


The initial capital includes the cost of purchasing raw materials, carts, and other necessities that can support your fried food business.

The details are as follows:

• Fried raw materials: IDR 100,000
• Cooking utensils: IDR 250.000
• Carts: IDR 300,000-Rp 2,000,000 (budget can be adjusted)
• LPG gas cylinder and stove Rp350.000
• Other fees: IDR 200,000
Total IDR 1,200,000

Sobat BFI please keep in mind, that these numbers are only estimates. The capital needed for a fried food business can vary widely, depending on the current price of basic ingredients and other needs. More or less, BFI friends can set capital of IDR 1-2 million.

Profit Estimation

The benefits that you can get from this business are very promising. The reason is, that this one food is a prima donna in all circles. The turnover can also increase at any time at certain moments, such as during the fasting month or during certain events.

The details are as follows:
• Estimated unit price of fried food is IDR 1,000
• Sold as many as 200 pieces per day
So the estimated profit in 30 days or one month you can get is around IDR 6 million. If the fried foods you sell are more than 100 with the unit price above Rp. 1,000, the estimated profit obtained will also adjust accordingly.

How to calculate profit

The profit obtained can be calculated by subtracting the total gross income from the total operating costs each month. For example, if you calculate the estimated profit from the capital example above, the profit you can pocket is around IDR 4,800,000 million per month.

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