High Sales Profit from Crispy Tofu Business

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17 June 2022
High Sales Profit from Crispy Tofu Business

Who would have thought that a home-based business or snack franchise would be one of the most promising business opportunities? This is reinforced by a survey that Indonesians tend to prefer snacks over heavy meals. The reason is that they don't have time to eat heavy food. In addition, snacks become foods that are easy to consume on the sidelines of activities. Snacking has also become one of the cultures of modern life, especially when gathering, working, or watching movies.

One of the snacks that can be used as a business opportunity is the crispy tofu business. Tofu is a food that can be called comfort food for most people in all walks of life. This business is quite profitable considering that the raw materials are quite easy to find at low prices. This time, BFI Finance will discuss the crispy tofu business, starting from opportunities, recipes, and estimated capital and benefits that can be obtained.


1. Crispy Tofu Business Opportunity

Usaha Tahu Crispy - Resep Tahu Crispy

As explained above, the crispy tofu business is a type of home-based business or MSME with a broad target market. Not only as a snack, crispy tofu can also be used as a complementary food for side dishes. Crispy tofu also tends to enlarge when fried, which can attract consumer buying interest. For those of you who are interested in opening a Krispy tofu business, see the following Krispy tofu recipe.

2. Crispy Tofu Recipe

Here is a recipe for making crispy tofu that you can imitate if you intend to run a crispy tofu business.

Materials that need to be prepared

Before entering the manufacturing stage, to start a crispy tofu business, here are some ingredients that need to be prepared.

  • White tofu
  • Flour
  • Cornstarch
  • Garlic Powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper powder
  • Flavoring
  • Water
  • Baking powder
  • Oil

For cooking utensils, you only need to prepare a frying pan, a spatula, and an oil filter. If you already have it at home, you don't need to spend capital equipment as an initial investment. However, if you intend to open a crispy tofu business in several places, you should use a cart to sell crispy tofu.

2.1. Ways of making

If the necessary materials and tools are ready, you can start making crispy tofu in the following way.

  1. Cut the tofu into several pieces. Can be 6-10 parts depending on the size of the tofu you want to sell
  2. Give a pinch of salt and stir evenly on the tofu that has been cut, this aims to give the tofu a taste
  3. Make a tofu solution by mixing flour, cornstarch, onion powder, pepper, stock, salt, and water in the same bowl. Then stir until evenly distributed.
  4. Heat the oil then fry the tofu until it forms a layer of skin.
  5. After forming a layer, pour the flour solution into the oil until it forms clumps that stick to the outer layer of the tofu.
  6. Repeat the steps for watering the tofu until it looks crispy.
  7. Fry tofu until brown and drain.

Be sure to pay close attention to the tofu when frying so that the flour layer doesn't burn. In addition, use enough oil for the deep fry frying technique so that the tofu is crispier. As a complement, you can add green cayenne pepper or spices with different flavors such as cheese, barbecue, balado, onions, and so on. You can also innovate by providing a type of liquid sauce or chili sauce as a compliment.

3. Krispy Tofu Business Analysis

Usaha Tahu Crispy - Estimasi Modal dan Untung Tahu Crispy

After knowing the recipe for making crispy tofu, which is fairly easy, BFI Finance will provide you with estimated detailed investment capital in the form of equipment and operational capital in the form of materials needed for a crispy tofu business.

3.1. Crispy Tofu Business Investment Capital



Total Price 


1 pcs

Rp 50.000


1 pcs 


Oil Filter

1 pcs

Rp 20.000


1 pcs 

Rp 150.000


1 pcs

Rp 1.000.000

Total Capital


Rp 1.220.000

3.2. Modal Operasional Usaha Tahu Krispy



Total Price 

Paper Bag Custom

300 pcs

Rp 75.000

White Tofu

50 kit (@Rp 6.000/kotak)

Rp 300.000

Baking Powder

1 pcs

Rp 7.000

Seasonings (Penyedap Rasa, Bawang Putih Bubuk, Lada.Merica, Garam)


Rp 20.000

Wheat Flour


Rp 150.000

Corn Flour


Rp 100.000


3 pcs (@Rp 24.000/2L)

Rp 72.000

Total Capital


Rp 724.000

From the above calculations, it can be concluded that the total capital required is around Rp. 1,944,000.

If 1 box of tofu is only cut into 6 parts, you can get 300 pieces of tofu in fairly large sizes. If in a day you are able to sell 300 pieces of crispy tofu with a unit selling price of Rp. 3,000, then the turnover obtained is as follows.

Revenue = Selling Price x Number of Tofu Sold

IDR 3,000 x 300 pieces = IDR 900,000.

That way, you can get the following advantages.

Profit = Income - Operating Capital

IDR 900,000-IDR 724,000 = IDR 176,000 / day or around IDR 5,280,000

*Note: estimate if you want to sell tofu at a low price and already have the equipment to make crispy tofu.

The more the number of tofu sold, the greater the profit obtained because the operational capital in the form of complementary materials can be used several times. You can also start a crispy tofu business by means of a crispy tofu franchise with a capital of IDR 18.5 million. The estimated profit reaches IDR 800 thousand to IDR 1.8 million every day. All choices depend on you, you can choose an independent business by opening a home-based crispy tofu business or joining a franchise.

That's information about the analysis of the crispy tofu business from BFI Finance. Starting a business is not easy, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Business results can also be sweet if carried out with full intention and dedication. You can start this crispy tofu business with a capital of IDR 1-20 million.

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Hope this article was useful!

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